Meet Abu & Junaid: Oz’s ‘Jinn-Busters’

Meet Abu & Junaid: Oz’s ‘Jinn-Busters’

Jinns, demons, devils and other ne’er-do-well spirits are on the hit-list of barmy Islamic exorcist Abu Hamza and his zitty sidekick Junaid Thorne.

It’s not known when precisely these two clowns will swing into action to “spiritually cleanse” Australia, but in a video posted last week Hamza promised it would be soon,  and warned followers to be wary of “magicians”.

Hamza’s JinnBuster Facebook page today lists 21 signs of Jinnic activities. These include:

• A wife hating her husband upon seeing his face. In this type of magic, when a wife looks at her husband she feels angry and thus they both live a miserable life.

• Making one hate religion, and the holy book and the creator.

• The brain does not work properly.

Other symptoms include headaches, toothache, breathing difficulties, throat infections, deafness, blindness, memory loss etc.

Hamza also has a warning for his Muslim brothers about … fish. Or to be more precise, fish symbols attached to cars:

Dear brothers and sister when buying a car from a person or a dealer or auction make sure you look around the car and if you see the symbol of a fish on it remove it as it represent the christian religion.

And, to make his point, he posted this photo montage:


Oh, well done, you, for spotting his mistake.

As for Thorne – full name Ustadh Mohammed Junaid Thorne – he describes himself on Facebook as a “sheikh”.

But his dear old mum insists:

He’s normal everyday kid …

What possessed her to say that was the spot of bother young Junaid and his brother Shayden got into last year when they visited Saudi Arabia.

Shayden got busted for allegedly having something on his laptop that the Saudis disapproved of (Gay porn? Women drivers?) and was locked up. Junaid was also jailed, or went into hiding, depending what reports you read.

Mama desperately wanted her sons back in safely in Australia and the media enthusiastically helped in a campaign to have them returned. The Saudis then kicked them out.

And how did the “sheikh” express his gratitude? By screaming “Islamophobia” over a series of raids carried out against terror suspects earlier this year. According to Your Daily Muslim:

Thorne took to Facebook to blast the raids: ‘Once again, we wake up to the sad news of our innocent Muslim brothers being arrested by the Australian authorities, their families being terrorized, their houses being raided, their freedoms being confiscated, their rights abused …

We moved from the Arab countries back to the West, lured by the fake impression of freedom, deceived by the false image and propaganda they promote about human rights and individual freedom, only to get surprised that these countries are now becoming worse than most Arab countries back in the medieval days.

In this report, Thorne is quoted as saying:

Patience has limits. Don’t test the Muslims’ tolerance. Stop picking on Muslims before it’s too late!!

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

25 responses to “Meet Abu & Junaid: Oz’s ‘Jinn-Busters’”

  1. Paul Cook says:

    Hahahaha!! Excellent
    The photo montage is nearly as good as that moron harun mental case ya yah blah blah, with his proof of gods creations and the photo of a caddis fly: but, it was a trout fly (fish-lure) with the hook clearly visible.

  2. Newspaniard says:

    As has been said many times, “You are free to leave and take your dependents with you. No one is stopping you from returning to the hell-hole you came from”. Ungrateful wretch.

  3. Broga says:

    “The brain does not work properly.” This is one of their signs of Jinnic activity. This pair must be worried.

    There is going to be competition, not for Jinnic busters, but for the spirits to bust. The RCs are into industrial scale exorcisms. Are there enough Jinns, devils and spirits to go round?

  4. Barry Duke says:

    “No one is stopping you from returning to the hell-hole you came from”.

    This sentiment is far too frequently expressed. These zealots are overwhelmingly home-grown “gone-wrongs”.

    “Shayden Jamil and Junaid Muhammed Thorne were born in Perth to a Malaysian Muslim mother and an Aboriginal father. They had a happy childhood in WA and in Tasmania and hold Australian passports.”

  5. Brian Jordan says:

    “Hamza’s JinnBuster Facebook page today lists 21 signs of Jinnic activities. These include:
    • The brain does not work properly.”
    Hasn’t he got cause and effect the wrong way round?

  6. Paul Cook says:

    I would like a tikalik car sticker.

  7. barriejohn says:

    What a coincidence that the tikalik bumper sticker (which I adore) should feature today (surely the Lord’s doing, and marvellous in our eyes!). We have a magnificent Magnolia tree in our back garden, and used to have a Stellata in the front before it became too big and had to be removed, so I was fascinated by comments made by the inimitable Carol Klein on her Cottage Garden programme this morning. I knew that magnolias were very primitive plants (practically 100 million years old), but hadn’t realized that, as they appeared before bees and moths etc, they are mainly pollinated by beetles. Hence they produce copius amounts of pollen rather than nectar, and Carol remarked that bees often visit them and then fly off in disgust because of the disappointment! When scientists speak of plants and animals as “living fossils” the creationists ALWAYS ask: “How come they still exist today?”, so I wonder how they explain away facts like these that fit in with evolutionary theory so precisely?

  8. Broga says:

    OT: On the main Radio News this morning was the announcement that the BBC was going to change the format of “Songs of Praise.” They inadvertently revealed that this was spin by saying that most of its listeners were in their seventies. So not of wide concern.

    So they allow this pointless announcement air time while continuing their censorship of non religious comments. They occasionally let an atheist opinion slip through. Probably from embarrassment. There must be some limit to their shamelessness.

  9. Barry Duke says:

    Broga, are you, perchance, responsible for this blog?:

  10. AgentCormac says:

    I’ve got a Darwin fish attached to the back of my faithful old Golf. I do enjoy pulling in front of cars sporting the xtian version and slowing down to help them get a good look at it. A little while ago I was also approached by my mother-in-law’s former neighbours (both devout evangelists), who having spotted the Darwin fish mistook it for the god-bothering version. ‘Ooooo – are you christians, too?’ they gushed. Then having had a closer look went ‘Ugh! What’s that?!’ I did have to chuckle at their confusion.

  11. Broga says:

    @Barry Duke; Thanks Barry. I’m glad I didn’t miss that. I loved this bit:

    “I wonder if Aaqil has thought of casting his net ever wider. Maybe do some occasional Adhans of Praise for Muslim newcomers. That might add a few extra millions onto the viewing figures.”

    For those who perhaps don’t know (as I didn’t) Aaqil is the BBC Head of Religious broadcasting. He is doing a great job, from my point of view, as he seems invisible. Stirring up apathy as someone said in another context. Maybe this is his bid for fame.

    Sorry, but I must disclaim the honour of writing it.

  12. Stephen Turner says:

    Junaid Thorne = One jihad runt

    Presumably he doesn’t want the police doing anything about potential terrorist activity. That shows what he thinks about the safety of his compatriots.

  13. Paul Cook says:

    Actually the sycophants at the Bible Bashing Corporation had it as the second most important piece of news on the main TV news this morning, then a whole five minutes or more gush about it as an essential news report. I nearly choked on my weetabix. The reason they gave was that Britian is no longer predominately Anglican and the Bible Bashing Corporation programme had to cater to all these different Christian faiths. But without an explanation why there were so many of these Christian faiths needing to be catered for, nor which one’s interpretation of the blabble was correct.
    Oh the irony!

  14. Barry Duke says:

    Paul & Broga, this “vitally important” piece news even made it this morning to Spain, which set me in search of a definitive explanation from the BBC. I wanted some some credible answers, but the best I could find was this from the man himself, Aaqil Ahmed:

    “Songs of Praise has evolved over the years and now it is even more important that it reflects Christianity across the whole of the United Kingdom as we see it today. From the emerging black majority, Pentecostal and Eastern European Catholic Churches to of course Anglican worship, the updated version of Songs of Praise will be going all out to ensure that more viewers see themselves well represented …

    “Songs of Praise is an important part of the BBC One schedule – that rare moment in the week to stop and think about life. The range of music played will be eclectic – from gospel to traditional hymns, from extraordinary choirs to amazing soloists and the scope to tell a riveting story in a few minutes will be at the heart of every programme. In the first episode, for instance, we meet Christians from Syria who have fled the country, to hear about their experiences and to find out what life is like for their relatives still suffering there.”

  15. nogbad666 says:

    That’s Alexei Sayle with a muzzie beard!!

    Wondered what happened to him..

  16. Barry Duke says:

    How very dare you nogbag! Alexei Sayle has always kept his beard under proper control:

  17. AgentCormac says:

    Songs of Praise is an important part of the BBC One schedule – that rare moment in the week to stop and think about life.

    Or rather, to stop and be told what to think about life.

  18. Stephen Turner says:

    Songs of Praise = e.g., OAP’s frisson

    Aaqil Ahmed = A la media HQ

  19. Pagan Pete says:

    “• Making one hate religion, and the holy book and the creator.”

    Oh really? Best make mine a Jinn & Tonic then.

  20. Broga says:

    @Barry Duke:

    I find Aaqil Ahmed’s comments reassuring as they confirm that he is on automatic pilot. If the word bland didn’t exist they would have to invent it for that response to you. I think Aaquil is there to pick up his massive salary with little idea about what he should be doing..

    He now has some authentic religious nutters lined up for “Songs of Praise.” I heard a few years ago from someone who was misguided enough to go to church every week that “Songs of Praise”had descended on her church. She was seriously aggrieved as every Sunday, apart from Christmas, the Church had very few worshippers. It was packed for “Songs of Praise.”

    Her main grievance was that she had told her daughter she would “be on the television on Sunday and she must be sure to watch.” The word was spread around the family in various parts of the UK and they were on high alert. They didn’t get a glimpse of the would be TV star as the camera lingered on faces of people who had never been to church before and were unlikely to go again.

    She told ne she was “disgusted” and had written to the vicar to complain. She died early this year. Probably in heaven now so that should compensate.

  21. I RussellW says:

    Well, perhaps the Oz taxpayers could pay for one-way tickets for these barking mad loonies to ‘return’ to their spiritual homes on the condition that they never ever return to Australia. Any other Muslims who are dissatisfied with their lives in this Kufar hell are welcome to apply under the same conditions.

  22. Barry Duke says:

    @ Broga: The Sally Army is delighted to be part of the new inclusive SoP:

  23. AgentCormac says:

    @ Barry
    I’m not surprised the SA (how appropriate – they are god’s brownshirts) is ‘delighted’ to find yet another outlet for its message. They have a ‘charity’ shop in our local town which proclaims above its door that what they are doing is ‘Faith in Action’. At least in New York their appalling proselytising in return for food, endless sermons denouncing gays and the tax benefits they receive for doing so has been exposed.

  24. 1859 says:

    Barry Duke: Sorry OT but check this out:


  25. Broga says:

    @Barry Duke: Great piece of glutinous prose on Salvation Army complete with picture of smirking Aled Jones. Barriejohn will love that. I think he is what might be termed a “reverse fan” of the saintly Aled.