Blasphemy: 26 years in jail for actress

Blasphemy: 26 years in jail for actress

Bollywood star Veena Malik has reportedly expressed her anger and disbelief after she was handed a 26-year jail term by a Pakistani anti-terrorism court for ‘malicious acts’ of blasphemy.

Her crime? Appearing in a pretend wedding scene, staged on a daytime show broadcast by Geo TV and based on the marriage of the “Prophet” Mohammed’s daughter.

Malik’s husband, Asad Bashir Khan, and Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, the chief executive of the biggest media group in the Asian country, were also sentenced to 26 years in the slammer for the apparent religious offence. The host of the show Shaista Wahidi was also punished.
Malik said:

Twenty-six years! Come on. 26 years is a lifetime … But I have faith in higher courts in Pakistan. When the final verdict comes, it will do justice to me. Nothing bad is going to happen.

A court order, issued by the judge, reads:

The malicious acts of the proclaimed offenders ignited the sentiments of all the Muslims of the country and hurt the feelings, which cannot be taken lightly and there is need to strictly curb such tendency.

But it’s unlikely that Malik may end up in jail.

The court order will be enforced in the city of Gilgit, control of which  is shared between Pakistan and also sits in the India-claimed Kashmir region. As such, it is not considered a proper province by Pakistan, meaning that any verdicts delivered by its courts do not apply to the rest of the country.

Malik, currently in Dubai, said:

I have always been a person who faced troubles by looking it in the eye.

She intends returning to Pakistan in the next two weeks to challenge the court order.

I have faced highs and lows in my life. But I am sure I haven’t done anything wrong.

As well as a hefty jail term, the “miscreants” were also ordered to pay a fine of 3 million rupees (£8,000), surrender their passports and even sell up their properties.

The court case marks the latest in a string of controversies for the Bollywood actress.

She sparked outrage in 2011 after posing for a series of risqué pictures for FHM magazine in India.

The one used above to illustrate this report appeared in the men’s magazine. She also featured on the cover of the mag with her arms and legs positioned to cover her private parts.

The letters ISI on her arm refers to the Pakistani spy service the Inter-Services Intelligence agency.

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  1. Lon says:

    I can’t find the like button!

  2. Barry Duke says:

    Hop across to our Facebook page, Lon, and you can “like” it there. And while I am at it, for those who aren’t aware that we are on Facebook, we could with a flurry of new page likes. I’d like 10,000 or more by Christmas!

  3. R Pilotte says:

    Does anyone doubt that islam is a truly excremental dogma loved by whinging whining childishly boorish easily offended thin skinned self loathing underachieving jealous miserable halfwit tossers?

  4. L.Long says:

    She is being punished for the most horrid crime ….
    She is beautiful-smart-not humble-in your face woman!!
    The 2nd most terrifying thing to IsLame.
    The 1st being a 12yr old school girl.

  5. Vanity Unfair says:

    As a devout and life-long coward I would advise Veena Malik not to return to Pakistan or Kashmir. History shows that there are plenty of deluded people ready to avenge perceived slights on their beloved prophets in that area.

  6. 1859 says:

    Maybe one day porno will bring down the state of Pakistan – a couple of years ago Google released a bunch of statistics relating to the frequency of certain search terms. Guess which country came top of the list for the search term ‘Sex with Dogs’ (it may have been ‘Donkeys’ – can’t remember) – yup – Pakistan. In fact it took the lead in most of the search terms concerned with the sex act with animals.

  7. Laura Roberts says:

    “The malicious acts of the proclaimed offenders ignited the sentiments of all the Muslims of the country and hurt the feelings, which cannot be taken lightly and there is need to strictly curb such tendency.”

    Awww, poor widdle diddums gots their feewings huuurt. Let’s put that baaaad, baaad girl in pwison, will that make you feel better?

  8. Newspaniard says:

    Time we closed the doors to all muslims from Pakistan. Their legal system is not fit for purpose. The blasphemy laws are a stick with which to beat and kill infidels. Even when the courts convict killers to gaol they just pass through a revolving door if the victims were infidels. The odd “honest” politician will be killed if he proposes amendment to the blasphemy laws. While these savages remain nuclear bomb huggers, all aid should cease forthwith.

  9. barriejohn says:

    1859: There was a thread along those lines here, but Barry will be relieved to learn that I can’t find it! Funnily enough, I was looking at a different article about internet searches the other day and I can’t find that either, but this is very similar:

    Pakistan is also first for gay sex searches, but I expect they’re just doing research!

  10. barriejohn says:

    This is everywhere this morning, so I assume that it’s kosher:

    You’ve got to laugh!

  11. Broga says:

    Now that I have stopped laughing the following (provided by barriejohn whom I thank) is too good not to pass on. A couple seemed particularly choice. How do you have sex with a snake? And sex with an elephant seems ambitious.

    Top Bestiality Related Searches on Google, from WikiIslam:

    Pig Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Egypt (No. 2) Saudi Arabia (No. 3

    )Donkey Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Iran (No. 3) Saudi Arabia (No. 4

    )Dog Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Saudi Arabia (No. 3

    )Cat Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Iran (No. 2) Egypt (No. 3) Saudi Arabia (No. 4)

    Horse Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Turkey (No. 3)

    Cow Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Iran (No. 2) Saudi Arabia (No. 4

    )Goat Sex: Pakistan (No. 1

    )Animal Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Morocco (No. 2) Iran (No. 4) Egypt (No. 5)

    Snake Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Malaysia (No. 3) Indonesia (No. 4) Egypt (No. 5

    )Monkey Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Indonesia (No. 3) Malaysia (No. 4

    )Bear Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Saudi Arabia (No. 2)

    Elephant Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Egypt (No. 3) United Arab Emirates (No. 4) Malaysia (No. 5)

    Fox Sex: Saudi Arabia (No. 1) Turkey (No. 4)[2] – See more at:

  12. David Anderson says:

    Broga; Snake sex? Now that sounds a bit constricting.

  13. Broga says:

    @David Anderson: And not just metaphorically.

  14. andym says:

    To adder thought of my own. I used to know a woman whose father was a diplomat. His placements included North Africa. Man Utd once played an exhibition match there to which she went. On the way out, she got caught up in the crowd and ended up black and blue from all the pinching and groping.And not just on the arms and legs.

    She also told me what a local doctor had told them about how many newly-wed women he had to treat for trauma to the nether regions. He reached the conclusion that the husbands literally had no idea where they were supposed to stick it.
    This might go a long way to explain the attraction of groups like ISIS. A captive wife means sex, and she’s not likely to put up too many complaints if they get it wrong. Failing that, they have their 78 virgins to look forward to.

  15. Broga says:

    @andym: I think they get 72 virgins but what’s half a dozen here or there. Interesting comments. In Victorian times many young women, and less so men, went to the nuptial bed in ignorance of the logistics of coupling.

    John Ruskin had not had sex with his wife after five years of marriage. That was proved on medical examination which enabled her to get a divorce on the grounds of non consummation. There are reports, probably apocryphal , that Ruskin was so repelled by discovering that women had pubic hair that he declined sex. Another suggestion is that he was repelled at the fact of menstruation.

    More likely is that he had very low sexual drives, was a “mummy’s boy” who had been spoiled and wanted a wife to complement (and compliment) him and not as a sexual partner. I think that it was Charles Kingsley and his wife who entered marriage in sexual ignorance and mutually agreed to discovered the intimate facts of marital life in a spirit of exploration and discovery.

  16. chrsbol says:

    What have they got against foxes?
    Unless they keep getting the brush off.
    sorry for that.

  17. andym says:

    Dogs? Is that ruff sex?

  18. AgentCormac says:

    No mention of rodeo sex? That’s the one where, mid-coitus, you deliberately call your partner the wrong name and then see how long you can hang on for. Yee-ha!

  19. AgentCormac says:

    Meanwhile, muslim ‘extremists’ are now turning their attention on those they consider to be too ‘soft’. Although you may note that their target, influential muslim leader, the Emir of Kano, recently called for people to arm themselves against Islamist militant group Boko Haram. Even the bloody moderates are extremists!

  20. Broga says:

    @AgentCormac and others. Newly married couple go to hotel to book in.

    Receptionist to new wife. “Bridal?”

    Wife: “No I won’t need that. If it gets too rough I will just hang on to his ears.”

  21. Tanvir says:

    Yeah they must deserved imprisonment. She just not was alone in that show… Shaista Lodhi, Meer Shakeel with his 15 more suspects also sentenced to imprisonment of 26 year.