Queen honours Christian nutter

Queen honours Christian nutter

A politician in Northern Ireland who blamed Hurricane Katrina on gay people and said Aids was the result of the “filthy practice of sodomy” has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s New Year honours list.

The Independent reports that Maurice Mills  – listed as “Alderman Maurice Turtle Mills” –  was honoured  “for services to local government”.

The Democratic Unionist Party councillor for Ballymena is described by his local newspaper  – the Ballymena Times  – as:

A committed born-again Christian.

Mills said that Katrina, which killed 1,300 people, was God’s revenge for an annual gay pride event called Southern Decadence. Clucked Mills:

The media failed to report that the hurricane occurred just two days prior to the annual homosexual event called the Southern Decadence festival which the previous year had attracted an estimated 125,000 people.

Surely this is a warning to nations where such wickedness is increasingly promoted and practised.

The comments prompted gay rights activists to stage a protest in Ballymena in early 2006, as well as demanding that Mills apologise. But Mills refused, and the DUP resisted calls to condemn them. He said:

There is a principle at stake here and that is homosexuality is a sin before almighty God.  If I were to apologise for my comments then God would have to apologise.

Mills also reportedly said:

This abominable and filthy practice of sodomy has resulted in the great continent of Africa being riddled with Aids.

In its piece reacting to Mills’ recognition in the New Year honours list, the Ballymena Times commented:

Alderman Mills has courted controversy in his long career in local politics but was always known at a local level as a hard-working community representative with a keen appreciation of the need to keep in touch with the party’s grass roots.

In this report, Terry McFarlane, President of the Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association,  said that the honour in itself was not an issue.

The fact that both himself and his party refuse to retract the comments he made about the hurricane being brought about by gay lifestyles would overshadow what has happened. The councillor and his party need to address the mistakes they’ve made with regards to LGBT matters.

He said he believes the DUP are as responsible as Mills is for his comments, because they haven’t pushed him to retract them, and had not said his comments were wrong.

It was inappropriate, it’s wrong from any standpoint, and the fact that he doesn’t want to retract his statement just illustrates the fact that he has a very singular point of view.

McFarlane also said that he thinks Northern Ireland lags behind the rest of the UK when it comes to LGBT rights, particularly in rural communities. Through his work, he said, he sees how opinions like Mills’ can make coming out for young and rurally-born LGBT people very difficult. Often, it is only when LGBT people move to a bigger city such as Belfast, he said, that they find the support to do that.


Last year, Christian fundamentalist Susan-Anne White, above, stood for election to a local council in Omagh on an anti-gay, biblical ticket.

It was reported here – ahead of elections for Northern Ireland’s 11 new councils last May –  that White:

Clearly doesn’t care about what’s expected of someone competing for public office. Speaking at a recent debate, she said: ‘My campaign will be run along the lines of ten Bible-based principles, and among them will be that we need to keep safe from the destructive homosexual agenda.’

Society has fallen to such a low level that most people wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at two men or two women walking hand in hand in the street.

The chucklebrained evangelical Christian says she would “recriminalise” homosexuality were she to win, and claims that gay people are “out to recruit” and that we’re all “in danger” of being perverted by their wanton ways.

White, who stood as an independent, failed to get elected.

23 responses to “Queen honours Christian nutter”

  1. chrsbol says:

    The village people beat her to it.

    They want you, they want you
    They want you as a new recruit

  2. Newspaniard says:

    If he had said the same about islamists, he would have been crucified, which makes gays a lower form of life than the savages who are invading our shores. Ho Hum.

  3. Broga says:

    The current troubles within her own family may well be indicative of her lack of judgement in rearing them. That is to the extent that she actually met them. This appalling decision confirms her lack of judgement, her belief in religious fictions and further evidence that the sooner the Windsor family are consigned to the trash can of history the better.

  4. tom80 says:

    As I understand it the Queen does not personally “vet” those who are recommended for honours, so the award of the MBE to this person is not down to her but to the committee who puts the name on the list. MBE’s are awarded to people who have been recommended to the honours committee by their local communities, or possibly local councils or charities.

    It’s a bit unfair to blame the Queen for a lack of judgement in this case.

  5. Angela_K says:

    The Queen has no say in who is “honoured” it is decided by MP’s and civil servants.

    Both Mills and White are first class nutters and guilty of hate speech. How about criminalising religion instead?

  6. Caute says:

    Ah … the tender mercies of the pious x the bigotry of politicians x the out of touch stupidity of the Winsors are here combined into an outcome that is as despicable as it it outmoded. Meanwhile, we invite the islamistists to invade our country with the inevitable outcome of inevitable sectarian hatred and atrocities that will make the recent Irish History look like a catfight in a sleazy Belfast bar.

  7. barriejohn says:

    God must really hate the people of Northern Ireland, because he has so consistently sent them politicians like these.

  8. Barry Duke says:

    Broga, you’re the second person to refer to Ms White’s “troubles”. Someone on Facebook alleged that she had a son who is “a bit pink”. Other than that I can find nothing on t’Internet about her woes. I’d love to know more.

  9. andym says:

    I think Broga was referring to the Queen’s troubles.

    I think technically she could veto an award, just like she could any piece of legislation but to do so would be highly unconstitutional. We can hardly blame Brian for his political interference , and the Queen for staying out of them.

  10. Barry Duke says:

    Ooops! My bad, of course he was a referring to the queer old dean. Sorry, not firing on all 8 cylinders today. I blame the medication.

  11. Trevor Blake says:

    Mr. Mills represents Christianity as found in thousands of years of tradition and literature. It is the gay friendly Christian who is an extremist and distorted of religion. It takes great effort to twist religion to peaceable ends. I for one suggest skipping religion and going straight to morality. If you don’t like some thing you are not compelled to do, don’t do it. Be as vocal as you like that it isn’t for you and leave others to make their own choices as well. Simple really.

  12. Cali Ron says:

    There’s something odd about the queen mum handing out honours to a born again-isn’t that the wrong religion? And what’s with the “honours” thing. How pointless is a knighthood now (what century is it anyway). Seems like they hand those MBE’s out like candy to the paupers.

    I’m always a bit baffled by the whole royals thing. Let me see, a family “rules” for centuries because god chose them, mostly treating the majority of subjects like shit. When the subjects are finally freed politically from the tyranny they continue to fawn and drool all over instigators of said tyranny. I may have my facts a little messed up (public education barely taught me anything about the US, let alone England), but my instincts would be to run the whole Windsor family out of the country, flames licking their asses as we sack the castle.

  13. Broga says:

    @Barry Duke: I was referring to “stony faced” Andrew being summoned by the Queen for an emergency meeting and the suggestion that Andrew’s adventures had damaged the royal family. It seems that the Queen has particular concerns about safeguarding the reputation of the royals. To which I would add that she has a tough job.

    All I know about Ms White is what I read here. I had never heard of her before and, reading about her opinions, I don’t think I was deprived.

    No problem. Keep taking the pills, Barry

  14. L.Long says:

    I’m happy to see that other countries are having ‘fun with religion’
    I’m sad to see that the BS delusional ideas so prevalent in the USA is also in other countries.
    It is sad to see nutters giving away recognition awards to other nutters barely able to spell their on names.
    But it is good to see that 1% of the world (science & engineering) are doing good things while being sad that 99% of the world are delusional dimwits that accomplish nothing for no one.

  15. Greg says:

    God bless Mr. Mills ,

    He is correct in his comments about practicing homosexuality acts, and the penalty of homosexuality.

  16. Marky Mark says:

    “claims that gay people are “out to recruit” and that we’re all “in danger” ”
    How one be recruited into ant type of sexual act? Me thinks that the Christians who say such things must get “turned on” when in the presents of gay people.

    As for that MBE award, I seem to remember George Harrison of the Beatles fame calling it a piece of cardboard and really didn’t think much of it… or was it some other award the queen gave out to them for bringing in tens of millions in revenue to the state?

  17. Marky Mark says:

    “blamed Hurricane Katrina on gay people ”
    Why do these Christians never say such thinks, like when an F-4 tornado ripped through the center of a bible belt town, as what happened a few years back in a suburb of Oklahoma City killing many small children attending a grammar school that was totally destroyed ?

    Or when a massive thunderstorm created over forty tornados several years back ripping through some six bible belt states killing hundreds??

    Being that there are not many gay bars in them states they must not have been the magical tooth fairy’s target or he would have sent the storms a bit further north.

  18. Robster says:

    Being a “committed christian” must be a worry. Look how worn and wrinkled the two glowing examples of poorly preserved christian goodness look in the images with this post. A vast vat of Oil of Olay wouldn’t make a difference, these pious pricks must spend endless hours (when not on their knees warbling nonsense) worrying about all the important stuff like “the gay lifestyle”. If I was a younger person considering which faith (or none) I might choose, christianity would be off the list after laying eyes on these two. They’re probably the very best they’ve got. Is this the reason they love all the silly hats?

  19. Maggie says:

    One reason I would refuse any type of gong (not that I’ll ever be nominated) is the company I’d be associated with…

  20. Brian Jordan says:

    A@Call Ron,
    “Let me see, a family “rules” for centuries because god chose them, mostly treating the majority of subjects like shit.”
    Not quite right. First the family has to go to war against the previous family. Their success in killing them off is then taken as evidence of a divine mandate to rip-off the rest of the population, using the spoils to pay cronies to protect them from the masses.
    I must be say, though, that despite my republican leanings I fear an impotent monarchy might be preferable to some of the powerful presidents we could find ourselves saddled with. 🙁

  21. Broga says:

    @Maggie: The minor awards are handed out to people who do selfless, and often unpaid, work for others over decades. I knew one man who got an MBE. The major awards are given to the highly paid (civil servants, judges, generals etc) who are already well rewarded. However, none of the awards approach what is unloaded on to the Queen’s sprogs.

  22. Cali Ron says:

    @Brian Jordan-I still want to sack the castle. That’s the one thing from monarchies I miss-when they collapse and the peasants get to sack the castle.

    I wonder, can you sell an MBE like some people sell their Oscars?

  23. Mephisto says:

    That woman looks like the banjo player in Deliverance.