Christian band in shooting: one dies

Christian band in shooting: one dies

Enoch Gaver, a 21-year-old member of an Arizona Christian street band – Matthew 24 Now, which apparently refers to the second coming of Christ – died in a shootout with police outside a Walmart at the weekend.

According to this report, police were called to the Cottonwood branch of Walmart after band members, all part of the Gaver family, were involved in an altercation with the store staff over the use of a toilet.

It is alleged that first Cottonwood police officer to  arrive at the Walmart parking lot was immediately attacked and disarmed by one of the Gavers.

A second officer who arrived on the scene reported hearing the first officer say, “they got my gun,” as he confronted five members of the family in the parking lot. He also heard someone say, “stop or get shot”.

A court document said David Gaver approached, was shot and fell to the ground. Sergeant  Jeremy Daniels, a 10-year veteran, was shot in the leg.

Enoch Gaver was shot in the head during the melee and died from his injuries.

Bart Graves, a police spokesman, said the shootings occurred after someone attempted to take an officer’s gun and that an ensuing fight involved eight police officers and a Walmart loss-prevention officer, who went into the parking lot in an attempt to help. The officers suffered cuts, bruises and a twisted ankle.

Seven members of the Gaver family were subsequently arrested on suspicion of assault and/or resisting arrest.

The Matthew 24 Now Facebook page includes an August 9, 2014, entry that quotes the Bible and reads as:

For those who are mind controlled: who don’t own their mind/soul any longer, there is only one hope. Trust Yahweh with all your heart and don’t lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straights. Proverbs 3, 5, 6.

The Gavers advertised their band on another website, GigMasters, saying they will perform for $250-$350 within a 10-mile radius of Boise. It said the band is also known as Busking in the Son.

The GigMasters posting reads:

We don’t do events where there is any form of promiscuity.

Stephanie Matlock, a Boise resident and a former copy editor at The Republic, said she remembers the Gavers performing nearly every day outside a Boise supermarket. She said they typically posted a sign with a verse from the Bible. She does not recall the family soliciting donations.

They had their sign, the music was fine, they played pretty well. I’m surprised they are involved in this incident. I am not surprised they did something out of the ordinary.

The defendants are: Jeremiah Gaver, 28, accused of assault of a law-enforcement officer; Nathaniel Gaver, 27, accused of assault of a law-enforcement officer; Peter Gaver, 55, accused of hindering prosecution and resisting arrest; Ruth Gaver, 52, accused of assault of a law-enforcement officer; and David Gaver, who remains hospitalised.

The Gavers’ next court date is scheduled for March 31, according to Dwight D’Evelyn, a spokesman for the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office. He said two juveniles from the Gaver family are in custody at the Prescott Juvenile Detention Facility.

The top photo shows four of the Gaver family who were arrested – Peter Gaver, Ruth Gaver, Nathaniel Gaver and Jeremiah Gaver.

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21 responses to “Christian band in shooting: one dies”

  1. carlynot says:

    Wonder if they did any Lennon? Maybe “Imagine” or “Give peace a chance”.

  2. gegsieline says:

    Did I read an appeal to those who don’t own their own mind?

  3. gegsieline says:

    Lennon would turn in his grave.

  4. RussellW says:

    Someone was shot dead because of an ‘altercation over the use of a toilet’?
    Only in America. NB Walmart, Christians have a long history of extreme and indiscriminate violence, be careful.

  5. Broga says:

    @RussellW: Prior to my single visit to the USA a friend, who visited there often, said, “If you happen to be driving in Texas never get involved in a dispute, however trivial the cause, with another driver.”

    “Why?” I wondered.

    “Because you could be shot. That’s the way they resolve differences of opinion.”

  6. AgentCormac says:

    This all started because of an altercation over the use of a toilet? What, I wonder, did the lovely, god-bothering Gavers actually end up arguing with Walmart staff about? I can only imagine it was which family member was most full of shit.

  7. RussellW says:

    @ Broga,

    I heard something similar about Afghanistan, apparently overtaking another driver could be considered an insult, and they’re armed to the teeth as well.

  8. barriejohn says:

    Have you read Matthew 24?

    Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

    “Persecution” is just proof that they are in the right, and the loyal followers of “Christ”.

    It is all about suffering, catastrophe, judgment, and “weeping and gnashing of teeth”, of course – and was all to take place before that generation passed away!

  9. AgentCormac says:

    OT, but this has to be the most utterly pointless article I have ever read on the BBC News website. Ever.

  10. gegsieline says:

    Looking at them four Lennon would turn twice in his grave.

  11. Clive says:

    I am always sceptical about any US police statements along the lines of “they’ve got my gun” (even though, this time, the victims were fundamentalist christians). There have been many police shootings of unarmed poor people, throughout US history, especially in the last couple of years. US police often shout “he’s trying to grab my gun” or something similar, before shooting people, especially if they know that there are sound recording devices nearby. This also sends a signal to other police officers to join in attacks on their victims. US police carry their guns in holsters that are specifically designed to prevent any attempts to take their guns. The police, themselves, are also trained to prevent gun-snatching from happening. Most people (even christian fundamentalists ?) probably realise that trying to grab a US police officer’s gun would be a suicidal thing to do.

  12. Robster says:

    Betcha the dead twit becomes some sort of god besotted hero for all the discriminated against Christians in the US.No symapathy this end.

  13. Trevor Blake says:

    My favorite Christian music reference is found in Isaiah 16:11. “Wherefore my bowels shall sound like an harp for Moab, and mine inward parts for Kirharesh.”

  14. dennis says:

    its a good thing this Liberal TEXAN did not have a weapon two days ago or I would have detained two young punks in a diesel pick up with that fish on the tailgate. I believe they were headed for the rapture as stupid as they were driving and I would have helped them get their. the state may pass an open carry law (we can wear holstered weapons in full view ) some time this month. WOW want that be fun on the roads and every where else in TEXAS. don’t they remember Gunsmoke and Sherriff Matt Dillon had a no carry weapon policy in the city limits of Dodge City Kansas. (one of their TV heroes) So be careful when you come to visit.

  15. dennis says:

    O’ your not coming, smart move. o’ my poor state has lost its mind.

  16. Ex Patriot says:

    Dennis I agree with what you said because the people your your state voted in such ass hats as Perry and Cruz. I hope the thinking people are able to reverse that situation

  17. Missus_Gumby says:

    “We don’t do events where there is any form of promiscuity.”

    How would they know if anyone backstage was enjoying, for example, a swift one-off-the-wrist whilst they were in the middle or their set?

  18. Laura Roberts says:

    Lived in Texas for awhile. There are some really nice people there, but they are vastly outnumbered (politically, at least) by the outright crazies. I met white people who still take pride in using the N-word (recall Rick Perry’s N–erhead ranch?) and gun racks are absolutely everywhere. I also met people who, when pressed, admit they value gun rights over the lives of their own children (“it’s about freedom”).

    Bat. Shit. Crazy.

    I’d like to think that after a few years of open carry, most of the crazies would kill each other off playing Rambo. Unfortunately, decades of statistics predict that many of the casualties will be innocents.

  19. Marky Mark says:

    Since the article says that this band played outside the walmart before, I imagine they were permitted to use the bathroom before as well…than, some employee got tired of letting them use the bathroom and not buying anything from the store…and this fight ensued.

    How it escalated could very well have been the cops fault as they have been known to be a bit too forceful…not necessarily the fault of the family or that they were christian.

  20. Marky Mark says:

    Off topic but an excellent video titled; “Who Wrote The Bible”

  21. barriejohn says:

    A dashcam video of the incident has been released. It’s all pretty chaotic.

    When all’s said and done, I don’t see them acting like Christians!