‘Bring me the head of Mufti Muhammad’

‘Bring me the head of Mufti Muhammad’

India’s Mufti Muhammad Ilyas, above left, of the newly-formed Muslim body Jamaat Ulama-e-Hind, has had a bounty placed on his head after claiming that Lord Shiva was the ‘first prophet of Islam’.

The bounty of 1,00,786 rupees (about £1,046) was announced by Mooen Siddiqui Noori, National President of  the Bareilly-based All India Faizan-e-Madina Council, a socio-political group. He said that only a Muslim can claim the bounty – and an additional prize for the killer will be an “Islamic sword”.

Ilyas is a champion of communal harmony in Ayodhya. Firstpost correspondent Tariq Anwar had earlier quoted him as saying:

We are all Indians and children of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and there should be no reservations in accepting the truth.

As part of a delegation of clerics that visited Ayodhya last week to garner support for a communal harmony seminar — the National Qaumi Ekta Conference — to be staged by the group on February 27  in Balrampur, Ilyas told journalists:

Lord Shiva was first prophet of Islam and Muslims are followers of Sanatan Dharma [Hinduism].

Noori was incensed over this heretical statement, saying:

For teaching such people a lesson so they never make such remarks again, I have decided that any Indian Muslim who gives me the head of Qasmi will be given a cash reward of Rs 1,00,786. He will also get an ‘Islamic sword’.

Noori was not alone in dismissing Ilyas’s remarks. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Secretary General Maulana Nusrat Ali was quoted as saying:

The Holy Quran asserts that every community has its prophets, but mentioning the name of (Lord) Shiva as a prophet of Muslims has no proof. We condemn and completely disagree with the comments made by Ilyasi.

Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (JuH) chief Maulana Mehmood Madani also made it clear that Ilyas had no association with it, and none of its members had visited Ayodhya. Madani pointed out that Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind and Jamaat Ulama-e-Hind are separate organisations.

This reminds me of Emo Philips’ “Die Heretic” – voted the best religious joke of all time.

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9 responses to “‘Bring me the head of Mufti Muhammad’”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    Just when you think that religiots can’t get any more stupid, someone comes along to prove you wrong.

  2. sailor1031 says:

    Can anyone in India offer a reward to anyone who will murder their enemy or is it only allowed for muslims? If it’s for all I’ve got a little list – at a grand a pop….

    These guys are highly reminiscent of the difference between the Judean peoples’ front and the peoples’ front of Judea.

  3. Robster says:

    “Quit while you’re a head” has never sounded better. There’s probably a market here for mass produced, at a factory in China, PVC Mo’ heads to cash in on, the cleric that made the generous cash offer may be deluged with thousands of dead Mo’ heads, make a good video.

  4. EJ says:

    The sick part is that brain-eating is not completely eradicated from the Earth by any means, nor is cannibalism in any other form.

    It’s but a short step from corpse mutilation, innit.
    They practice on animals first, usually.

    Kosher and Halal.

    Two ritualized rituals designed to desensitize a person to violent mutilation.

    Start with a food animal and pretend it is a key requirement of your cult.

    Then, when it is time to commit murder, it’s very easy for anyone who has slaughtered animals to do it to human animals, because they are just animals, both the murderer and the victims..

    Some cultures thought that if you ate part of your enemy, their strength would magically be transferred.

    Here, have a cup of blood and a bit of brain or flesh given to you by your god because psychosis is such an ugly word to describe the inner joy and burst of spiritual strength therein, right?

    When food and water are nowhere to be found, flesh and blood will have to do, right?

    Sure, this is a gross and offensive bit of speculation, but that doesn’t exactly rule it out, either.

    Mental health is how humanity saves itself from itself.
    Here’s your signpost, then, pointing towards a better future.
    Will you ignore it, as is always done traditionally?

    Those who worship tradition are part of the problem, for tradition is a worthless thing forever.

    If any of you lot have the guts and brains to consider every single fucking tradition you hug to your breast, you won’t find a single one that has any real worth.

    Oh, am I kicking again? Well, I can’t breathe and I’m wrapped in chains. Boots grind my face into the muck.
    I may as well kick a bit, eh?

  5. Marky Mark says:

    I seen Emo Philips when he was just starting out. A suburban comedy club I would visit would have open mic on Thursday nights where anyone could try their shot to make the audience laugh. Emo went up about three times throughout the night, crafting his trade. He had some funny stuff way back then and already had his unusual look. I think he is from a suburb nearby.

  6. Newspaniard says:

    I thought that Indian law was based on British common law… isn’t commissioning murder against the law in India?

  7. gedediah says:

    “Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind and Jamaat Ulama-e-Hind are separate organisations”.

    Like the People’s Front of Judea and the Judean People’s Front?

  8. EJ says:

    Mooen Siddiqui Noori = Dodo Inquiries I Moon

  9. Trevor Blake says:

    Don’t criticize the Muslims you might endanger community cohesion and offend them.

    Nah, go ahead and criticize the Muslims every single time they reveal themselves as murderous fools. Every single day for over a thousand years and counting.