Christian proposes firing squads for gays

Christian proposes firing squads for gays

Devout Christian activist Matthew McLaughlin wants all gay people in California to be executed by firing squad to prevent a repeat of  the ‘Sodom and Gomorrha’ (sic) incident.

McLaughlin last week paid $200 to file a ballot initiative – “The Sodomite Suppression Act” – with the Attorney General in Sacramento.

McLaughlin calls homosexual sex “buggery,” and “sodomy,” and labels it:

A monstrous evil that Almighty God, giver of freedom and liberty, commands us to suppress on pain of our utter destruction even as he overthrew Sodom and Gomorrha.

He says that it’s “better” that non-gay Californians kill the gays rather than have to suffer God’s punishment.

Seeing that it is better that offenders should die rather than that all of us should be killed by God’s just wrath against us for the folly of tolerating-wickedness in our midst, the People of California wisely command, in the fear of God, that any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes of sexual gratification be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.

The Sodomite Suppression Act also calls for a one million dollar fine for each act of transmitting, distributing, or performing “sodomistic propaganda” to minors.

And McLaughlin’s bill would make it illegal for any gay person to hold public office, be employed by the state, or be granted any benefits, such as welfare, social security, or use any public assets, such as roads.

McLaughlin will have to get 365,000 legitimate California residents to sign up to support the Sodomite Suppression Act in order for it to move forward.

According to this report, McLaughlin is likely the same person who in 2004 submitted a citizen ballot initiative to give Bibles to all public school kids in California, grades 1-12.

33 responses to “Christian proposes firing squads for gays”

  1. barriejohn says:

    This guy has got everything ass about tip. God’s judgment is coming soon, and it will be a WONDERFUL thing:

    PS As I said on the previous thread: will he be asking for the death penalty for adulterers?

  2. EJ says:

    I remember meeting many people who were exactly like this guy.
    They were so heavily brainwashed they would go into a frenzy over certain things at the drop of a hat.

    I could give some armchair psycho-analysis on this sort of thing, as my dad was like this at times, it can be boiled down to being brainwashed heavily as well as being terrified of being gay or seen as supporting it in any way.

    In the old days, being ‘manly’ meant you were expected by one and all to violently oppose such things.

    Cultural pressure could really goose a person into going overboard on stuff like that. (pun intended)

    There was even a similarity of reaction against Communism, as the Cold War used a lot of brainwashing within all NATO countries to great effect.

    Psychological warfare is still being waged by most governments against their own people, even here in the USA.

    PsychOps is a crime against humanity and this crazy religious fuck isn’t responsible for being rabidly bigoted as he is deep within a cult.

    That’s not to say that wiping such people off the face of the earth wouldn’t be a good thing, if only because we are not allowed to de-program these poor sods.

    Why waste money putting such people in prison when simply shooting them would make more sense?

    Ironic, isn’t it?

  3. paul says:

    Mental illness is a serious illness. Funds for treating people like this self-proclaimed Christian shall not be cut. Otherwise such people are liable to stone little girls for kissing their playmate.

  4. EJ says:

    For those itching to jump on my words, please note I was pointing out that self-defense can require killing when no other options are available but bigotry isn’t self-defense and that is the irony, so keep your pants on. lol

  5. Broga says:

    McLaughlin has been driven into insanity by religious indoctrination.

    On a technical point: is anal sex performed on a woman by a man classed as sodomy? What about them? Or is the missionary position the only one acceptable to God? Why is God so obsessed about the way in which humans stick their bits into each other? Has he not an entire cosmos to concern him?

    Sorry about my ignorance. I lead a sheltered life.

  6. EJ says:

    I wish I could have a sheltered life. I’m fucking jealous now. lol

  7. Broga says:

    EJ: Sorry about that. But think about all the exciting things I have missed. How boring can I be: only one wife; (some of my friends have had two divorces); two kids; some grandchildren; dog; cat. That’s it.

    PS: the friends with divorces are broke: alimony bites deep I’m advised.

  8. Lon says:

    Now that christians are getting on the ISIS Armageddon wagon they’ll be itching to kill all manner of gays, adulterers, atheists, democrats, agnostics, sabbath breakers and mixed fabric wearers. The difference between islamic statists and christian statists is indiscernible.We’re all in danger of firing squads and Sunday school teachers with big knives.

  9. EJ says:

    Broga: I would love to further derail this thread, thanks. lol

    I am autistic. My personal story does not make for happy reading, so I will forbear to elaborate.
    (is that cheering I hear in the distance?)

    So what would be a good solution to the problem of the guy in the article? Should we give him a new suit with extra-long sleeves? Shoot him? Tort action? Fart in his general direction?
    Any ideas?

  10. Trevor Blake says:

    Mr. McLaughlin’s proposal is in harmony with the bible and century upon century of Christian teaching and action. The modern trend to not kill gays is the distortion of their religion. Which is not so say killing gays is good but that Christianity is far from good.

  11. barriejohn says:

    These people are really dangerous. I was listening to one of them on TBN again the other day, and he was wondering why his father hadn’t contacted him so very much recently (daddy’s in heaven, and did warn him about one of the terrorist attacks, evidently). The answer , he realized, is that as both his mother and his wife had suffered miscarriages some years ago, dear old daddy’s too busy crawling around in heaven playing games with the two little girls that he had never met. He actually emphasised that he really believes this nonsense, and the very large audience (American in this case), instead of gasping in disbelief were in raptures over his revelation!

  12. Lon says:

    Trevor nails it. Not to mention the modern trend of christians not killing any and all non-christians and each other. Jews, Hindus and Buddhists will be only too happy to get on board the genocide party wagon. Unfortunately armageddon will easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is a theocratic mutually assured destruction and we serial blasphemers will be at the top of everyone’s kill list. So let’s turn up the blasphemy while we can!

  13. EJ says:

    Well, then! To wit:

    I shit on their “holy” words, their “gods”, and any other “holy” things or people, including those disgusting “saviours”, “messiahs”, and all that rot.

    Also, I know for a fucking fact that I am nicer and more “moral” than their shit-filled “holy” god(s) and etc.

    Well, let’s see, what else is “blasphemous”? Hm.
    I will gladly burn any “holy” book regardless of “worth”. lol
    And I have nothing but the uttermost contempt for all their religious rubbish and seek the destruction of every religion, any “spiritualistic” nonsense, and every religious and spiritual organization.

    Yet I haven’t done much physically in this direction, I am not without a suitable level of outrage at the damage done to humanity by these poisonous, delusional ideologies.

    *cough* Okay, someone else have a go…

  14. Broga says:

    EJ: If McLaughlin were in the UK his behaviour is such that he should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. There is a problem in this. The beliefs of many “people of faith” are so incredible that if the cloak of religion were removed they would be regarded as mentally ill. How bizarre is believing that wine can be turned into blood, bread into flesh, that a man can walk on water and so much else.

  15. EJ says:

    Not so bizarre when it has been this way for all of recorded history, but I certainly agree with your sentiments.

    The thing about brainwashing is that all it takes is stress, emotional or not, to change the “programming” in a person’s brain.
    But that’s not all.
    People can do this to themselves, can hypnotize and brainwash themselves or just reinforce what programming they already have.
    But stress is usually at the base of it.
    This is not widely disseminated, either, thanks to psychological warfare being so “handy” for destroying the minds of whoever is the target.

  16. barriejohn says:

    The religious are deluded, but what makes this worse, and the power of the delusion so strong, is that it is reinforced by SELF-DELUSION. This means that every experience of life, and every piece of evidence that they come across, is filtered and interpreted in the light of their foreheld convictions. That is why scientific facts, rational arguments, etc, have no effect upon them, and can even act to confirm them in their belief that THEY are right and the rest of society wrong.

    And as if confirmation were needed of the dangerous delusions of which I spoke above, here’s a story about a pastor’s wife condemned for helping at an abortion centre (though even she is of the opinion that those concerned are “sinners”):

    If they’re “murdering babies”, how can it be wrong to eliminate them?

  17. SallyinMI says:

    The people who follow the pacifist Jesus sure are violent. This week alone, there have been calls to hang any Democrat (specifically, black Democrats) who dare to ignore war-monger Netanyahu’s speech, and now we’re to shoot
    gays? Jesus is so proud.
    I was taught to live and let live. Not to judge. And certainly, not to take a life..good grief, why has having an intelligent, calm, loving back man in the White House unleashed all these nuts? Satan is truly on a roll lately, and they are hiding behind their Bibles.

  18. EJ says:

    Yes, I did forget to mention all the cognitive biases that play their part, like confirmation bias, didn’t I? Damn.

  19. EJ says:

    This is the South risen again. The U.S. Civil War is not really over yet.
    Have you ever heard of the Southern Strategy?
    It is the old Confederacy’s successful attempt at hiding their blatant racism and hate for our country.

    They’re going along great guns and then all of a sudden a dark-skinned fellow becomes President!

    Oh, it fucking blew their minds, let me tell you…
    …that’s why they are freaking out so bad.

    Their extreme brutality is best seen when a black person has a weapon of any sort, as this sends them into a frenzy like none other.
    As to their attempts to dismantle and destroy every function and facet of our government, they have been horribly successful and all that remains is for them to openly declare what they speak of in secret.

  20. EJ says:

    And I forgot to mention how the oligarchs fit in to all this, or how the Confederacy is not the only “player” in all this, yet they make enough common cause and play so nice together it becomes quite tangled until one considers the “Ownership Society” that is almost done being put into place.

    This is why the traitors on the SCOTUS are working so hard to strengthen corporate and contract law at the expense of all civil rights.
    Corporations are not people and money is not speech, yet that is what has been forced upon us.
    This is why states’ rights is so uppermost in their strategems, even to the point of letting marijuana become legal at the state level – in WA, the marijuana law was written by republicans for this very purpose: to strengthen the legal arguments for states’ rights – one of the old goals of the Confederacy.

    Sorry to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but these are not wild imaginings. They are trying to go as far as they can using our legal system to dismantle all the Constitutional protections they can before declaring themselves openly. There is more, but I am derailing the fuck out of this thread.

    Firing squads being used to kill gays and anyone else they don’t like is right in line with their goals so you won’t hear much of a peep out of them over this sort of thing.

  21. Cali Ron says:

    Just read the article from the Friendly Atheist link. What a wonderful example of the hypocrisy of christianity. Pathetic to watch these christians, who are filled with god’s love gloating about “winning”(I’ve read the end of the book…) while everyone else burns in hell. Reveling in the death and destruction of billions of people. Basic problem with christianity- god loves you so much, but if you don’t become servant and slave to him and his appointed leaders (the clergy) he will have to burn you in hell for an eternity. Now that’s love. Oh, you died without hearing about that, to bad, so sad. When I was a young christian I was always confused when they taught me to love everyone, but then instilled hatred in me towards so many of these same people because they were gay, atheist, wrong denomination, etc. Now, I identify more with the “fringe” they hate than with them. So with both islam and christianity they proclaim love, but tend to practice and wallow in more hatred than love.

  22. Cali Ron says:

    To summarize my last post: The good christians hate and condemn ISIS, but love ISIS for the death, agony and destruction they do because they are fulfilling the prophecy and god’s will. Yeah to death and suffering! Their god (who thankfully doesn’t exist) is an asshole!

  23. Peter Sykes says:

    “Any ideas”
    Acid in his water supply? It could get messy!

  24. barriejohn says:

    Cali Ron: I was shocked as a young Christian (1950s onward) to hear believers saying : “We should be happy that things are getting worse and worse in the world, because it means that the Coming of the Lord must be very near.” Of course, I heard about “The Lord’s Imminent Return” over and over again as the years went by, and they are still saying “Things have never been so bad – his coming must be soon” even now. What I didn’t realize then was that Christians had been saying that selfsame thing for years previously as well!

  25. AgentCormac says:

    Speaking of death squads, I just came across the article linked to below from Christian Today which claims that the best way to deal with the inhuman, barbaric scum known as IS is to forgive them. A very noble notion I suppose, but utterly deluded, just like the rest of xtianity. And while the do-gooders are forgiving their enemy, yet more heads get hacked off, yet more people get thrown from buildings, and yet more get crucified or burned alive in cages. As the xtian church itself was built upon such violence and intimidation, I have to say that such sentiments are, in this context, not only laughably implausible, but also naive in the extreme.

  26. Cali Ron says:

    Just checked out the links. Fools! ” Quoting Jesus with the words ‘forgive them father, for they know not what they do’, Alfred’s video struck a chord with Christians and Muslims in Egypt and beyond.” Ah, slight problem here. They know exactly what they are doing. If it strikes a chord it should be a dissonant one. You nailed it with the last sentence,”…naive in the extreme”.

    According to Wikipedia the first apocalyptic prophecy was for 66-70 CE by a Jewish sect, followed by another in 365 CE. There are over 150 listed. I found the last one to not happen interesting, it was by Rasputin for August 23, 2013. How many times can they be wrong and still believe the next one? Apparently an awful lot. Sadly, it wasn’t too long ago that Harold Camping convinced a lot of people to sell everything in preparation for the end, which didn’t happen. So he tried another date-same result, no end of times and a lot of deluded people who were broke and homeless.

  27. Marky Mark says:

    This guy should be charged with instigating hate crimes, his church classified as a hate cult.
    Barriejohn, he can’t ask for adulterers to be executed as surely many of his flock have committed this act as religious divorce rates are the same as nonbelievers and most divorce is caused by adultery.
    He can’t ask for the death of people who work on Sundays as many of his followers work in the fast-food and retail business where Sunday work is mandatory…and they need someone to hate.

  28. EJ says:

    There are so many people who mean well, who really are nice people, but whose good intentions get warped and mangled due to the same old shit going on in their brains.

    It’s one of the most sadly depressing things I have ever seen and I’ve been seeing it my whole life.
    They are just people, you know.
    Harming them is wrong, for they have already been harmed beyond our ability to heal or fix.

    Do be careful and please refrain from harming them.

    Stopping them is doable, but everyone should have equal rights and no rights should be abrogated that can be equally applied to all without exception.

    Some of you might recall that I used to openly call myself “Equality Jack”.
    I am willing to die for equal rights but there is no place I could simply do that nor any way in which my death could be spent to effect any guaranteed positive result.
    No magic here, just primates throwing shit at each other despite our cognitive abilities.

    Not even to save children will anyone stop the insanity.

    It really shows how bad things are when children get the worst of everything without any rights or protections beyond the occasional bit of help.

    Equal Rights must start with children’s rights being paramount, for we all begin as children.

    This is why you must do your damndest to refrain from seeking vengeance, to harm in return, while putting all energies towards stopping these malignant delusional people, for they are damaged, they have already been harmed or have developed in very harmful ways.

    To strike back can be easy enough, yet it rarely happens because we have compassion for others to a greater or lesser extent.
    This is why, despite all the things done to me over my whole life, I use my understanding and compassion to determine what and where I should “strike”.
    I have not done what the angry primate part of me wants to do so badly. I know what it is like to be the victim.
    I cannot do it, not even to save my life. I would rather die.

  29. CharlyO says:

    It is just standard common ordinary Christianity.
    Not to worry, it has always been this way.

  30. Cali Ron says:

    Is it too audacious to hope that someday it won’t be that way. I long for a post christian, or better yet, a post religion world. If mankind quit fighting over religion maybe the world would be a little more peaceful.

  31. Robster says:

    Jees, that’s a bit of a worry. “365,000 legitimate California residents” is all that’s needed to get it on the ballot, that’s about one percent of California’s population. It’s not unlikely that out of the 60% of Californians who identify as being some sort of Christian, that a couple of percent of them are a bit loopy and probably see something good or at least satisfying in this proposal. That mormon mandated proposition 8 got over the line in California don’t forget.

  32. dennis says:

    Wow, we all went there today! I agree with @ AgentCormac. I agree with @EJ. @EJ my BLASPHEMY is religious nut, read a science book and take the time to relish its facts and logic not walking on water and such. Study it as you study the religious dogma.
    @AgentCarmac I want to pick up my MARINE M-16 and blast the AS out of IS and the gay bashers and all non-live and let live humans.

  33. EJ says:

    To everyone:

    I want you all to understand that my personal reticence in harming others is still somewhat inhibitory, but I want to goad you into violence and action now.

    I want to incite you to violence, not that I could, but I desperately want you all to consider what, if anything, you could do to stop what is happening around the world, esp. in the USA and UK where I have been keeping close watch.

    If you need to kill to defend yourselves, do it.
    If you need to kill to protect children and the otherwise helpless, do it.

    These are not illegal or criminal acts that I am begging and asking you to do, so my enemies have no legal claim on me for these words.

    The bloody bones of the rule of law they have openly rejected are now being openly displayed in the media.
    I could provide links, but I expect you to come to your own conclusions freely, without the bias such links would give.

    I was waiting for certain things to become openly displayed, ignoring the precursors as long as there seemed hope from other quarters, but I now have no hope of peaceful resolution and so ask you, as individuals to recruit yourselves if you feel as I do.

    The time has come for the world to act.
    I ask you to copy and paste anything you think useful and to spread it all over the world before all lines of communication make this unfeasible

    They have rejected the note, so to speak, of our common humanity.
    This is why I am being so “apocalyptic” today.

    That is a call to arms. An open declaration of war.

    In this war, there are no generals, no central command, only your own willingness to act, for we have no place amongst them and they are everywhere.

    You can band together, but be warned:
    this is not the old days with clunky technology but a wasteland of hostile eyes and ears and a great many traitors and infiltrators, so you must do your best.

    You know I must be careful what I say here.
    They hacked into my computer long ago and recently have put me on a watch list, which I had anticipated and so don’t worry about that.

    You must also be careful what you say, who you are seen with and all that.
    Their budgets are big, their armies of blind idiots massive, their equipment is the best and they have gathered some of the nastiest genius-level psychopaths ever gathered together in the history of the world.

    They are our deadliest enemies and if you resolve them into clear targets I must beg you to not hesitate to act as you can and as you see fit, for they are a “clear and present danger” to humanity.

    I do not trust or rely upon you to do anything, for that would be an attempt at forcing you to follow my lead.

    No, I can only beg you to consider how bad things are now, even more than last year, and understand that it is much worse than most of you think.

    Remember ethics is what makes the rule of law work when the time comes to heal and mend far away in that distant future we can only guess at and will probably never see.

    Fight them anywhere you find them, but do it safely, for we are sorely outnumbered and they are ‘ready’ for us and know exactly who we are and will be waiting and watching for any opportunity to pounce.

    I give you my word that I have tried to the best of my ability to make sure that I am not mistaken in these things.

    They know what they are doing, but have many ignorant people working for them.

    All it takes is money for some people to betray all of humanity, for others, money isn’t enough and so they do it for other reasons.

    All of them who “know” are in the grip of mass psychosis, but there is no way to bundle them up and put them into any kind of treatment.
    They made sure that this option would be denied those of us who fight for humanity.

    I fight for Equal Rights.
    Our enemies directly oppose Equal Rights.
    This is both the touchstone to unmask them and the goal where we all find common ground at any time.

    Equal Rights is a bedrock principle for humanity.
    It underlies all human rights, levels all playing fields, shares everything for everyone, and I will never live to see them given to anyone, for this is the beginning of the open warfare.

    My timing is not the best, but their open declarations are blatant enough that I think it is time.
    Go look around on the web. Things have changed.
    War is hostile. Be hostile to the enemy.

    Do not give them what they ask for.
    There must be total unconditional surrender on their part.
    Show your righteous anger openly. Castigate them as publicly as you can. Force them to retreat.

    Victory is not foreseeable this time.
    This is not conventional warfare.
    This is a nightmare of horrors that must stop once and for all….and I can only point with horror at what I see.
    Don’t look at my finger, look where it is pointing.
    If I can leave this with you, then I can breathe a little better for having tried to get the word out.

    Such a long speech. I am dying of horror and disgust.
    I beg of you….so many things….I cannot bear it…
    Ignore me and just look around for what I am talking about, okay?
    Thank you.