JW kids warned: ‘Pay attention or die!’

JW kids warned: ‘Pay attention or die!’

‘Caleb’ and ‘Sophia’ are two kids being brought up by a Jehovah’s Witness family. The animated characters feature in a series of videos – ‘Become a Jehovah’s Friend’  – produced by the cult to brainwash youngsters.

In the newly-released “Lesson 15″ – entitled “Pay Attention at the Meetings” – young Caleb and Sophia get told off by their parents for playing with a toy car (Caleb) and falling asleep (Sophia).

The video was brought to my attention today by John Cedars, who runs the JWSurvey blog. He writes:

Anyone who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness can empathize with the scenario of two children struggling to hold their attention at a kingdom hall meeting.

So what does the Governing Body want to say to any children who find themselves bored or distracted at a meeting they have been dragged to by their indoctrinated parents? It’s simple, really: ‘Pay attention, or die’.

In a subsequent discussion around the dinner table, the children’s parents discuss the serious ramifications of failing to pay attention during a meeting.

Muses Caleb’s father:

Imagine if Noah didn’t pay attention when Jehovah explained how to build the ark.

A cartoon segment then shows Noah and his family idling around during God’s instructions for building a vessel:

That the laws of physics say could never have been seaworthy to avoid a global deluge that archeology, geology and biology testify never happened.

The result? Noah and his family are shown scurrying into the finished ark when the flood is imminent, only for it to comically collapse under the weight of the first drop of water. The whole family is then shown disappearing under the flood waters with startled looks on their faces.

‘That’s not what happened, dad!’ protests Caleb. ‘You are right,’ says his dad. ‘He paid attention, and it saved his life. Paying attention at the meetings can help save YOUR life!’

After this not-so-veiled threat, Caleb and Sophia are shown at the next meeting paying rapt attention, apparently buoyed by the knowledge that failure to do so will result in them being slaughtered.

Cedars adds:

I personally found this video even more hideous than the notorious Sparlock episode – one of the first “lessons” in this ghastly series. Why?

At least in the Sparlock episode the threats made against Caleb by his mother for playing with a wizard toy were slightly more opaque. If he didn’t throw his toy away, Caleb would make Jehovah ‘sad’ and grow old and shriveled like Adam and Eve. But in this latest video, the threats made against Caleb and his sister to coerce them into conformity are all too dire and explicit.

How any parent can watch this video and find threats of death at the hands of the Almighty an appropriate, healthy tool for shaping the attitudes and behavior of their children is beyond me.

I am reminded of the words of Richard Dawkins: ‘There is no such thing as a Christian child: only a child of Christian parents’. Children are not born religious – they need to have it pummeled into them by parents who were very likely themselves instilled with a specific religion dependent on their own parents or culture.

In the case of Witness children, the modus operandi for indoctrination is not merely gentle persuasion and cheerful recommendations but outright threats and blackmail – all endorsed and prescribed by the Governing Body themselves.

The one useful element of this video is that it openly exposes to any non-JW onlooker what the Witness religion is really all about: ‘Follow us or die’.

I have only recently made a video on this very subject, as it is my hope that more people will be mindful of the true, grisly nature of the Witness message when they are set upon with enchanting images of paradise, pandas and fruit baskets.

Sparing the next generation from having their lives molded by this grotesque vision of the future is not merely advisable – it is an obligation.

21 responses to “JW kids warned: ‘Pay attention or die!’”

  1. Brummie says:

    An appalling video, but tame stuff compared to the brainwashing I and others endured as children in the hands of the catholic church.

  2. Jane Robertson says:

    The JW meetings are totally inappropriate for children with both the content and discussions aimed at adults. It is small wonder that children are easily distracted and bored by what they hear. So how do they address this problem? Do they strive to make their meetings accessible to the child audience? No their solution is to threaten them with death.
    This form of coercion is disturbing as well as the idea that small lapses in behaviour result in the most dire of consequences . I feel sorry for any JW child forced to endure the meetings and the video.

  3. Jehovah’s Witnesses also ban life-saving blood transfusions
    . Resulting in thousands of deaths and more
    every year.

  4. Kyle says:

    not too sure there Brummie. This is but one example of the indoctrination JW kids go through.

    They sit through 3 meeting each week, have to go door to door with their parents at lease once a week, can’t celebrate birthdays or holidays, can’t have non-JW friends. The list goes on.

    I was raised a JW and it makes for a miserable childhood.

  5. Emily says:

    I agree with you that no child should have to undergo brainwashing from any higher authority. I’m sorry for you, Caleb and Sophia, and any child who has any level of brainwashing.

  6. barriejohn says:

    The Brethren constantly warned their children: “Remember Lot’s wife” (Luke 17:32). Delightful, eh?

  7. Sheri O'Connell says:

    Its terrible for the kids to be in fear and really much of the content of the meetings is not child friendly. It’s abusive to expose children to adult content. JWs don’t care because they want kids to grow up fast..because Armageddon. I really hope you can save some kids from what we went through.Let kids enjoy childhood!

  8. Jerry O Connor says:

    Folks this is a horrible and sinister attempt by watchtower to terrorize children. For what? for being children. Being once a jw, I was guilty of forcing my children to pay attention. Watchtower is pure unadulterated evil and is guilty of terrible crimes against the vulnerable.

  9. AgentCormac says:

    My nearest city centre was awash with JWs this morning, each smiling like their life depended on it (‘look at just how amazingly happy and fulfilled my religion makes me!’) and holding out copies of The Watchtower which no one, including myself, bothered taking.The women looked like something out of The Stepford Wives while the blokes looked like a laugh would kill them.

  10. L.Long says:

    And any kid as smart as most would know their parents were full of schite and liars before their next birthday!!!
    I was told all kinds of BS as a catlick, and as in the blog example….I would drift away and Lo!!! No death!!! WTF!!! I did not die or suffer anything!! Something is not right here!!! And that started my fall into the hell fire of atheism!
    in religions, Kids tend to be a lot smarter then the parents, unless they have the ‘fear of gawd beat into them’ which is a different issue.

  11. Jesus Christ says:

    So basically a Mexican Illegal immigrant is telling his kids they should pay attention or they might die (read: deported) . Not that far off is it ? 😉

  12. Marty says:

    This is disturbing beyond belief!

  13. Broga says:

    Would not a super intelligent Diety respect those who used reason to analyse, challenge and reject that confused and contradictory bible and the incredible “truths” of the priests?

  14. Marky Mark says:

    “Pay attention or die”…this could work in reverse since these JW’s don’t believe in science and proper medical care.
    Should be; “Pay attention to reality or die from your ridiculous religious beliefs.”

  15. JT says:

    I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness kid, and it was awful!!!!

    You never realize how bad it was until after you leave and then take a look at how we were indoctrinated.While it was happening, it seemed so normal, but this is really some scary stuff! So glad I got out when I did. Loving the idea of being a free thinker and not feeling guilty. And most certainly glad that I no longer have to go door to door peddling worthless Watchtowers.

  16. Robster says:

    These people come to the front door to sell their nonsense, try to wrap it up as something desirable and once they’ve got you ensnared, hit you with the truth (as close as they get to a sort of truth anyway). They’re not very convincing, the local “Kingdom Hall” looks more like the local neglected storage shed with an empty car park. They’re desperate, desperate I tell you…The fact they call their facility a “Kingdom Hall”is enough to raise suspicions.

  17. Vanity Unfair says:

    Where can I get a Sparlock doll (sorry, action figure)?

  18. barriejohn says:

    Vanity Unfair: Make your own!

    (I’m feeling “crochety”)

  19. barriejohn says:

    This is interesting:

    Comment: We should make a sequel, “If Jehovah won’t be my friend, at least Sparlock will”


  20. gegsieline says:

    Threats of calamitous consequences for not toeing the line are the only persuasive argument theists have. It appears to imply that other than self preservation the message of Jehovah has no benefits. I shall have to get a copy of the watchtower- sounds like a good laugh.

  21. Marky Mark says:

    Here is the real reason they wish to isolate the children of their flock from real world thought and knowledge…they have much to lose.

    “Jehovah’s Witnesses use 1st Amendment to hide child sex abuse claims”

    No different than the catlicks they are!