Nepal: Christian’s vile response to tragedy

Nepal: Christian’s vile response to tragedy

Among the first evangelicals to make disgusting capital out of the weekend’s devastating earthquake in Nepal was vile street preacher, Tony Miano, above.

Miano, who was arrested at the beginning of this year in Scotland for his verbal attacks on gays, tweeted a prayer that said:

Praying 4 the lost souls in Nepal. Praying not a single destroyed pagan temple will b rebuilt & the people will repent/receive Christ.

For this stupid and insensitive remark, the fool drew a great deal of flak on Twitter.

For example, Shanti Francis hit back with the words:

You represent everything wrong with Christianity,  and with humanity. You put shame on your religion.

Miano at one point said:

Hinduism is but one of many attempts by people to created [sic] gods in their own image.

Miano was by no means the only imbecile to seize on the opportunity to promote Jesus while Nepal was suffering the aftermath of the disaster. Hop over to this site to see what others of his ilk began tweeting.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  1. barriejohn says:

    Hemant also brings to our attention publication of an interesting book:

    No surprise to those of us who have also been associated with fundamentalist Christians. One is instructed not to expend one’s energy on good works that are not directly linked to spreading the Gospel, nor to associate with any Christians of the “wrong” stripe, however worthy their aims and however much one might admire their work.

  2. Broga says:

    These evangelicals are vile people and they certainly don’t do irony. Here is one comment:
    “Pray for believers in Nepal & India that this tragedy may provide an opportunity to show many the love of Jesus.”

    When there is a tragedy these Christians reveal themselves as the sewage of humanity: beyond merely offensive. They are grotesque. They arouse disgust by their eagerness to use the depths of human suffering to further their own sick ambitions.

    And underpinning their vile and vicious comments is their ignorance of the contents of the bible whose teachings they purport to uphold.

  3. Har Davids says:

    Are we supposed to believe that this quake is a sign of Jesus’s love? It may be me, but I always get the impression this Jesus is a creep, showing his love for mankind in the most unpleasant ways imaginable.

  4. Barry Duke says:

    “It could be that the Lord has permitted this situation to come about so that churches can avail themselves of the opportunity to spread the word of the everlasting Gospel.”

    To be fair, this gem from Bob Potty Hutton was part of his response to food banks, but it serves to show how evangelical perverts like Hutton and Miano seize on every opportunity to revel in the misfortune of others

  5. 1859 says:

    ‘What is this god? This god and this jesus who allow worms to eat through the eyes of African children thus rendering them blind for life?’ To continue Christopher Fry’s question -‘Who is this ‘loving’ jesus who allows childrens’ skulls to be smashed beneath the rubble of their houses? Who allows people smugglers to abuse children, film the abuse and then use the footage to extort even more money from their distraught parents? Who is this sweet, fucking jesus who allows this to happen?’ The Huttons and Mianos of this world should be shipped to every disaster zone and be made to dig out the victims of jesus’s sweet, fucking ‘love’. These christian evangelicals are spiritual parasites – the very antithesis of religious compassion.

  6. barriejohn says:

    I was put in mind of the ridiculous Bob Hutton as soon as I first read this story, as I told Barry. I don’t like linking to him or Birdshit Green myself, but as the **** has now been mentioned I will draw attention to a recent post which surpasses, for sheer stupidity, almost any other post of his that I have read:

    This “missing day” bollocks was doing the rounds when I were a lad (1950s), and, indeed, first saw the light of day in the 1890s. The NASA element is an urban myth that has been comprehensively debunked many times over, yet Hutton persists with the claim as if it is pure “gospel” – which just goes to show what his “Gospel Truth” really amounts to. I sent him links to two articles by fundamentalist Christians who expose the story for what it is, and asked him why he is incapable of researching things on the internet himself before making a complete ass of himself. Strangely enough, his blog still shows “No Comments” beneath this twaddle.

    Once again the Bible is proved to be the Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible, Invincible and Indestructible Word of the living God.

    Oh, well…

  7. barriejohn says:

    1859: On this morning’s local news we are informed about African surgeons being trained in dealing with children born with “club foot”. What did the children do to deserve THIS start in life? Well, don’t say that the Bible ducks the “hard questions”:

    “As He passed by, He saw a man blind from birth. And His disciples asked Him, ‘Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he would be born blind?’ Jesus answered, ‘It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him.'” (John 1: 1-3)

    Well, what a privilege for him! At least this shows that intelligent people could see the cracks in their faith system even two thousand years ago, and it beats the usual mindless fundie response “It’s all down to the Fall”!

  8. Barry Duke says:

    “As I finished preaching I was all but accosted by a group of about 30 12-to-14-year-olds–most of them girls, with several of them claiming to be lesbians. They were so vicious and vile–literally, at least some of them, gnashing their teeth …” – Tony Miano, writing on his Facebook page after preaching at the Portland Comic Con in January:

  9. Marky Mark says:

    (Hinduism is but one of many attempts by people to created [sic] gods in their own image.)

    And all the images of Jesus and Mary…are they not gods created in their own (mans) image?

    (“As I finished preaching I was all but accosted by a group of about 30 12-to-14-year-olds–most of them girls, with several of them claiming to be lesbians. They were so vicious and vile–literally, at least some of them, gnashing their teeth …”)
    …Do people actual believe this horse chit?
    I’d like to know where in the world 30, 14-year-old lesbians would actually and can gather together as most at that age are usually still in the closet…if they even understand their sexuality yet, there at most would be 2-3 who may gather together.

    This guy is off his rocker!

  10. zombiehunter says:

    Whenever a major disaster like this happens you can pretty much guarantee that one of or both of the following things will happen

    1 some bible basher or some other religious nut from another religion will say its gods punishment for something or other.

    2 conspiracy nuts will say the Americans caused it on purpose with their disaster causing raygun

  11. Trevor Blake says:

    1 Kings 1:40 states plainly that earthquakes are caused by singing. So let us hope Mr. Miano keeps as quiet as possible in the future.

  12. Cali Ron says:

    What’s up with christians and the “gnashing of teeth” thing. Does anyone ever actually gnash their teeth. Seriously deluded asswipe.