Teacher resigns over Jesus cannabis essay

Teacher resigns over Jesus cannabis essay

Katrina K Guarascio, above, loves to inspire creative writing – but the New Mexico teacher is now out of a job after a row erupted over an essay one of her students wrote about Jesus and pot.

Guarascio, sponsor of the Rio Rancho Youth Poetry Community and monthly poetry writing workshops at the Loma Colorado Library, was also a teacher at Cleveland High School, and she recently gave her pupils an assignment to take a fairy tale or legend and give it a contemporary spin.

One student changed the biblical story about Jesus handing out bread and fish to the poor to Jesus handing out cannabis to the sick.

Said Guarascio:

I don’t take any personal offence. It’s not written for me. It’s written for them. It’s how they can express themselves.

But according to the teacher, during a peer review, one of the other students got highly offended by the story and told her parents. The teacher was then put on administrative leave while the district investigated.

Guarascio said she felt targeted, harassed and forced to resign. She has one last message for her students.

If they have something to say, say it. Not everyone’s going to agree with you. But that doesn’t make your point invalid or worthless. Tell your story.

The teacher was not forced to resign because of the students’ freedom of speech rights, according to a spokeswoman for Rio Rancho Schools. The spokeswoman said the teacher chose to resign.


A man who apparently knows a thing or two about the Bible and intoxicating substances – US televangelist Pat Robertson –  said a while back  that he enjoyed a glass of wine now and then:

When I was in college, I hit it pretty hard, but that was before Christ.

He added that he did not think cannabis appeared in the Bible, though he noted that :

Jesus made water into wine. I don’t think he was a teetotaler.

Robertson was actually advocating the legalisation of cannabis!

24 responses to “Teacher resigns over Jesus cannabis essay”

  1. L.Long says:

    Over and over thru the USA we see brain dead religious dimwits scared spit-less of any kind of ideas or changes to their BS fairy tale, pressuring others to DO IT THEIR WAY! And so many of these dims think they are better than the taliban.
    It’s too bad she did not stand up and tell them all to piss off and show just cause and fire her! But we don’t know her situation.

  2. Broga says:

    Just reading about what happened is depressing. Here is an open minded creative teacher and a pupil responds with imagination and wit. All hell breaks loose. They both have to be forced back into the strait jacket of religious thinking. The community loses, the school loses, the pupil loses and the religious bigots are left seeing this episode as a triumph. The message: don’t think for yourself but only what religion decides you should think.

    Looking at the prolongued torture, and one death, which the CIA inflicted after 9/11 reminded me that this was under the regime of the most Christian country in the West.

  3. Lurker111 says:

    Over on Raw Story, one guy posted, “You’re telling me no one in New Mexico ever got any weed from a guy named Jesus?”

    Had to clean up my keyboard after reading that.

  4. barriejohn says:

    Broga: They are predictably painting the report as a pre-election, anti-Republican gimmick. And did you hear George W Bush’s comment yesterday? “These people were all patriots”. Case closed then!

  5. Trevor Blake says:

    When do I get my turn to get someone else in trouble because I’m the one who got his feelings hurt because of words on paper? Well, now that I’ve had an entire second to consider it – I’ll pass. I am sure enough in my beliefs and willing enough to admit my errors that I can stand to exist on the same planet with others who may think thoughts divergent from mine.

    This is what an angry atheist looks like.

  6. andym says:

    OT. Has anyone seen the video of the creationist “evaluating” a natural history exhibition which appears to being going viral. It’s a contender most bravura combination of ignorance and arrogance I’ve seen.

    Just search “Megan Fox on Evolution.” and take your pick.

  7. andym says:

    Only a couple of entries though. This woman deserves a wider audience,if only as possibly the ultimate example of Poe’s law.

  8. Sally in MI says:

    My boyfriend’s mom got an English teacher (and his wife) fired for an assignment left for his 11th graders while he was at a debate tournament. It was the old chestnut morality play about the boat and the preacher, the doctor, the teacher, the prostitute, and who was more valuable and should be saved. Mom took offense at the word prostitute. No kidding. She also tried to get a fine teacher fired because she dared give another son an F in sophomore English because he couldn’t read. She has passed on now, but she loved her Fox, and believed every word Robertson ever uttered. These people are brainwashed and braindead.

  9. Paul Cook says:

    John M Allegro the distinguished academic and the only non-church backed-fundie who translated the Dead Sea scrolls, back in the days (60’s I think), when they were first discovered in what was then Jordan, (and lots of other scrolls too), wrote a book about how he considered the scrolls and the early jew cults (that all this monotheistic mumbo jumbo comes from), may have been heavily into drugs in the form of hallucinogenic mushrooms. He was of course vilified and hated for this and for his translations rubbished, although his translations have stood test and scrutiny and a lot of what he translated is correct. Because he went off on a tangent they destroyed the poor man’s reputation ( if one has an open mind one might conclude it was the scrolls have no reference to the fictional Jesus no Mary no Joesph donkey’s mangers or gawd and ghosts).
    So the student has every right to write what he did and the whining parents should, perhaps, be given medicine to control their behaviour.

  10. Broga says:

    @andym: Poe’s law is handily supplemented by Arthur C. Clarke:

    Any sufficiently advanced troll is indistinguishable from a genuine kook.”

    In any caring society Megan Fox would be locked up for her own safety.

  11. dennis says:

    O’ and how did she get hired she has tattoos, never get hired in TEXAS. I to wish she could have fought these idiot xtians. the kids parents who wrote this cute little creative essay, where are they standing up for their thinker kid or hiding in the pew praying or just being acquiescent. how stupid on their part.

  12. Gordon Bennet says:

    “When I was in college, I hit it pretty hard, but that was before Christ.”
    God,is Pat Robertson THAT old!

  13. barriejohn says:

    Pat Robertson is fighting the “War on Christmas”. Apparently, “Christmas” is good for business:

  14. andym says:

    @ Broga. I’m not sure that Clarke’s addition works. Trolls tend never to answer a direct question.They will just bring in more extraneous material. Kooks will often be sincere enough to try and answer one and dig themselves even deeper.

  15. polomint38 says:

    I wonder if this child’s essay was prompted by the TV comedy Black Jesus.

  16. Broga says:

    @andym: Thanks. This is the kind of detailed information I can only get on this site. Much obliged.

    While on the subject of esoteric information……. My wife, reading a book, looked up and said, “What is a Greek sandwich? It’s referred to in this novel. It doesn’t seem to be about food.” If it’s not about food I can’t imagine what it is.

  17. andym says:

    @ Broga. I nearly said, without thinking,”Don’t take this as Gospel,”before realising that taking anything as Gospel would lead to someone having at least three conflicting opinions.

    In my experience ,the best way to spot a troll is to ask them a fairly non-confrontational yes/no question. If they extrapolate without expressing an answer, I think the odds are on troll. Then, don’t confront them directly-they just play the victim card.

    One thing I’ve found is then to tell other posters , apropos of nothing that the internet version of troll, has nothing to do with nasty little creatures living under bridges. It is, really, a Nordic version of “trawl”-to drag hooks behind a ship, hoping something bites.It occasionally works. Always remember, your purpose is not to confront the troll, but expose to other posters who have been taken in.

  18. jay says:

    Censorship is going crazy. Kids have been expelled even arrested for drawing a gun. Recently a kid was suspended and investigated by police for writing a fictional (obviously) story about shooting a dinosaur.

  19. Broga says:

    @andym: Thanks again. We have had a few on this site in the past but they have disappeared or been banished. They have never dealt with a straight question by giving a straight answer. Instead, as you say, they add to what they said before and often with a great deal of verbiage.

  20. AgentCormac says:

    The last thing religious institutions want is for people to have imagination. It leads to terrible things like… erm, self-expression, and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, which just happens to be one of the most incredible songs ever written.

    Ironically, it was the fertile imagination of those iron-age, goat-herder warlords who dreamed up the story of some supernatural sky fairy and all his rules that has today presented us with the above problem. Namely, children being ‘highly offended’ by peers who have the creativity to interpret a brief from their tutor and come up with something as imaginative as jesus handing out pot.The last time I heard about children grassing up (pardon the pun) others to the authorities for not adhering to the party line was in nazi Germany. And what does that tell you about the kind of people who send there kids to Cleveland High School and then take offence at ‘imagination’?

  21. AgentCormac says:

    Bollocks! Not ‘there’ kids, ‘their’ kids.

  22. ra jah sun ray ganja cannabus says:

    And so the truth comes out. He has risen

  23. Robster says:

    That jesus must have been permanently stoned to come with the trashy nonsense he came up with (supposedly). The desert he (supposedly) lived in was close by to Afghanistan so there would have been an endless supply of illicit drugs to keep him and his twelve best buddies on a permanent high coming up with the son of god, walking on water, afterlife and angels etc. silliness. And then forgetting to write it all down.