Sceptic gets booted off Egyptian TV

Sceptic gets booted off Egyptian TV

A while back, Salafist turned sceptic Dr Noha agreed to be interviewed on an Egyptian TV channel by presenter Riham Said about the ‘divine’ origins of Islam.

Noha said there was nothing divine about the Koran, and this led to a confrontation of epic proportions:

10 responses to “Sceptic gets booted off Egyptian TV”

  1. Trevor Blake says:

    Never be confused and think the truth will always win out. Silencing those who ask questions, sometimes silencing them by death, can hold us back for centuries on end.

  2. John says:

    I fear for her safety.

  3. Stephen Turner says:

    I would think she is indeed in danger.
    What a fanatic the host turned out to be under that sophisticated exterior, She wouldn’t be dressed like that if she got what she said she wants.

  4. Paul Cook says:

    She got several things wrong:
    1. Mohamed wrote the koran.
    There is little credible evidence like jesus he existed. The historic reality is that there are a few muhmmeds vying for the title.
    He didn’t and couldn’t write as he was illiterate and totally ignorant.
    2. The koran was not written down until, (even if we stretch the facts and it is ‘accepted he lived’), some two hundred years after his death.
    3. Thinking she’d get a rational debate with such an ignorant interviewer who cannot accept a rational humane debate on a topic such as unquestioning obedient but irrational beliefs.

    Faith blinds the mind. Those that simply want to accept faith as a rational basis for fact and truth are hopelessly lost in it’s infantile stupidity.

  5. Paul Cook says:

    What is disturbing is on the same web site the same interviewer argues with a muslim cleric (who is clearly deranged) and removes her headscarf and shouts at him for most of the ‘interview’. He of course cannot bear to look at her hair in case he turns into a leprechaun os something.

    All these people are sick sick sick.

  6. JoeSeph says:

    @ Paul Cook
    When I initially watched this I genuinely thought that Ms Said seemed more like a rabid cleric with an agenda than an interviewer.
    Perhaps, after her previous outburst and headscarf removal she herself was threatened and then to show her faith and obedience had to shout down a sceptic in a very public way!

  7. Brummie says:

    What a brave woman that Dr. Noha is!

  8. Newspaniard says:

    Let me get this right, the interviewer in a “professional” TV station normally asks the questions and then allows the audience to make up its mind based on the answers she receives. A good interviewer knows which questions to ask and does not tell the interviewee what the answers should be. The bimbo asking the questions suddenly started telling the audience what a good girl she was and what she believed in (WTF?). Who was which, interviewer or interviewee? Egypt is supposedly dragging herself out of the “true” islamist cesspit. I guess that TV stations will do the same, eventually.
    I don’t know if that will save Dr. Noha’s life tho’.

  9. Brian Jordan says:

    One has to wonder what sort of reception Dr. Noha might get on some of our UK TV programmes.
    @Paul Cook
    “He didn’t and couldn’t write as he was illiterate and totally ignorant.”
    The counter argument is that as a successful trader he was literate but has presented as illiterate to lend weight to the Gabriel story. Either view being irrelevant if the whole thing was indeed produced later to provide the burgeoning empire with a “holy book”, as some conclude.

  10. 1859 says:

    An odd performance – the woman interviewer browbeats the sceptical Dr Noha and sounds for all the world like a rabid religious bigot. Then the same woman interviewer browbeats some islamic priest by demanding why he took the TV channel’s money and then removing her headscarf and waving her sexy locks at him so much so that the poor old goat can’t even look in her direction. Not sure if she’s playing the role of a double agent to get her tv show high ratings? Or is she totally genuine?