Charity Commission is ‘Islamophobic’

Charity Commission is ‘Islamophobic’

Sir William Shawcross, above, who heads the UK Charity Commission, stands accused of unfairly targeting Islamic organisations.

The accusation came after the Guardian revealed that more than a quarter of the statutory investigations launched by the CC since April 2012 – and which still remain open – have targeted Muslim charities.

Adam Belaon, Research Director for the think tank Claystone, which focuses on Muslim issues, said that the CC:

Has labelled 55 charities with the issue code ‘extremism and radicalisation’ without their knowledge, in the period 5 December 2012 to 8 May 2014.

These charities were/are being monitored as a potential concern for matters relating to extremism and radicalisation.

Belaon suggested that Sir William was the wrong man for the job as he had voiced concerns in the past about Islam. In 2012, as a Director at the conservative Henry Jackson Society, he pointed out – correctly –  that European countries have fast growing Islamic populations, and – again indisputably – that Islam:

Is one of the greatest, most terrifying problems of our future.

Belaon drew a comparison between Ofsted and the CC, saying:

We have got Ofsted trying to root out vague notions of extremism. We have the Charity Commission. Where does this all end?

Vague notions of extremism? Seriously?

A CC spokesperson said:

The commission does not target Muslims, or any other religion or type of charity. All our casework is prioritised and assessed for action against the risk framework, published on the website. A full analysis of the commission’s compliance work including investigative and monitoring work for the last financial year will be in this year’s publication Tackling Abuse and Mismanagement.

Claystone’s mission statement says:

With the rise in identity politics and an unhealthy focus on Muslims and the religion of Islam in public discourse, it is important that genuine facts emerge from what are often highly emotive talking points.

To a large extent, anti-Muslim sentiment has been built on anti-Muslim propaganda and Islamophobia occurring over a long period of time. Multiple skewed discourses have merged together to project the false narrative that Muslims are a ‘problem’. This has resulted in heightened tensions and hostilities towards the Muslim community in the UK.

Meanwhile, it is reported here that three Christian charities have recently faced investigations or “operational compliance cases”by the CC for a range of offences, including fraud and accounting irregularities.

A fourth has seen a statutory investigation closed after trustees agreed to re-pay £100,000 back to the charity.

The first charity, Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic UK, whose website speaks of the “privilege” and “duty” of donating to the Church, was left facing further action by the regulator after a “bishop” nicked £186,000 of the charity’s funds.


The Bristol “bishop” and former magistrate – Gerald Edmund (above) – was sentenced to two years in prison for fraud earlier this year.

After discussions with the charity, the Commission found that:

Several trustees had been aware of the suspected fraud for some time, but had originally attempted to deal with the problem without reporting it to the police.

Since then, the charity was found to have taken “very little action” on the failure of their financial controls, and one branch of the church was still paying a stipend to the imprisoned bishop. Bethel United Church was registered with the Charity Commission in 1995 to “advance the Christian religion in the UK.”

The second charity, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church, is now the subject of a statutory inquiry after the Charity Commission was forced to “escalate” its engagement with the church. The inquiry will look into the church’s “repeated failure to comply with legal obligations in relation to the filing of annual accounts” and the reported “misapplication” of the charity’s assets.

The CC is also understood to have pursued an operational compliance case into the UK Winners’ Chapel of Nigerian bishop David Oyedepo; this came after an allegation last year that charitable funds were “misapplied”.” The CC also considered the “charity’s management and policies” and is still considering information supplied by the Chapel before reaching a conclusion about outstanding financial questions.

The fourth Christian organisation is the Life Changing Ministries Church South Cheshire Trust, who recently came out of an inquiry after trustees agreed to re-pay £100,000 to the charity. The Charity Commission inquiry had found that funds meant for the charity were being paid into personal bank accounts and that the Life Changing Ministries Trust did not have “proper financial controls in place.”

The trustees claim the “inquiry came about as a result of complaints coming in about us … from a subversive group” who wanted to “destroy” the Trust.

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15 responses to “Charity Commission is ‘Islamophobic’”

  1. Vanity Unfair says:

    In case you are wondering:
    Charities Act 2011 c. 25
     Part 1 CHAPTER 1 Charitable purpose
    Section 3
    (1) A purpose falls within this subsection if it falls within any of the following descriptions of purposes—….
    (c) the advancement of religion;….
    (2)In subsection (1)—
    (a)in paragraph (c), “religion” includes—
    (i)a religion which involves belief in more than one god, and
    (ii)a religion which does not involve belief in a god,

    So, of itself, the advancement of religion is a charitable endeavour. That means that the commission cannot strike down a charity for that reason only. It has to have transgressed the other parts of the Act: engaged in non-charitable actions or have been maladministered. And if you think that removing religion from the Act is the answer then I seem to remember that it has been there since the C16.

  2. andym says:

    Do Adam Baleon and Claystone actually exist? I think there is a computer programme which produces names at random ,crying “Islamophobia” every time Islam is criticised.

    If he does exist, wonder how this fits into his world view;

  3. barriejohn says:

    In the USA no action is taken:

    (T)he number of pastors endorsing candidates in what they call Pulpit Freedom Sunday jumped from 33 people in 2008 to more than 1,600 this year, according to organizers, Alliance Defending Freedom. And this year, they’ve stepped up their drive, telling pastors to back candidates any Sunday up until the election, not just one Sunday as in past years…

    Although the IRS was sued itself for not enforcing the law and admitted about 100 churches may be breaking the rules, the pastors and their critics alike say the agency is looking the other way. The agency refuses to say if it is acting.

    (@andym: Note “John Hickenlooper”!)

  4. 1859 says:

    Claystone’s mission statement: ‘….To a large extent, anti-Muslim sentiment has been built on anti-Muslim propaganda and Islamophobia occurring over a long period of time. Multiple skewed discourses have merged together to project the false narrative that Muslims are a ‘problem’.’

    So, posting videos of aid workers being beheaded is ‘anti-Muslim propaganda’?
    So, shooting school girls in the head is ‘anti-Muslim propaganda’?
    So, hacking to death a soldier on the streets on London is ‘anti-Muslim propaganda’?
    So, flying planes into tall buildings and incinerating 2000 people is ‘anti-Muslim propaganda’?
    So, regularly using suicide bombers to make a point is all part of a ‘skewed discourse’?
    So, hanging young men because they are gay is part of the ‘skewed discourse’?
    So, blowing up schools, killing teachers and students is again all part of the ‘skewed discourse’?
    So, throwing acid into the faces of women because they are seen as blasphemous or – even worse – independently minded, is again all part of the ‘anti-Muslim propaganda and skewed discourse’.

    My problem is, there’s really not enough space on this blog for me to list the vast amounts of ‘pro-Muslim propaganda’ with which the internet and media are bursting. This ‘pro-Muslim propaganda’ is so copious it’s really very, very hard to find it’s opposite.

    The Claystone people, must have brains made of clay and hearts made of stone.

  5. L.Long says:

    ALL religious charities are crooked!!!
    If they claim they are not then OPEN YOUR books
    like every other secular charity has to do.
    NO??? Then you are automatically a crook!!!

  6. Robster says:

    There are plenty of non religious charities worth supporting. Look very carefully at any charity you may be considering supporting, they are learning to hide their religious connections and it is getting difficult to tell whether or not a charity is focussed on assisting a target group or going after new potential disciples, they are first and foremost after new devotees, often hiding this from donors. Sure many do positive things, but they are primarily after bums on pews so be very careful when choosing.

  7. Paul Cook says:

    The Charity Commussion Is Doing It’s Job.
    Perhaps that should have been the headline.

    All the things that @1859 lists cannot be denied as Islamic. The only theme that links all, is that the perpetrators have clearly expressed they are Islamic , it is for Islam, and because of Islam.
    It is pathetically sickening the apologists tirelessly keep apologising ‘that is not the real Islam, these people are not real Muslims’.
    With no apology it is Islam, it is for Islam, and these evil degraded people are Muslims. It is the only thing they do say!

    The Charity Commission must get all our support to expose all these evil bastards for what they are – and all religions are inherently evil- you only have to read their books to conclude such a thing. How they say they are not inherently evil is beyond me and therefore how can such a purpose be charitable?

  8. R Pilotte says:

    Let’s get this straight once and for all….
    Religions are at best dangerous and divisive.
    Islam is the worst,by many orders of magnitude, it is an absolute abomination … Islam is a pox on humanity. No thinking person can really come to any other conclusion. Islam is not a religion of peace. It’s a dogma that binds it followers to convert or kill. Anyone who asserts that true islam promotes peace and tolerance and that islam has been hijacked by those who seek power through violence is either a liar or a bloody fool.
    All muslims really truly want you and me to be killed in the most brutal horrible ways to demonstrate that islam has no tolerance of or place for kaffirs. Islam is a death cult. There is no pleasure, culture, humanity in islam. Islam is pure hatred and its adherents fully intend to destroy modern culture, smash everything up and drag humanity back to primitive violent tribalism.

    And if you disagree, tell me how I could come to any other conclusion. And if you are a muslim and disagree I say fuck off, get out of my face and do me the courtesy of cutting your own throat so you can move yourself closer to your maker.

  9. R Pilotte says:

    If islam has one positive attribute it is that muslims do kill each other.

  10. andym says:

    A few years ago, some people regularly tried to tell us that the word “Islam” actually meant “peace.”-of course it means “submission.”

    I suppose it’s a small development that they can’t get away with that any more.

  11. Newspaniard says:

    As usual, when questioned about anything to do with islam, the platinum victim cards come out together with the pointing finger and the words racist or islamaphobe screamed. I don’t know who these a/holes from Claystone are but I do hope that anyone with any sense is ignoring these islamofascist excusers. Where do they get their money from anyway? Oh, silly me, Saudi Arabia of course, I should have known.

  12. Ex Patriot says:

    I give but I will never give to any religious charity or one in any way connected to any religion, Religion is pure evil and serves no useful purpose in a civilized thinking world, but to many people don’t use the brains they have.

  13. Angela_K says:

    And today’s most obvious report is the fact that most terrorism is due to religion:

  14. Stuart H. says:

    About a decade ago, in connection with my “day job”, I attended a government- run conference on money-laundering addressed by a real life Agent Scully from the FBI. One of the strongest tips she gave was to regard ANY religious charity ,no matter how benign at first glance, as suspicious until proved otherwise.
    This stems from the Oklahoma bombing and other violent attacks by individuals helped indirectly by registered US churches and other religious charities. That emphasis tailed off under Bush (too many questions about his mates) but it’s unsurprising it is increasing in recent years and the emphasis is on Islamic charities. Though the CC won’t be able to say openly why they are investigating, my guess is info or enquiries passed on from US security services or submitted via UK fraud squads after tip-offs via business organisations, banks, etc. under a very tight reporting procedure that keeps whistle-blowers anonymous (even from their own workmates and bosses)and safe from court identification . This has been in place now for around a decade and from what I’ve personally witnessed both the anonymous nature of the procedure and the obligations of the CC to respond are vital to public safety – and I say that as a committed civil libertarian.

  15. django says:

    “…Claystone, in fact, is a front group for an extreme Salafist network run by one of Britain’s most extreme hate preachers, who has been named by security services as part of a network responsible for spreading ideological hatred…”

    ‘Leading newspapers fooled by ‘Claystone’ Charity Commission report’, Stand for Peace, Nov 19, 2014