India horrified by Mother Teresa ‘slur’

India horrified by Mother Teresa ‘slur’

Mohan Bhagwat, above, head of the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or National Volunteer Corps) has reportedly incurred the wrath of a large cross-section of India’s population by suggesting that the Blessed Mother Teresa’s goal was to convert Hindus to Catholicism.

According to this report, from the stunned local Catholic Church to political parties of all ideologies, a chorus of critics have decried the “denigration” of Mother Teresa, who was known nationally as the “Saint of the Gutters” during her lifetime.

Or, as Barbara Smoker, put it “a sacred cow“.

Bhagwat said:

It’s good to work for a cause with selfless intentions. But Mother Teresa’s work had an ulterior motive, which was to convert the person who was being served to Christianity. In the name of service, religious conversions were made.

He was addressing a women’s empowerment programme in a village near Bharatpur in the BJP-governed western state of Rajasthan.

After news media ran banner headlines highlighting Bhagwat’s criticism of Mother Teresa (aka “the Albanian Prune”) who was beatified in 2003, the Indian Parliament and the Catholic Church responded with strong denunciations of his remarks.

Jyotiraditya Scindia, of the opposition Congress Party, said in Parliament that Bhagwat’s comments:

Have been made against a person who is not just the country’s, but the world’s, legacy. No amount of condemnation can be enough

Shouts of “Shame!” and demands for an apology and condemnation of the incident by the Hindu nationalist BJP government echoed across the parliamentary chamber.

In a statement expressing its own “concern and distress” over the remarks, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) condemned:

Casting aspersion on the saintly person of Mother Teresa and attributing ulterior motives to her lifelong humanitarian services to the poor and the sick, to the abandoned and the destitute. It is quite unfortunate that the services of such a world-renowned Nobel Prize laureate and Bharat Ratna [“jewel of India”, the nation’s highest honor] awardee be dragged into such unwarranted controversies.

Screeched politician Arvind Kejriwal, a frequent visitor and volunteer to “Nirmal Hriday” (home for the destitute), the first charity home Mother Teresa set up as foundress of the Missionaries of Charity in 1952 on the premises of a Hindu temple in the Kalighat suburb of Kolkata:

Spare the Mother.

Brinda Karat, the firebrand female senior leader of India’s Communist Party, which has a strong base in the West Bengal state that has Kolkata as its capital, similarly chastised Bhagwat for “insulting” the nun, who was exposed as a self-serving charlatan by Christopher Hitchens in his book, The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice.

He argued that Mother Teresa’s primary focus was proselytising for her fundamentalist or right wing brand of Catholicism. The feel-good charitable works that everyone associates her with were a lower priority, or a means to the end of that proselytising. She used the “bully pulpit” of her celebrityhood far more to advocate for her religious beliefs concerning abortion and birth control and such, than to advocate for the poor.

He also said on an American radio programme:

The woman was a fanatic and a fundamentalist and a fraud, and millions of people are much worse off because of her life, and it’s a shame there is no hell for your bitch to go to.

An enraged Bill Donohue, of the Catholic League, wrote:

I once told Hitchens that one of the real reasons he hates Mother Teresa has to do with his socialist ideology: he believes the state should care for the poor, not voluntary organizations, and he especially loathes the idea of religious ones servicing the dispossessed. Indeed, he sees in Mother Teresa the very embodiment of altruism, a virtue he cannot – with good reason – fully comprehend.

The fact of the matter is that socialism is the greatest generator of poverty known to mankind, and Mother Teresa did more to heal and rescue its victims than anyone in the modern era.

But Sunita Kumar, a Sikh and spokeswoman for the Missionaries of Charity said:

I have been a close associate of the Mother since 1965 until her death [in 1997]. I am not a Christian. But Mother never asked me to become a Christian.

Kumar, who accompanied Mother Teresa on half a dozen international trips, added that:

Mother respected all religions. It is unfortunate that such a statement has been made. We are not angry with him [Bhagwat]. But, as Mother used to say, ‘he may not know what he is saying’.

Francis Palakeel, a Catholic hailing from southern Kerala state and an officer working with the United Nations presently in Hungary, said:

Actually, we should thank Mohan Bhagwat. Because of his ignorance, hundreds of people have known Mother Teresa and her noble work better than earlier. Because of his ignorance, several hundreds of posts and good words have spread out to non-Christians, and people have started … praising Mother’s contribution to the society. Mohan Bhagwat, in a way, has become an ambassador to Mother Teresa’s glory.

28 responses to “India horrified by Mother Teresa ‘slur’”

  1. L.Long says:

    I agree with Hitch on this and his ‘socialist views’.
    Yes the STATE of INDIA should been taking care of things.
    But as seen in the USA when the religious get control (AKA rePUKEians) the state STOPS (or tries to stop) going the right thing or never bothers to start!!
    And anyone who says it is good to suffer for jesus rather then using the millions the church has to stop unnecessary suffering is a demon not a saint (not that either are real).

  2. Wyocowboy says:

    why didn’t Mother Teresa go to to her own hospital when she was sick? I would suspect they were horrible hospitals and doctors.

  3. Trevor Blake says:

    It’s as if all these critics think it’s insulting for a person to try to convert another to Christianity.


  4. Brian Jordan says:

    Her “care” was suspect; her conversions regrettable but her fight against contraception was abominable.

  5. Newspaniard says:

    I thought I read somewhere that all the charitable donations she received went directly to the Vatican at the expense of real medical treatment for the destitute. I also have now read Hitchens’ book, “God is NOT great” and the bitch receives scant respect there either.

  6. Marky Mark says:

    “why didn’t Mother Teresa go to to her own hospital when she was sick? I would suspect they were horrible hospitals and doctors.”

    As I recall, Mother Teresa’s MO at her hospitals were to not medicate patients, they were to suffer for Jesus. Eventually she received more than enough funding to buy medication for her patients but gave it to the church. Than we she became ill, used the funds to fly herself to France and received the best medical attention those donations could buy, including medication…This was Hitchens main bitch in his book about her, if i recall correctly.

  7. Stuart H. says:

    My favourite story about her has to be the one about an exasperated San Francisco local authority, frustrated at her refusal to install lifts and other basic facilities for the disabled in her ‘hostel’ for them, offering to install them at public cost, only for the devious cow to demand the money they would have spent doing it and, when they refused, mounting a campaign to make out they were robbing her of much needed funds to ‘help’ people with AIDS.
    By the way, there’s an even better book about her by an Indian author, whose name I forget, which goes into much more detail about her order’s abuse of Indian government hospitality and abject failure to provide even nominal care.

  8. Cali Ron says:

    Catholics rarely let reality or facts interfere with their blessed saints and stories of their humanity and greatness. Seems strange that India puts her on a pedestal when she really didn’t do shit for India , but then humans have an amazing capacity for self delusion and irrationality. Especially when religion is involved.

  9. Broga says:

    This grisly (I use the word accurately) woman was the creation of Malcolm Muggeridge who is himself undergoing a bit of revision regarding his life – paedophilia suspected? To see this bitter, dried up woman enter a room with dependent, sick, defenceless woman must have aroused dread in them.

    She looked after herself.

  10. David Anderson says:

    “… Mother Teresa, one of the few untouchables in the mental universe of the mediocre and the credulous.” [The Missionary Position, Hitch.]

    “Millions of people are poorer or sicker or have died because of Mother Teresa’s campaign against the empowerment of women in the Third World. She has gigantically increased the amount of poverty and misery in the world. And she was on the take from the vilest elements of the rich. … She was a terrible person. [Scarborough Country, Hitch.]

    Has that hombre in the photo been shot between the eyes?

  11. tonye says:

    Having read Hitchen’s book on her a couple of times, an apt description would be to drop the word sacred from the phrase “a sacred cow”.

  12. Rob Andrews says:

    .He argued that Mother Teresa’s primary focus was proselytising for her fundamentalist or right wing brand of Catholicism. The feel-good charitable works that everyone associates her with were a lower…

    Sounds right to me. I was in many homeless shelters in the 1970s. The ones that were run by religious groups usually made people attend bible study, Even after saying to me upon entrance ‘that I would not be forced to attend””.
    Then got mad at me for trying to hold him to his promise. One threw me out for being openly gay.

  13. andym says:

    Re Muggeridge and the Albanian mass murderer: (she made people die of curable illnesses.)
    Muggeridge went to india to do a documentary. The film of her when produced had an unusual light, which led he to claim it was due to her saintliness. Turned out, the cameraman was trialling a new type of film-hence the different light. He never saw fit to clarify this later.

    Muggeridge was a notable intellectual at one time. A Stalinist sympathiser, he saw straight through the sham immediately on a visit to the Soviet Union. Catholicism just seemed to turn his brains to mush.

  14. barriejohn says:

    I have linked to the following article before. It originally appeared in Stern magazine.

    Her aim was to raise millions for the Catholic Church, and in that she seems to have succeeded marvellously.

  15. Caute says:

    She was ruthlessly and shamelessly exploited by the Catholic church…just as she ruthlessly and shamelessly exploited all those who had the misfortune to die miserably in her care. The victims were merely fodder to feed the catholic propaganda and cash generating machines. She took money from the rich…and gave it to the rich. And it is an appalling tragedy that there are so many millions of stupefied halfwits who cannot see through the smokescreen put out by those who invented and propagate this most barefaced scam.

  16. AgentCormac says:

    Here’s Hitch at his withering best, not only laying bare the truth about the Charlatan of Calcutta, but also exposing the vile sycophant that was Malcolm Muggeridge.

  17. zombiehunter says:

    Catholics do seem to have this masochistic obsession with suffering, the more you the suffer the more jebus loves you.

    Mother Theresa is a personification of this, I find it amazing that her “hospitals” could be so squalid and cramped despite the millions people donated to her, where did that money go?? it’s fraud plain and simple.

  18. AgentCormac says:


    ‘Fraud plain and simple’ is right on a financial front. And there is ample evidence that the old witch didn’t actually believe in the religion she was being pushed by the vatican to promote. To the point where she declared that: ‘Jesus has a very special love for you. As for me, the silence and the emptiness is so great that I look and do not see, listen and do not hear.’

    As including two links in one post understandably slows down the process here, I’ll only include a link to my first claim.

  19. Cali Ron says:

    She was one colossal bitch! Another sad example of religion screwing people over, while proclaiming to be helping and loving them.

  20. Broga says:

    @AgentCormac: So, for the last 40 years of her life her faith was gone. She was a money making instrument of the Vatican. I have long been convinced that many (most?) senior religious figures, if they could be persuaded to be honest (unlikely) would admit they have about as much faith in God as I have.

    Religion is a scam and those who benefit prey on the gullible and ignorant. The priests play in their charade and they know it is a charade.

  21. Robster says:

    When does the countdown start, leading to “mother” being created as some sort of messiah? I know she’s only a woman, in keeping with that nasty old bible thingy should get back to the kitchen and shut up, but no, cherry picking means “mother”can be whipped up into whatever the followers want of the fraudulent dead thing.

  22. Marky Mark says:

    I had read somewhere, maybe even in Hitchens book, that a patient staying a one of the Albanian dwarf’s hospitals was suffering with sever pain. The nurse/nun attending to him said, “That is Jesus kissing you.”
    He replied, “Well tell Jesus to STOP kissing me.”

  23. barriejohn says:

    Marky Mark: I’ve read that one as well. Suffering is God’s way of allowing us to share in the sufferings of Christ. Isn’t that good of him? It’s the sort of twaddle – along with lots of meaningless blather about “redemption” and “forgiveness” – that Malcolm Muggeridge and Loopy Lord Longford used to come out with , and look how rational THEY were!

    Robster: Mugger Teresa is being fast-tracked to sainthood, you’ll be pleased to learn!

    The process leading up to the beatification has been the shortest in modern history. In early 1999—less than two years after Mother Teresa’s death—Pope John Paul waived the normal five-year waiting period and allowed the immediate opening of her canonization cause.

    Ching! Ching!

  24. Marky Mark says:

    Excellent video AgentCormac…I’ve not seen that. “Hells Angel” how appropriate!

    There are several more on that page I need to watch.

  25. Marky Mark says:

    “Mugger Teresa”…LOL

  26. Marky Mark says:

    An entertaining video by Penn & Teller with mugger teresa included;

    Good interview with “The Hitch” also.

  27. Gary Walker says:

    “The suffering of the poor does a great service to the world.” – Mom Teresa. I wonder if the poor of the world did not exist on such a grand scale, would the great mother create them to service the world? What a bitch. Amen.