Hate preacher dies in Bahama plane crash

Hate preacher dies in Bahama plane crash

Just weeks after he was accused of endangering the lives of gay Bahamians with his fiery anti-LGBT rhetoric, the leader of the Bahamas Faith Ministries, Pastor Myles Munroe, perished in a plane crash on Sunday.

According to this report, the private jet carrying Monroe, his wife, Ruth, and deputy, Richard Pinder and his family hit a shipyard construction crane as it flew into Grand Bahama International Airport. All nine people on board died.

Munroe was on his way to host a church conference the Global Leadership Forum in Freeport.

At the beginning of September, Monroe drew fire from human rights activist Erin Greene after his verbal attack on the LGBT community. She described a statement he issued as a “hate speech” that may incite violence against law-abiding citizens who are gay or transgender.

Erin Green

Erin Green

Greene said that that Monroe had, with his fierce condemnation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, created an environment where Bahamians no longer feel safe.

I believe that his speech should be appropriately called a hate speech. It encourages a community with strong Christian values to believe that they have a moral duty to not only ensure LGBT citizens do not have equal and equitable access to rights, protections and justice under the law, but it can also encourage them to believe that they have a duty to annihilate the community.

She was responding to Dr Munroe’s six-page press statement which criticised a gay pride celebration in Grand Bahama.

Munroe referred to the event as:

A massive deception … dismantling the very core of the natural existence of humanity.

She was not the only one to hit out at Munroe. Human rights activist and entertainer Terneille Burrows also questioned the priorities of religious leaders in the Bahamas who constantly lambast gays.

Burrows said in a press statement that she is a member of the LGBT community and encouraged Dr Munroe to redirect his efforts toward launching a far-reaching campaign strategy with a view to eradicating the abuse of minors in the country instead of promoting viewpoints related to the private lives of law-abiding adults.

She highlighted Munroe’s admission that:

I am afraid of any lifestyle, orientation, preference or behaviour that threatens that very survival of the human race.

On her blog, Burrows said:

There is no need to be afraid, Dr Munroe. The world is presently at a greater risk of becoming overpopulated rather than under. Those that choose to be celibate, undergo sterilisation, use contraceptives or cannot conceive naturally are also ‘abnormal’, but should not be blamed for the feared extinction of the human race.

I also guarantee that many of your faithful congregants, international counterparts, family, friends and yes, other  high profile ‘men of the cloth’, whether known to you or not, have varying sexual practices or preferences they hold privately that you and ‘the church’ would disapprove of.

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26 responses to “Hate preacher dies in Bahama plane crash”

  1. Irreverend Bastard says:

    A clear sign from God.

    Drop the hate, or drop dead!

  2. Broga says:

    God is telling us something. There can be no doubt (I have decided.)

  3. AgentCormac says:

    Did anybody else notice the ‘private jet’ reference? These parasites get very rich by spreading fear and misunderstanding, not by doing anything of worth or value in the world.

  4. Lurker111 says:

    Yeah. On the ABC news site, I posted a comment that went,

    “Too bad Benny Hinn wasn’t on the same flight.”*

    You can only imagine how long _that_ post lasted.

    * As the spouse of someone who sent this creature $1000 in a contribution, I consider Benny Hinn + a bag of shit to be worth less than a bag of shit.

  5. barriejohn says:

    Poetic justice, but you can bet your life that his followers will be seeing “God’s purpose” in it. And how about this for nauseating claptrap:

    Pop stars One Republic also penned a tribute to Munroe on their official page, writing, “RIP Dr. Myles Munroe… U (sic) spoke when I was in college at (Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma) & had a truly profound affect on my life. More than any,” before adding one of his quotes: “The greatness of a man is measured by the way he treats the little man. Compassion for the weak is a sign of greatness – Myles Munroe.”

    Can you beat that?

  6. barriejohn says:

    Well done, Lurker. I had a Christian friend who suffered from crippling rheumatoid arthritis from her teens. She was really excited when that lying fraud, Morris Cerullo, was visiting Earl’s Court. I often wondered how much of her meagre income she donated to the swine, as he collects vast sums at his meetings. Little good it did the poor woman anyway, as she died soon afterwards (largely from the treatment which she had received, I wouldn’t mind betting, but without it she would scarcely have been able to move.)

    Morris Cerullo’s sky limousine, a Gulstream G4, is estimated to be worth $50 million. He has two full-time pilots and a stewardess who said in recent depositions that the plane has a gold-plated interior.

    According to Broyles, Cerullo’s primary focus is raising millions of dollars in the name of God to support his own personal lavish lifestyle both overseas and in the United States. He says, “The victims of Cerullo’s tactics and the source of his millions are the elderly, widows and poor here in the United States as well as in distressed third world nations.” Broyles says Cerullo’s fundraising tactics include direct solicitations, prayer rallies, the sale of videotapes, prayer networks, television marketing and mail campaigns, among others, all of which are based upon misrepresentations and false promises.

  7. Angelo Ventura says:

    God’s justice. Next, Scott Lively, Putin, and Archbishop Burke

  8. chrsbol says:

    Private jet,shitload of money and an O.B.E.
    Seems about right.

  9. Newspaniard says:

    Do the tax men in the USA only go after the little people as in the UK? Do self confessed religiots (I like to call them Con Men) always get a free ride? As a pensioner living in Spain, I’m having my UK tax free allowance docked from next year and that twat had a tax free Gulfstream Jet for lying. Thank you Inland Revenue.

  10. Broga says:

    So Brenda made this conniving con man an O.B.E. did she? Par for the course, I guess. The tributes and prayers (as one would expect) when his private jet crashed are a testament to the gullibility of the suckers who funded his millionaire lifestyle.

    I suppose this shyster is now supposed to be having a chat with God. Or perhaps cheating the angels.

  11. AgentCormac says:

    OBE – One Bullshitting Evangelist

  12. AgentCormac says:

    OBE – One Blatant Extortionist

    OBE – One Bible Extremist

  13. Paul Cook says:

    Isn’t it interesting how the more active the fundraising evangelicals become, and how successful their fund-raising is, how their own lifestyles change and are often transformed.
    The new cars, hand made clothes, private jets, big houses, jewellery, watches. Then for some some, the whores & the drugs.

    I recall being taught as a child the jseus story that the rich men laughed at the one ‘penny’/’shekel’ given to the temple by the poor old lady, which was an insignificant amount of money, whereas these rich men gave huge amounts of money, and jesus rebuked them that her contribution was much much more than theirs due to their wealth and her sacrifice was, in terms, greater. Is this not the problem? The small donations made regularly by hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands if not millions of poor old ladies. It all adds up.

    This is certainly why the mafia run vati-con bank and the RCC is so unbelievably wealthy.

  14. Whydoihavetohaveislaminmyface says:

    Religion…the callous exploitation of the stupefied credulous masses by streetwise ruthless charlatans. Been going on for years ….and will continue for as long as we choose to allow it.

  15. AgentCormac says:

    OBE – ‘Orrible Bigoted ‘Eadcase

  16. R Pilotte says:

    One less crook to worry about. Next please!

  17. Stephen Turner says:

    Myles Munroe, OBE = Semble our money!

  18. L.Long says:

    I am very happy for this guy!! He will now find out the truth about HELL!!!
    Hope he has his just reward!

  19. AgentCormac says:

    @ L Long

    The irony is that now he’s dead he will never know the truth about heaven or hell, ie that neither actually exist. In a billion years or so his carbon will be recycled into a star somewhere. So at least he’ll be useful in one respect.

  20. barriejohn says:

    Pastor Myles Munroe = No masterly supremo

    I couldn’t help but notice that most of his degrees are from the Oral Roberts University, and his doctorates are “honorary”. It is “honourable” not to actually use honorary degrees!

  21. Dianne Leonard says:

    As Tom Ammiano, gay Assemblyman from California, quipped: “They say you should only speak good of the dead. He’s dead. Good.”

  22. Vanity Unfair says:

    I think some of you are being very naughty.
    Yes, it was a private jet, but it was only a Learjet 35A.
    It was chartered from Diplomat Aviation.
    It was not his personal property.
    Anybody can charter a Learjet 35A for about $2,400/hour.
    Diplomat Aviation is a subsidiary of Bahamas Faith Ministries.
    Well, maybe not so naughty.

  23. Vanity Unfair says:

    By the way:
    Stephen Turner = Serpent Hunter
    (which I prefer: or, the runt preens)
    A thought from Vain Fairy Nut.

  24. Robster says:

    Didn’t this bloke pray to his god/jesus/spook before hopping on board? Isn’t he purpose of the jesus nonsense to “save” people? What the hell happened, the pastor and eight others were not saved, there can be no better advertisement for religious futility than that.

  25. Maggie says:

    Sometimes, the best that you can say about about a person is that they are biodegradable.

  26. somila says:

    Whatever your differences, you should at least be sensitive to his family. You should be ashamed of your comments