‘Fat vicar’ accused of abusing boys in care

‘Fat vicar’ accused of abusing boys in care

Along with the manager of a London care home, Roman Catholic priest, Father Anthony McSweeney, 68, above, sexually abused boys, Southwark Crown Court in London has heard.

McSweeny, according to this report, is accused of abusing boys at a Grafton Close Children’s Home in Hounslow, west London.

Prosecutors said one boy heard the “screams, shouts and crying” of another boy before being abused himself.

McSweeney, of Old Brighton Road North, Pease Pottage, West Sussex, denies four counts of indecent assault. He also denies three counts of making indecent images of a child and one of taking indecent images of a child.


The jury was told the defendant was close friends with John Stingemore, above, who managed the home between 1979 and 1981. Stingemore was found dead in January, aged 72.

Prosecutor Sarah Plaschkes QC said Stingemore would have been in the dock alongside McSweeney if he were still alive.

She told the court Stingemore took his “favourites” from the care home to his seaside property in Bexhill, East Sussex, during weekends.

The jury heard one of the accusers in the case was taken to the coastal home with the priest and another boy, who is not part of the indictment, and later killed himself.

Plaschkes said when they arrived they were told to “have a shower and dress smartly”, before they were each taken upstairs by the men.

Plaschkes said another boy was abused at the care home where McSweeney “used his body to overpower (the boy)”.

The priest is then alleged to have produced a camera and started taking photographs of the boy.

The prosecutor said:

Afterwards he said something along the lines of ‘This is just between us, don’t you be telling anyone else’.

Another victim alleges the defendant, who was known as the “fat vicar”, watched as Stingemore touched him as he showered at the care home.
This happened more than once and was done “for the sexual gratification of both men acting together”, the jury was told.

Stingemore, whose body was found at his home in Stonehouse Drive, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, was described by the prosecutor as someone who:

Would have been aware of which of the boys were particularly vulnerable.

The trial is expected to last for two weeks.

17 responses to “‘Fat vicar’ accused of abusing boys in care”

  1. Broga says:

    The usual sordid allegations that disgust and repel.

  2. AgentCormac says:

    Surely it’s getting to the point where it must be easier to count the priests who haven’t abused children? But the faithful will, as usual, turn a blind eye and continue to revere their ‘glorious’ church. On which note, we have commented often here on the silence of ‘moderate muslims’ – how about the silence of ‘moderate catholics’? Can anybody remember hearing their voices when the leaders of the church they bankroll and support are, over and again, shown to be criminals and perverts of the most vile kind? Nope, me neither.

  3. Broga says:

    @AgentCormac: The ability of church leaders to go silent of some things (child sex abuse) and rush to the airwaves on others (gay relationships, assisted dying) is so obvious. It is a shame that so many of their compliant flocks don’t notice.

  4. Marky Mark says:

    there is a story floating around the net of how the Jehovah Witness have been hiding child abuse within their church for decades and have written documentation of it…
    …more proof that if one is a sick child molester/abuser, religion is where to hide as they will protect them and never report such monstrosities to authorities.

  5. 1859 says:

    I hope the ‘fat vicar’ goes to prison so long he emerges a thin vicar.

  6. Newspaniard says:

    @1859. You forgot to add, “with a sore @rse”.

  7. Angela_K says:

    “The boys tempted me, god made me do it, Satan made me do it…..” and loads of other crazy excuses rather than admit he is a paedophile – we’ve heard it all countless times before. Is that the sound of condemnation from the Mary-worshipping hierarchy and dupes? No just the sound of a cash register and doors closing.

  8. Tom80 says:

    Speaking as a “moderate Catholic” I and all the Catholics I know are as disgusted and ashamed of these priests actions as anyone else. We all feel they should receive a lengthy prison sentence as the law demands.

  9. Brummie says:

    I would be interested to hear your moderate catholic views on other postings here, including justification for your dogma’s stance on such issues as virgin birth, Adam and Eve, resurrection, effective birth control. limbo, Noah’s ark etc. We are open to persuasion…

  10. DCBrighton says:

    Tom80, As a moderate Catholic, what are your views on Cardinal Keith O’Brien (yes he is still a Cardinal), sending out anti gay marriage postcards to the Catholic populace of Scotland, funded by I presume the collection plates, then admitting to sexual interfering with young priests and now living in a house in Northumberland, funded by the Catholic collection plates?

  11. DCBrighton says:

    Catholic Church Catechism 2290: The virtue of temperance disposes us to avoid every kind of excess: the abuse of food, alcohol, tobacco, or medicine. Those incur grave guilt who, by drunkenness or a love of speed, endanger their own and others’ safety on the road, at sea, or in the air.

    Well, that fat f**ker’s got some explaining to do to St Peter at the gates or maybe St Pete will just roll him down the stairs into the arms of Beelzebub himself.

  12. Marky Mark says:

    What exactly is, “a moderate Catholic”? …A Catholic who only believes some of the bible?
    …Attends Mass some of the time?
    …Still eats fish on Friday, sometimes?
    …Only tells the priest some things in confessions?

    Eventually, some of the moderate money Dan donated to the church will trickle down to the attorney fees for pedophile priest such as the one written about here.

  13. Marky Mark says:

    oops…I mean “money Tom donated to the church”

  14. DCBrighton says:


    They could eat fish on Fridays, not meat. I know you meant it the other way around.

    The Catholic Church re-classified beavers as fish because they were hungry and it was a Friday and beavers looked tasty.

  15. Atabale says:

    Tom80, speak up!, answer the questions please. Personally, I would love to hear a “moderate” on the only (yeah EVER) virgin birth.

  16. Robster says:

    Moderate Catholics only eat the Jesus biscuit but leave the blood chaser alone. Only half the BS.