Vandal breaks the Ten Commandments

Vandal breaks the Ten Commandments

A controversial monument at the Oklahoma Capitol is in pieces after someone slammed a car into it.

The vandal drove up a ramp near the Oklahoma Capitol steps last night and smashed into the $10,000 granite monument.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain George Brown said the miscreant abandoned the car and fled the scene. Investigators are searching the sedan for clues. He said he didn’t know if there were any witnesses, but that investigators are reviewing security video.

The 6-foot-tall monument was erected in 2012 with the blessing of Oklahoma’s conservative legislature. The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma has been suing to have it removed, arguing that it violates the state constitution and could be seen as a state endorsement of a religion.

Ryan Kiesel, the ACLU of Oklahoma’s Executive Director, said he and his clients are “outraged” that the monument was vandalised.

To see the Ten Commandments desecrated by vandals is highly offensive to them as people of faith.

Said Republican state Representative Mike Ritze, of Broken Arrow, whose family spent nearly $10,000 having the monument erected:

We consider this an act of violence against the state of Oklahoma. We are obviously shocked and dismayed, but we’re not discouraged.

He vowed to have it rebuilt.

Governor Mary Fallin called it an “appalling” act of vandalism and volunteered to help raise private funds to restore it.

The ACLU sued on behalf of a Norman minister and others who allege the monument’s location violates the state constitution’s ban on using public property to support:

Any sect, church, denomination or system of religion.

A judge ruled last month that the monument does not violate the state constitution, and ACLU attorneys filed an appeal with the Oklahoma Supreme Court.The monument’s placement has led others to seek their own on the Capitol grounds, including a satanic group that earlier this year unveiled designs for a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan.


Other requests have been made from a Hindu leader in Nevada and the satirical Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

23 responses to “Vandal breaks the Ten Commandments”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    ‘Thou shall not drive a vee-hickle into god’s rules’. Nope, don’t remember that one being on the list.

  2. Broga says:

    Ah yes, “people of faith” have been outraged. That phrase creeps in and you can sense the sonorous, self righteous tone when it is spoken. I suppose the Satanists are people of faith. The statue reminds me of my adolescent enthusiasm for the Dennis Wheatley Satanist novels. We also have the FSM “people of faith” and their beliefs are no more bizarre than those of the RC Church.

    As Westminster seems increasingly to harbour a nest of paedophiles the Christian beliefs of Cameron, Pickles and the rest don’t seem to have much effect. They can’t even get their Child Abuse Inquiry started because of a lack of confidence of the victims in its Chairwoman.

  3. Vanity Unfair says:

    $10,000? My guess is that the mason is booking another cruise.

  4. Paul Cook says:

    Very funny.
    At last a nice report Barry!
    Hope the driver is ok.
    Or maybe it was a drugged up & drunken priest getting Parishoner relief and he crashed.

  5. Vanity Unfair says:

    “Investigators are searching the sedan for clues.”Unless it has been reported as stolen (please tell) I’d start with the number plate.

    Somebody has owned up: from the original report:
    The man was detained after he showed up at a federal building in Oklahoma City Friday morning, rambling and making derogatory statements about the president, and admitted destroying the monument, said David Allison, an agent with the U.S. Secret Service in Oklahoma City.
    “He claimed he got out of his car, urinated on the monument, and then ran over it and destroyed it,” Allison said. “He said Satan told him to do it, and that he was a Satanist.”
    He must have been running at quite a lick.
    Hang on! Secret Service? Can’t they trust the local force?
    When will the PTB read their own Constitution?

  6. Vanity Unfair says:

    And, great headline.

  7. barriejohn says:

    Torah! Torah! Torah!

    Yes, it was an act of vandalism, but “an act of violence against the state of Oklahoma”? Pleeease!

  8. Barry Duke says:

    $10,000 dollars? I don’t recall reading anything in the Bible suggesting that God charged Moses for the tablets.

  9. L.Long says:

    ….To see the Ten Commandments desecrated by vandals is highly offensive to them as people of faith…..
    I call BS on this as most of those delusional hypocrites not only don’t follow the 10 bad suggestions, most don’t even know what they are.
    All the offense is political BS.

  10. Toto says:

    Rules are made to be broken. A fatuous statement normally but in this case a very apposite statement. Good job.

  11. AgentCormac says:

    Meanwhile, back on the story of the Ebola outbreak, Nina Pham – the Texas nurse and ‘devout catholic’ who became the first person to contract the Ebola virus within the US and who has now been given a clean bill of health – has had the gall to stand outside the hospital that cured her, surrounded by her doctors, and proclaim that ‘I believe in the power of prayer’.

    Oh yeah? Well, I’m very, very glad that you are going to be okay, Nina. But quite frankly, fuck you. Fuck your retarded religion and fuck your ingratitude to the science that has saved you.

  12. Trevor Blake says:

    The story is that Moses got the Ten Commandments from God, brought them to the Tribe of Israel, the Tribe rejected them, Moses broke the tablets, then God gave Moses a new set of tablets. Since most Christians never read the Bible, they don’t know that the second set of commandments is different than the first. Compare Exodus 20:1-17 with Exodus 34:14-27. Or just read the summary here…

  13. Toto says:

    Ahhhhh but you see god made the doctors and nurses, the scientists who invented the pharmaceuticals and the architects who designed the hospital, and the construction workers who built the hospital. See…god saved the nurse. Presumably god wanted all the Africans who died from Ebola dead and has even more Africans lined up as victims already. So is god wonderful or a real shit?

  14. Har Davids says:

    Toto, either a shit or non-existent. I think people like this nurse should stay out of hospitals and resort to praying. I would like to hear her explain why she’s alive and thousands of Africans have died, but it’s propably going to that be the usual bull-shit that he works in mysterious ways.

    For her benign God just killing people isn’t enough, it should take some time so the victims can contaminate others. Way to go, Nina!

  15. barriejohn says:

    Regarding God’s ability or otherwise to heal the diseases which he himself has caused, the following is very well reasoned:

    (T)ake a look at this table of international life expectancy … The lowest life expectancy is in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia, the highest in Japan, Andorra and San Marino. Unfortunately there is no religiosity data on Mozambique, but Malawi has a life expectancy of 37.6 years and 99% of adults claimed religion is an important part of daily life. Zambia has a life expectancy of 37.2 years and a religiosity of 95%. There is no religiosity data for San Marino or Andorra but the life expectancy of Japan is 80.7 years and there just 24% of people say religion is an important part of their daily lives. All three of the least religious countries on the Gallup poll have a higher life expectancy than the three most religious (in the cases of Denmark and Sweden, much higher).

    I used the accompanying illustration on another thread here recently; it’s a peach!

  16. God’s 10th commandment breaks his first.
    First says he is a jealous god and you shall have no other gods before me. That implies there must be other gods floating around out there so watch this space.
    Tenth condemns covetousness but what is this god if he is not being covetous in his first.
    He (or she) should have an 11th commandment like “Don’t do as I do, do as I say!
    This vandal has broken 10 commandments in one go, isn’t this a world record and should there be a prize for this?

  17. Robster says:

    A thousand bucks per Commandment, what a rip off. That god sure saw these people coming. Didn’t the ol’ Mo drop one of the tablets on the way down the hill after imagining his communication with that god fantasy of his? This could be described as a “Historical Correction”.

  18. Matt Westwood says:

    @barriejohn: No paradoxes there. While god does of course love everybody, he is particularly fond of people who are religious. He can’t wait for such people to join him so he can give them their very own harp and cloud, so tends to help them on their way with a little starvation, disease, civil unrest and all-round wretchedness of environment. Less fervently religious people aren’t as high on his priority list for preparation of celestial accommodation so they have to wait a little while longer before being allowed to kick the bucket.

  19. barriejohn says:

    No wonder Moses dropped the tablets if they contained all the commandments found in Exodus!

  20. barriejohn says:

    Some things just aren’t covered:

  21. Paul Cook says:

    The BBC says that Jedism is now almost a religion!
    About 170,000 people in the UK say they are Jedi – now that is funny!
    (Sorry don’t have the link πŸ™

  22. L.Long says:

    There has been some concern about the vandal being an atheist as this action would make us look bad.
    Well no need to worry, if it was a self proclaimed atheist that did this…..
    he was not a TRUE atheist.
    I figure if the delusional xtians can use that lame argument so can we.

  23. Marky Mark says:

    β€œHe claimed he got out of his car, urinated on the monument, and then ran over it and destroyed it,”

    …LOL Atheist, prob not. Sounds more like another drunken christian who did not have his prayer answered to win the lottery.