An Arkansas scandal of biblical proportions

An Arkansas scandal of biblical proportions

Justin Harris, above, is godly Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives – but for how much longer is anyone’s guess, given the unholy mess he currently finds himself in.

At the heart of his problems lies the rape of a six-year-old girl.


According to this Wonkette report, he and his wife adopted two little girls, aged three and six, who were in foster care. After a year, the Harrises “grew tired” of the kids, and handed them over to another another family. The new adoptive father, Eric Francis, above, then raped the older girls

Francis, now serving a 40-year term in prison for the assault, had worked as head teacher at the Growing God’s Kingdom Preschool, a fundamentalist Christian outfit owned by Harris and his wife, and funded by taxpayers. Francis was also a youth pastor at a local church.

In late 2011, Harris tangled with the Arkansas’ Department of Human Services agency over overtly Christian practices at Growing God’s Kingdom, which receives public funding under the Arkansas Better Chance Program.

At the request of an organisation promoting separation of church and state, a DHS inspector investigated whether the preschool was using taxpayer money to peddle Christian propaganda; she found regularly scheduled Bible study in most classrooms, scripture posted on the walls and children singing “Jesus Loves Me”.

The preschool’s handbook promised parents that teachers and staff would:

Strive too [sic] ensure that your child feels the love of Jesus Christ while preparing them for Kindergarten.

The preschoolers, it continued, will be taught “the word of God” so that they can “spread the word of God to others”.

This is pretty damned appalling, but even more so because the devout Harris, according to Wonkette:

Is a small-government conservative who likes to say that government spending never created a single job – and whose daycare business depends almost exclusively on taxpayer-subsidized tuition.

Harris’ business operates on almost $900,000 a year and serves about 150 kids. Of that, all but about 6 percent comes in the form of state and federal dollars in a program aimed at developmentally disabled and poor children. The money provides Harris and his wife almost $60,000 a year in salary and benefits.

It also covers the mortgage on his privately owned building and rent payments to the Harrises. So the government spending hawk lives on government spending, a double dip of payroll, perks and rent payments.

In addition, Wonkette reported, while Harris was pushing a bill to deny state services and in-state tuition to any Arkansas residents who couldn’t prove they were US citizens or legal immigrants, Growing God’s Kingdom Preschool was happy to take government subsidies for:

Perhaps a dozen undocumented students among his 150 pre-schoolers … It’s rather rich that Harris was seeking to deny benefits to some undocumented people while collecting taxpayer money for others.

And Wonkette quoted columnist Max Brantley as saying:

An anti-tax, anti-government-spending, anti-illegal-alien legislator is living off a government program that includes payments for kids who haven’t produced proof of citizenship.

By the end of this week, the hypocrite’s reputation was tatters – but another blow was to follow. A social worker, Lisa Southerland, has just launched a petition addressed to Governor Asa Hutchinson, calling for the resignation of Harris.

After pointing out the Harris’s  failure to properly deal with the two girls he later “gave away”, Southerland wrote:

His ability to represent those of Washington county without distraction has been severely compromised as this story continues to grow worldwide. It is time for these girls to heal and for Mr Harris to understand the depth with which he failed these children.

12 responses to “An Arkansas scandal of biblical proportions”

  1. Cali Ron says:

    Harris and his wife should have been tried as accomplices of Eric Francis for the girls rape. Saying he failed them is putting it way to mild. They enabled their rapists, as well as employed him to work with children. How many other kids had he abused before getting caught.

    As christian hypocrites go they are really exceptional. That degree of duplicity requires a real dedication to deception and commitment to irony. Essentially, he’s saying “I don’t believe in government handouts, except for me”. People like this make me wish there was a god just long enough to zap them with a lightning bolt, and then suffer a long and slow demise.

  2. Newspaniard says:

    In this enlightened age, isn’t it time that tax relief for all “religious” organizations was stopped?

  3. Caute says:

    Sorry …OT but check this out……..My response is that most kuffars do not trust muslims. Muslims award themselves the right to lie, to obfuscate, mislead, protest about being victimised, protest that they are misunderstood.

  4. Broga says:

    The scenario around Justin Harris, complete with oily smirk on a face I would never tire of punching,, is a perfect collection of the elements of fundamentalist Christianity in the USA. Deceit, scumbag elected to political office, shocking and casual throwing out of young children when he got bored, lies, rape of children, long prison term, running of a Christian school by illiterates who cannot do basic spelling, robbing of the tax payers and more.

    What will happen now? He will see the error of his ways, claim to have been misled by the devil and then saved by Jesus and go on with his lying, thieving cruel ways. Plus ca change …………..

  5. gegsieline says:

    Another example of how religious delusion can hobnail peoples moral compass. ‘Getting tired’ of children is a feeling every mother in world has had in moments of exhaustion and filial disputes. The reason they don’t despair is an innate sense of responsibility and parental love. This man , blessed as he claims to be, with all these Christian virtues has shown neither.
    In a Universe dictated by prescribed doctrine, human values count for little. Any action, whether it’s tax avoidance, discrimination, or culpability in child abuse, all can be signed off under the banner of good intensions, trying my best to serve the Lord. Accountability under these deluded justifications is naturally unfair.

  6. Angela_K says:

    What a vile man for giving up the fostered children, could it be because he had difficulty indoctrinating them or is there some obscure passage in his bible that forbids treating other people’s children as your own?

  7. TrickyDicky says:

    An article on Mail Online (yes pinch of salt ready) gives Harris’s story of why he gave the girls away.

    Makes interesting reading

  8. Cali Ron says:

    Remarkable, that he can even make such ridiculous claims. Him, his wife and 3 sons were in fear from 2 girls, 6 and 8 years old. Riiiiight! They should lock Justin Harris up with the rapists, Eric Francis and let him demonstrate on him exactly what he did to the girls.

  9. Vanity Unfair says:

    This adoption seems to have gone through at a remarkably quick pace, at least by UK standards. I know everything happens faster in the USA but can we be sure all the safeguards (there are safeguards, aren’t there?) were put in place?
    A child is for life, not just for an election campaign.

  10. TrickyDicky says:

    @Vanity Unfair

    But they were a god fearing couple doing god’s work, what could possibly go wrong?

  11. Marky Mark says:

    “The scenario around Justin Harris, complete with oily smirk on a face I would never tire of punching,”…LOL

    I imagine he’ll try yo say these little girls were “possessed”, and he’ll be back after a few years running for office demanding forgiveness.

  12. Robster says:

    It’s getting to the point that all people that declare a strong religious belief, doesn’t matter what flavour, should be treated with suspicion and those that feel “chosen” to sell the nonsense to others especially so.