UK suicide bomber hated homosexuals

UK suicide bomber hated homosexuals

In February 2012, Kabir Ahmed was jailed for distributing threatening written material to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation. On Friday the 30-year-old Muslim zealot reportedly died while carrying out a suicide bombing in Iraq.

According to the Derby Telegraph, Ahmed’s 15-month sentence followed a trial which heard how he and two other men handed out hate leaflets. These showed a mannequin hanging from a tree next to the words: “Death Penalty?” in relation to gay people. He was also convicted of holding up homophobic placards and chanting at  revellers at Derby’s Gay Pride procession:

We hope you die of AIDS!

The attack by Ahmed on a convoy of police in the town of Baiji, north of Baghdad, was strongly condemned by the leader of Derby City Council.

Ranjit Banwait said the dead man’s  family have been left “shattered and devastated by this act of tragedy”.

Ahmed left the UK to fight for the terrorist group Islamic State around a year ago.

Banwait said:

This is an act of cowardice, barbarism and evil by this individual which has no place in any society. It has been brought about by an ideology prompted by evil and this must be dealt with.

When this individual’s family originally came to this country, they would have had ambitions and aspirations and this person has left that shattered and devastated by this act of tragedy.

I believe the community, as a whole, has a collective responsibility to work with the authorities, community leaders and councillors to identify vulnerable people in a similar position to this individual at an early stage, to eradicate it happening again.

The blast killed Lt Gen Faisal Malik Zamel, who was inspecting forces in the town, and seven other police officers – while wounding 15 people, hospital staff and police officers.

Margaret Beckett,  the MP for Derby South, which covers the part of the city where Ahmed formerly lived, said:

This has come as news to me and very sad news at that. I felt very sorry in the first instance for learning that he went to fight with people who commit these terrible atrocities.

And I feel sorry for his family that this has happened to him – and that he was misled by the people who he chose to go and fight with.

It was in July when Ahmed was unmasked by the Derby Telegraph as a man boasting on the BBC Panorama programme about wanting to become a suicide bomber for IS.

He appeared on the show saying he was “trying to get his name moved up the list” of potential bombers. On the programme, he said:

Everybody has got their name on the list (to become a suicide bomber) and everyone is forcing the Amir to push their name up. Everyone wants to fight for the sake of Allah.

If the British Government commits terror against our people, is unjust towards our people, kills and murders and rapes our people, then you can expect attacks on your soil.

If you don’t leave our Muslim brothers around the globe, and mind your own business, and support our enemies against us, then you can expect these attacks – and so can America and so can any other country.

In a subsequent article published by the Sunday Mirror, the newspaper claimed he left his wife and three children in Derby to go to a training camp in Syria.

That article claimed that Ahmed had spoken to a internet station, telling them his life with the terror group was “better than that game Call of Duty”.

Readers of the Derby Telegraph’s online website and Facebook page expressed their thoughts on the alleged death of Ahmed.

Mark Cranage said:

Deserved all he got. He lived in this country, therefore should have been loyal to his country. If he then decided we’re not good enough for him, then good riddance.

Sara Limbert said:

Yes it’s disgusting what he did or intended to do but people need to remember he has a family too, who could be very innocent in all of this and will be grieving (after this) loss.

And Zara Adam said:

First of all, Islam does not condone bombing yourself and others. Before you judge the religion over one person’s mistake, don’t. ISIS has nothing to do with Islam either. Islam is a peaceful religion.

Prior to being radicalised, Ahmed worked for the Asian Advisory Service in Normanton, working with elderly people as a care link operator.
He attended Derby Moor School, before doing media studies at Wilmorton College in the city.

At his trial in 2012 Ahmed admitted giving the leaflet to people outside the city’s Jamia Mosque as well as putting them through letterboxes.

However, he denied the leaflets had been created to spread hatred against gay people.

My intention was to do my duty as a Muslim, to inform people of God’s word and to give the message on what God says about homosexuality. My duty is not just to better myself but to try and better the society I live in.

We believe we can’t just stand by and watch somebody commit a sin. We must try and advise them to stay away from sin.

He and several cohorts produced and distributed two other leaflets – “God Abhors You” and “Turn Or Burn”. A fourth leaflet, called “Dead Derby”, was found but not circulated.

Two other Muslims  – Ihjaz Ali and Razwan Javed – were convicted along with Ahmed.

Hat tip: M A Chohan

22 responses to “UK suicide bomber hated homosexuals”

  1. Brummie says:

    The Religion of Peace…..

  2. L.Long says:

    That is correct his bigoted hatefull religion can’t stand to have some one do sin (anything to make life enjoyable) and let people do what they choose, You are required to shovel your bigoted hat filled BS up people’s asses whether they want it or not. And you do this why??? Because you believe in a BS fairy tale!!!! that when you do the work in your BS fairy tale then you will live in an afterlife where you can spend your time raping virgins.
    Didn’t he realize that the virgin slaves in heaven are males???

  3. gedediah says:

    Muslims who call for or commit violence in the name of their religion are considered extremists. But they are only following the instructions in their holy books. That’s what fundy christians do, except there are far fewer of them and they rarely get the opportunity to do what they would really like to. If christians in the west ever get any real power they’ll be burning witches and anyone else they don’t like before you know it.

  4. Broga says:

    He seemed to be beyond the hope of return to civilised behaviour. He behaved like a rabid dog and met a similar fate which he inflicted on himself. He won’t know, of course, that his fantasy heaven with its numerous virgins is just that – a fantasy.

  5. Paul Cook says:

    It would be funny if it were;t so tragic that these people have such a hatred of the west and everything that he/they bizarrly believe that the west signifies, yet is it not telling that he blew himself up in a muslim country, blowing up & murdering many other muslims.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Paul Cook: And where would they be without Western technology? Attacking us with scimitars, I suppose – “Damascus steel, don’tcha know?”. It makes me laugh to see them driving around in tanks and armoured people carriers, and using AK-47s and mobile phones – all the product of Islamic wisdom, I’m sure.

    Here’s more evidence of their twisted logic:

  7. barriejohn says:

    We saw recently what sort of curriculum ISIL wanted to introduce in their schools. Have a look at this; you’ll either weep or die laughing!

    This general statement is considered compulsory and all who disagree must be held accountable.

    What on earth could they mean by that?


  8. AgentCormac says:

    Sorry to go OT, but for anyone who’s interested I thought the following was a well-written and thought-provoking article by Frank Cottrell Boyce, entitled ‘Why God was not killed by the Great War’.

  9. Stephen Mynett says:

    ” My intention was to do my duty as a Muslim, to inform people of God’s word and to give the message on what God says about homosexuality. My duty is not just to better myself but to try and better the society I live in.

    We believe we can’t just stand by and watch somebody commit a sin. We must try and advise them to stay away from sin.”

    Good point Gedediah, that statement is exactly the sort of crap you hear from all religionist fundies. The main difference is that Islam has more violence committed in its name, although the Christians have their moments, attacking abortion clinics, shooting abortion doctors and generally spreading hate in the name of their god, plus we should not forget the past and how Christianity was forced on us.

  10. Newspaniard says:

    Don’t these terrorist organizations pay a lump sum and a pension for life to relatives of their martyrs? I expect his family to be queuing outside the local social service office waving their victim card and demanding special treatment. How about one way ‘plane tickets to any muslim country?

  11. Barry Duke says:

    Meanwhile, on the streets of London …

    Hat tip: Antony Niall.

  12. Stephen Mynett says:

    Newspaniard, just because this guy is an arsehole does mean the rest of his family are. Christopher Hitchens had a very religious brother and many of us here have family members who are religious and/or religionists.

    I have no time for fundamentalists of any sort but will never give up on the fact that we should judge everyone as innocent until proven guilty.

  13. Broga says:

    The madness of Islam is shown by these young men. They have good lives, opportunities, decades of satisfaction in life ahead of them and they throw it aside in pursuit of a myth. Worse, they are so brainwashed into a destructive mode that they slaughter others while they do it.

    Such a shame that our cowardly government, buying into its own myths, does not set up a system of anti indoctrination. That means reason, facts, analysis of the fantasies of religion. Instead they encourage faith schools.

  14. Whydoihavetohaveislaminmyface says:

    I have to ask this question. Who filled the mind of this nasty piece of excrement with islamocenteric facist ideas in the first place? Was it not the imam down at the mosque? You know, just like imam in the the mosque just around the corner from where you are right now. Mosques are the incubators of these evil bastards. All people in the UK should be asked to publicly declare their allegiance to this country over and above their allegiance to ther dogma. Anyone who refuses should then be considered as an undesirable alien, have all benefits removed, forfeit their UK passport and be deported to any islamic country that will take them. Or if that is too extreme then how about making their lives so unbearably horrid by punitive taxation, banning of burqas, closure of islamic schools, no muslim school governors, no muslim politicians, no muslims employed in agencies that control schools, banning inhuman slaughter of animals,no muslims in control of local authorities, no under 18s in mosques,no vote for muslims, compulsory mixed education, curfews after 9.00pm and all the other things that islamists would deny to you or inflict on you if they were in power. The islamic agenda is clear…get the kaffirs out of the UK. Time to push back really hard to cut islam down to size. Here is another question.Is my declaration of all the foregoing worse than what islamists do every day…..are my words worse than wilful murder? Think about your reply very carefully.

  15. AgentCormac says:

    @Barry Duke

    How on earth does that footage not appear in mainstream news reports? (Rhetorical question, BTW.) Maybe the police get attacked by gangs of youths using fireworks every time bonfire night comes around. Maybe the fact that they look like they’re from the muslim community is irrelevant – they’re just young, disaffected lads causing a bit of bother. Maybe. But the fact that it apparently hasn’t been seen on any of the main news outlets would seem to speak volumes.

  16. barriejohn says:

    All people in the UK should be asked to publicly declare their allegiance to this country over and above their allegiance to ther dogma.

    Then you’d better be prepared to deport a lot of Christians as well!

    Some interesting thoughts here:

  17. barriejohn says:

    There were actually several reports over the past week or so of youths attacking the police and fire services with rockets, etc. Those in the video do look Asian, but can we be sure that they are all Muslim? I’m afraid I don’t trust the Breitbart site, though I’m sure that many Asian youths are anti-authoritarian.

  18. Marky Mark says:

    There is a name for people like this….sociopath. And it seems there are more and more of them amongst the religious cults. I think they are attracted to religion because of all they hate they preach, and they can justifie their anti-social behavior in the name of a higher power, than act on it to satisfie their need to hurt people.

  19. Cali Ron says:

    Take it from a yank, I would avoid Frequently found less than true or worse on Media Matters and Politifact. Part of the right wing media propaganda brigade, they love to hate islam, but their also evangelical xtians (you know, the world is only 6,000 years old and dinosuars walked with men). I thought this was pretty tame stuff compared to many other articles seen here. If your going to “anti” indoctrinate you’d better start in the crib, because religious cults (and all religions are cults) start their brainwashing at a very early age-all the better to drill it into them before they can understand what it is.

  20. Brummie says:

    @ Cali Ron. Brainwashing at an early age. This is how religious indoctrination continues indefinitely, despite logic and reason. I speak as a RC victim of such into my 20s.
    Most religions are inherited by people, not chosen, and state funded faith schools in the UK prolong the mental cancer.

  21. Cali Ron says:

    Late reply @ Brummie.
    Ditto, I was a product of evangelical indoctrination of my parents choosing. My family’s cult was the Assembly of God. Luckily, I’m a escaped survivor. Now that would make a good TV show-Christian survivors tell their tales.