One for the Christian ‘dirty tricks’ dossier

One for the Christian ‘dirty tricks’ dossier

When I was in my late teens, a popular prank was to use the payphone in a packed bar or cafe, call its number and hope that a female member of staff would pick up. If one did, you then said there was an urgent call for someone called Mike Hunt.

Invariably the employee would then bellow: “Is Mike Hunt here” or better still “urgent call for Mike Hunt” and patrons would fall about laughing.

It was stupid and it was crass, and today I cringe at the memory of having pulled that prank myself on several occasions.

I remembered this after reading that an equally dumb trick is being played on fast food restaurant staff – not by some immature college kid but by a 36-year-old “college graduate” who heads Pensacola-based organisation in Florida called Creation Today.

What Eric Hovind does is enter an establishment and tell staff that his name is “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

When his order is ready, a staff member then has to shout those words out loud and thus become a pawn in Hovind’s grand scheme to compel people to inadvertently “witness” for Jesus.

All you gotta do is sit back and let them witness for you.

So proud is he of this juvenile prank that he made a video – Taco Bell Gospel –  showing just how well this tactic works.

Commented Friendly Atheist Hermant Mehta:

It’s not clever; it’s just a dick move. Hovind never thinks about how he’d feel if he were behind the counter and someone asked him to say ‘Allah is Lord’ or ‘God doesn’t exist’.

Because the methods don’t matter to him as long as the end result is that his God gets a shout-out. He also doesn’t care about the other people eating there. At best, this is just a pointless annoyance. At worst, he’s putting workers in a very uncomfortable position.

Here are a few things you should know about Hovind, courtesy of Rational Wiki:

Eric Hovind is an uneducated huckster who has followed in the footsteps of his father Kent Hovind, a convicted felon and creationist wingnut.

After his father’s ten year prison sentence in 2007, Eric took over Creation Science Evangelism and renamed it Creation Today in 2012. Hovind uses YouTube to sell nuggets of wisdom, like his home-produced DVD Creation Today series and is now asking for a million dollars so he can make Genesis 3D and then sell it.

Eric Hovind attended Pensacola Christian Academy, a kindergarten to grade twelve Christian school operated by Arlin Horton that teaches young Earth creationism, finishing in 1997.

Hovind’s one attempt at completing a credential in higher education was Jackson Hole Bible College in 1999, which is not a real college.

Jackson Hole is an unaccredited, one year Christian school at a campsite  that offers a “Diploma in Biblical Foundations” (not to be confused with real credentials such as degrees that take years of study complete). Unlike real college classes that are taught by people with PhDs for several weeks, Jackson’s classes last only a week, such as its “backpacking” class.

This means Hovind has no education or credentials in science. He has admitted that he has never taken a class on evolution at a secular college and judging from Hovind’s own biography he hasn’t even spent one day in any science class at an accredited community college.

This is despite him operating a million dollar store that specializes in DVDs that accuse scientists (people who have spent decades in classes and labs) of being wrong.

In 2013, Eric Hovind served as a “teacher”, if one calls it that, at Jackson Hole Bible College, where he taught “Presuppositional Evangelism in the 21st Century” for a week. This is the same argument that got publicly torn apart by a child in 2012.

Apparently, the students and operators of the “college-camp site” aren’t as smart as the child and can’t see the flaws in Hovind’s arguments as he was invited back to teach “Presuppositional Evangelism in the 21st Century” in 2014.

Hovind’s Creation Today Facebook page warns:


Hat tip: BarrieJohn

18 responses to “One for the Christian ‘dirty tricks’ dossier”

  1. barriejohn says:

    Presuppositional Apologetics: the idea, once again, that we are all believers but that some of us are in a state of denial!

    Van Tillians also stress the importance of reckoning with “the noetic effects of sin” (that is, the effects of sin on the mind), which, they maintain, corrupt man’s ability to understand God, the world, and himself aright. In their view, as a fallen creature, man does know the truth in each of these areas, but he seeks to find a different interpretation—one in which, as C. S. Lewis said, he is “on the bench” and God is “in the dock.” The primary job of the apologist is, therefore, simply to confront the unbeliever with the fact that, while he is verbally denying the truth, he is nonetheless practically behaving in accord with it. Van Til illustrated this alleged inconsistency as a child, elevated on the father’s knee, reaching up to slap his face, and Bahnsen used the analogy of a man breathing out air to make the argument that air doesn’t exist.

    You have to be bonkers to accept any of this as rational or logical in any way whatsoever.

  2. Angela_K says:

    The ignorant and uneducated such as Hovind are incapable of engaging in rational debate so can only only resort to childish stunts like this; he must be a grade one dim-wit if he really believes his antics will convert anyone to his lost cause.

  3. mattincinci says:

    what a fucking nut case

  4. AgentCormac says:

    Infantile little gobshite.

  5. barfly says:

    I wonder what he would do if some one pulled the same stunt when he was eating calling himself Satan or the Anti christ

  6. Laura Roberts says:

    I imagine a teenager behind the counter calling, “Jesus Christ, I’m bored”…

  7. Broga says:

    The humility thing doesn’t kick in with this kind of low life. He calls himself President. Religion depends on the ignorant for their followers. Billions of people, barely literate, ready to believe without facts what they are told.

    On the insistence that you are really a Christian even an atheist such as myself, and ready to explain why, finds himself on the receiving end of this. I’ve been told by Christians that, “You are really a Christian but just haven’t found Jesus yet.” One even said, “You must take comfort from knowing that one day Jesus will find you.” I found the word “comfort” interesting.

  8. jay says:

    Just pronounce it as Jesus in Spanish.

  9. Graham Martin-Royle says:


  10. L.Long says:

    We can get away with this because he does it in a business that has a large public and depends on customers. If someone was to say here is your food specially prepare for you by satan & the antiChrist….
    He would fire off a letter of persecution to the head office and someone would be fired.
    He isn’t good enough to be a dick or an ass hole, they would be compliments.

  11. tonye says:

    His father (Kent) has LIED about his tax returns, he LIED about his education, he LIED about his doctorate and he LIED about his bankruptcies.

    Can anyone see a pattern here?

  12. AgentCormac says:


    And then there’s the fact that everything Hovind believes in (or pretends to believe in to line his own pockets) is of course a pack of blatant lies.

  13. Cali Ron says:

    How pathetically immature. Sounds like something an 8 year old would come up with. I could pull the same stunt only say my name is jesus christ is dead, but I’m not an immature, ignorant con man and would never stoop so low. He’s obviously an ass, but there are a lot of suckers for religious tripe out there for him to make a lot of money from. What a waste.

  14. Robster says:

    Another sparkling example of the dumb leading the blind. Failed high school student following in his criminal father’s footsteps. There must be a big percentage of Americans just waiting to be ripped off by proselytizing showmen. We got some here too.

  15. Marky Mark says:

    “There must be a big percentage of Americans just waiting to be ripped off by proselytizing showmen.”

    …it is more that they would rather not have to think about things. Going to a local library and doing research is much harder that lying on the couch in your living room as one scans the channels for another brain dead program to watch.

  16. Lurker111 says:

    Zach Weiner had this take on a very common prank call: