Muslim addresses Anglican synod

Muslim addresses Anglican synod

A British Muslim cleric addressed a Church of England synod for the first time on this week – and branded violent Islamist jihadists as ‘idiots’.

But the real idiots, according to another Muslim cleric, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hussaini, are the C of E  organisers who gave Fuad Nahdi, head of Radical Middle Way think tank – a platform.

Ahead of the synod address, Al-Hussaini – that rare beast, a musical Muslim – was quoted here as saying:

For far too long, Lambeth Palace and the Anglican interfaith establishment have colluded with and promoted Muslim public relations actors with Islamist connections and a history of double discourse, like Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin of the Muslim Council of Britain and Fuad Nahdi of Radical Middle Way.

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hussaini

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hussaini

In the context of the heinous persecution of Christian minorities in the Muslim world, the Lambeth Palace-sponsored political spectacle of showcasing Muslims who routinely condemn ISIS, but themselves have Islamist associations with Jamaat-e-Islami, Muslim Brotherhood or other groups and individuals, is a dismal exercise in hypocrisy to the suffering of those non-white and non-Western Christian people who have so badly been let down by the liberal Western Church of England.

Fuad Nahdi recited an Islamic prayer and greeted the Anglican gathering with the words “salaam aleikum” (Peace be with you).

He condemned discrimination against Christians, but said that Muslims who did not adhere to extremist ideologies had suffered in greater numbers.

The persecution of Christians in Iraq and Syria is heinous and totally unacceptable to any sane human being. But we should not forget that the Muslims have borne the brunt of these extremists.

Thousands if not tens of thousands have died in the past couple of years and they will continue to die if we pretend to ignore it.

He also spoke about growing anger among young Muslims in Britain in reaction to criticism they face because of the actions of extremists they have nothing to do with “thousands of miles away”.

Nahdi has a long history of working with activists and groups tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, described by the former head of the MI6 as being, “at heart, a terrorist organization;” and Jamaat-e-Islami, the Brotherhood’s South Asian cousin, responsible for acts of genocide during Bangladesh’s 1971 Independence war.

Nahdi established Radical Middle Way in the wake of the 7/7 tube bombings in London, in order to

Provide powerful, faith-inspired guidance that gives our audiences the tools to combat exclusion and violence.

RMW became a key component of the British Labour government’s counter-extremism programme, named “PREVENT,” and received over £1.2 million of taxpayers’ money between 2006 and 2009.

The counter-extremism programme includes a policy of partnering with “non-violent” extremists to temper the threat of “violent” extremists. This approach wound up offering legitimacy and public funds to anti-Semitic, anti-gay and misogynist groups, and was later deemed disastrous – especially by the Muslim Council of Britain.

This summer a senior figure in the MCB – deputy secretary general Harun Khan told BBC Radio 5 live the Prevent scheme was having a “negative impact”.

The scheme seeks to lessen the influence of extremism – but Mr Khan said it alienated young Muslims and pushed them towards radical groups.

Khan said Prevent had “really failed” when it came to Muslim communities, and said many young Muslims were:

Not interested in engaging for anything to do with Prevent. Most young people are seeing this [as] a target on them and the institutions they associate with.

In 2008 speakers at RMW’s events included an outspoken supporter of Osama Bin Laden, Kemal el-Helbawy, who founded a number of Muslim Brotherhood institutions in the UK.

The same year, counter-terrorism expert Shiraz Maher revealed that RMW appeared to be supporting a campaign run by the global Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global network dedicated to imposing sharia law through armed jihad.

Today, speakers listed on the RMW’s website include preachers such as Jamal Badawi, Muslim Belal and Suhaib Webb.

•  Badawi, a Muslim Brotherhood cleric, has described suicide bombers and Hamas terrorists as “freedom fighters” and “martyrs,” and advocates for the right of men to beat their wives.

•  Muslim Belal is a “performance poet” who composes nasheeds (Islamic songs without instruments) that promote fundamentalist Islam. One of his nasheeds expresses support for the Al Qaeda operative and convicted murderer, Aafia Siddiqui.

•  Suhaib Webb is an Islamic preacher who, according to FBI surveillance documents, spoke at a dinner in 2001 alongside Al Qaeda operative, Anwar Al-Awlaki, in order to raise £100,000 for the legal defence of Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (aka H Rap Brown), an Islamic fundamentalist who murdered two American police officers.

12 responses to “Muslim addresses Anglican synod”

  1. Broga says:

    I can imagine the meeting between Fuad Nahdi and the gullible C.of E. clerics. The latter will be so pleased with themselves to have a real, live Muslim cleric meeting with them and saying what they want to hear. They will stand amazed like the Victorians turning up at a zoo to look at an exotic animal from Africa.

    While they ignore what the Quoran says about non Muslims and, in their innocence, they will be congratulating themselves on having a productive meeting.

    Nahdi, I assume, is playing a covert hardball, under an emollient façade, that the clerics would never suspect. The promising words, the expressions of concern for Christians are weapons in the war against the infidel. Poor old C. of E. live a fantasy world where they leap to see the good, as long as he isn’t an atheist, and have no idea about the rules of the game they are playing.

  2. Stephen Mynett says:

    This must be great news for the homoeopathy loving git Charles Windsor, the church he could take over when his mum dies is cuddling up to Islamics. He really can spout his “protector of the faiths” garbage. The sad thing is, he will be believed by many.

  3. L.Long says:

    Show me the blacked out lines in the KaKaran and then I will listen to your ‘moderate views’ just like I will listen to any xtian ‘moderate’, when he blacks out the many parts of his Book o’BS. Till then they all are hypocrites at best.

  4. Paul Cook says:

    The Synod is a joke. I wouldn’t worry about what it does because Britain is a secular country and it is secularism that we ought to continuously promote for the benefit of us all and the exclusion of all religions.

    This is simply lunatics running an asylum inviting a different lunatic to come inside.

  5. Paul Cook says:

    But going back to earlier reports here on abuse of children in the USA.
    There are only two countries that have not ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of The Child.
    Somalia and the USA.

    It says a great deal about the USA. More than words.

  6. AgentCormac says:

    “salaam aleikum” (Peace be with you)

  7. barfly says:

    Just the same lets all be nice to each other even though we all believe the others are going to burn in hell but just smile for the cameras please. This kind of thing goes no where unless you want to put your head in the sand and say what a nice group of people these muslims are.On a side note the synod is a good title as they are full of sin and some are very odd

  8. David Anderson says:

    Sheikh Mahammad Al-Hussaini a “musical muslim”. Not allowed, no true muslim, PUNISH HIM!

  9. Brian Jordan says:

    I hope that cello is halal!
    Of catgut, Wikipedia says:
    “Usually sheep or goat intestines are used, but it is occasionally made from the intestines of cattle,[3] hogs, horses, mules, or donkeys

  10. Rob Andrews says:

    This reminds my of Chamberlain talking to the NAZIs in 1938. The only difference is that the NAZIs for the most part didn’t have a large contingent already in Britain. The Muslims do.

    Sir Oswald Mosley of the British NAZIs must have sounded ‘moderate ‘too. Taylor the message to the audience is good public relations.

    From the book: ‘Public Opimion’.

  11. barriejohn says:

    All good Muslim boys should be made aware of the dangers of music and other forms of entertainment:

    I know Christians who tell their children exactly the same thing as well!

  12. Trevor Blake says:

    Here’s three unpleasant questions for my British friends. How many people were raped or killed by Enoch Powell, Oswald Mosley, the English Defence League, the UK Independence Party, the British National Party, the National Front and all of their advocates – combined? Is that number larger or smaller than the number of people raped and killed by Muslims in the UK? Who is the enemy?

    Not that any of the above should be a friend, but the left especially has willfully forgotten how to spot who wishes it the greatest harm. And that is Islam.