Scottish bigot funds crackpot clinic

Scottish bigot funds crackpot clinic

Billionaire bus tycoon Sir Brian Souter’s ­charitable trust has been funding a pregnancy advice centre which treats women for a non-existent medical condition called  in “post-­abortion syndrome”.

According to this Sunday Herald report, the Choices Pregnancy Crisis Centre in Bishop’s Stortford, just north of London, says it helps men and women make “informed choices” on unplanned pregnancies and offers advice on the “after-affects” of an abortion.

The course offered to women includes a focus on ­”accountability”, “forgiveness” and also mentions “repentance”.

Sexual-health services provider Brook estimated last year that more than 100 crisis pregnancy centres with a Christian ethos o­perated around the UK.

According to the Choices Facebook site, it received an undisclosed sum in 2013 from the Souter Charitable Trust (SCT), the personal charity of Stagecoach head Souter and his wife Betty. A fundamentalist Christian who funded a campaign in 2000 against gay rights, Souter has donated more than £2.5 million to the SNP since 2007. He received a knighthood after being nominated by the SNP Government.

The SCT’s donation to Choices, itself a charity, is under scrutiny due to the centre providing a service to treat “post-abortion syndrome”, or PAS. This allegedly relates to the post-traumatic stress women feel after a termination. However, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said:

It is not classified as a medical condition.

And a spokeswoman for the Royal College of Psychiatrists said PAS was not in the manuals used to diagnose psychiatric disorders.

She also alerted the Sunday Herald to a statement by the ­Academy of Medical Royal Colleges on a review of mental health outcomes and abortion. It stated:

Having an abortion does not increase the risk of mental health problems. The best current evidence suggests that it makes no difference to a woman’s mental health whether she chooses to have an abortion or to continue with the pregnancy.

Choices offers a 10-step ­”recovery” programme, which includes “moving out of denial”, “guilt and shame” and ­”forgiveness”. According to reports, the course’s manual also states:

Part of the healing journey to post-abortion recovery involves repentance.

Brook produced a dossier on crisis pregnancy centres last year after doing a “mystery shopper” investigation. It found two centres had falsely linked abortion to an increased risk of breast cancer, with some service providers also c­laiming terminations caused ­infertility. In its report, Brook dismissed PAS as:

A bogus medical disorder which is unrecognised by any medical body.

Green MSP Patrick Harvie said:

To promote the idea of a non-existent syndrome appears utterly unethical. I’m surprised that an organisation which does so can claim ­charitable status. This is about as scientific as ‘gay conversion therapy’, Aids denial or faith healing.

An SCT spokesman said:

We are delighted to record that in the year up to June 2014 we gave £9.9m to 1258 charities and ­worthwhile causes.

Choices did not respond to requests for comment.

13 responses to “Scottish bigot funds crackpot clinic”

  1. Trevor Blake says:

    “Yea, though they bring forth, yet will I [God] slay even the beloved fruit of their womb.” – Hosea 9:16

    It is upsetting to think of an invisible monster that lives in the sky using magic spells to cause miscarriages. Try not believing in such nonsense and instead make the difficult choices you must as an adult and not a superstitious fool.

  2. barriejohn says:

    Souter is an unprincipled, interfering bigot, and we all know how he and his obnoxious sister amassed such a fortune. According to the religious, all unbelievers are mentally unbalanced, and I’m not joking. Huffington Post published a very good piece about this ridiculous “Post-Abortion Syndrome” in 2013:

  3. barriejohn says:

    Have a look at this site:

    The process of making an abortion choice, experiencing the procedure and living with the grief, pain and regret is certainly, at it’s very core, traumatic.

    What they’re really about is engendering feelings of guilt in those who have had or are contemplating an abortion, as this is the very lifeblood of the church.

  4. Caute says:

    Yet more dishonesty, lies, spin, deception and underhand disingenuous trash from pious. The appaling bad behaviour of the pious ranges from lies and deception, money laundering, genital mutilation, child rape, propagation of aids, blackmail and murder with myriad crimes against humanity inbetween thos e limits. Nothing done in the name of religion is a surprise … all I have to do these days is scratch about under the headline to find that a huge proportion of the troubles, strife, mayhem, injustice, exploitation,war and killings have religion as the root cause.

  5. Angela_K says:

    And here was me thinking the odious Souters god give us free will, but apparently not when it is something proscribed his loony followers.

  6. L.Long says:

    There is a mental condition that occurs after an abortion…..
    The anger that results from Ahole idiots telling you that you murdered your unborn kid…and you’re not allowed to punch them in the mouth!!!
    It builds up to an almost murderous level of frustration, it’s just a good thing that the target is not overly religious or she may just really punch the Ahole anyway!

  7. Cali Ron says:

    You are so right, guilt is one of the essential ingredients. Fear being the other one. Fear of god’s wrath and eternal damnation to hook you and then guilt to keep you tithing and following the arcane, contradictory beliefs they us to manipulate and control your life. It’s quite insidious how they draw you in with false hope and rosy stories, seal the deal with fear of Hell, then keep you enslaved with guilt. So glad all that’s behind me now. Pity the poor souls who go to these crackpot clinics only to be hit with guilt trips and lies.

  8. AgentCormac says:

    They are trying to create problems where none exist in order to justify their attack on abortion and the women who choose to have such a procedure. It is shameful the lengths to which these people will go in order to promote their own beliefs, and it is nothing less than criminal that they should prey on women at a time when understanding and support are no doubt needed, not the blame, guilt and misinformation they use to try and undermine the decisions those women have made.

  9. Brummie says:

    “Every child should be a wanted child,” a saying with which I wholeheartedly agree in this overpopulated world.
    A simple statement, yet massively controversial when one thinks through the implications, especially to the religious.

  10. Brummie says:

    To clarify, my previous comment, I am pro- choice and anti- Souter.

  11. David says:

    Souter should think about the rich man and the camel getting through the eye of a needle.

  12. John C says:

    You can always tell when a site is pure bullshit, it never allows public comments, or redacts comments so dissent cannot be heard.This is because they are afraid to face their own stupidity or debate their questionable agenda.Just like birdshit and hutton, the PAS website fits the bill.