Comedy group forced to cut prophet sketch

Comedy group forced to cut prophet sketch

A decision by Bath Student Union and university chaplains to block a Mohammed comedy sketch has been condemned by Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society.

Sanderson said:

This is another example of Islamic blasphemy codes being normalised. The decision taken assumes that Muslim students would have been offended, and takes that as a sufficient reason to curtail the students’ artistic expression.

The lame reason given for the scrapping of the the student comedy show sketch was that it caused “great offence.”

Bath Impact, the student newspaper, reports that union officials said the decision had been taken to maintain the “inclusivity” of Bath university and to “avoid complaints”.

However, it has emerged that chaplains were involved in the Union’s decision, and that they had denounced the scene as “graphic” and offensive.

The Comedy Writing, Improvisation and Performance Society (CWIPS) created a performance called “The Bible According to CWIPS”. But just four hours before the opening night a union official who attended a rehearsal told the society that a sketch depicting the prophet Mohammed, called “Cooking With Christ”, had to be cut from the show.

One member of the Comedy Society said that the union “couldn’t give more of an explanation” for the decision. The Society learned that the University Chaplaincy had become involved, and organisers were then told that chaplains had read the scene and had “pronounced that [it was] too graphic.”

The Chaplaincy is said to have described the cut sketch as “extreme”, but the organisers insisted that they had:

Worked very hard in order to make sure [the] material was enjoyable and pleasant for people of all faiths and background.

The Comedy Society was forced to abide by the Union’s ruling, though organisers complained that while the Union was led by elected officers, the Chaplaincy should have had no authority within the Union.

Despite advising that the sketch featuring Mohammed be cut, the chaplaincy commented that:

Freedom of speech is important and should be respected.

In addition to the cut scene depicting Mohammed, the show featured material on the Bible and Richard Dawkins.

Sanderson concluded:

It is also very troubling to see ‘inclusivity’ being used as a spurious reason to shut down parts of the performance. It is telling that only material related to the Islamic Prophet Mohammed was cut. There is an atmosphere of hysteria around satirising or criticising Islam, particularly since the Charlie Hebdo attack. We must start reclaiming ground from those who would silence free expression and satire.

• The picture used to illustrate this report is of Pakistani Muslims complaining about a “blasphemous” Mo movie.

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18 responses to “Comedy group forced to cut prophet sketch”

  1. L.Long says:

    The banner they are holding says just how stupidly arrogant these muslins are. Just like the idiot xtians, they claim their holey fiend is empowered by they incompetent gawd so the holey ones can’t defend themselves so they have to either pass blasphemy laws or kill people. But when your culture/religion/dogma has a vile thing like honor killings one can expect extreme violence as a reaction to anything!

  2. Angela_K says:

    Censorship and the fake charge of blasphemy stifling free speech again; Muslims are rapidly becoming the most protected species on the planet. This story also begs the question: why on earth are there chaplains at a University, are these not places of learning and knowledge. I wonder how much of the education budget goes to fund these soothsayers and charlatans just like the NHS spends an obscene amount on so called chaplains.

  3. Broga says:

    We treat Muslims and their superstition with a delicacy that arises not from sensitivity but from cowardice. They, on the other hand, exercise few restraints on their lying, thieving and murderous behaviour which the lily livered are only too happy to accommodate. Not long ago these destructive clowns were destroying, beyond recovery, some of the most precious art and artifacts of their own culture.

    Another nail in the coffin of free speech.

  4. Stuart H. says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at Bath, to be honest. It’s one of two unis in that part of the world with a steady stream of income from ‘research’ for the neo-puritan pressure groups who supply the Mail with reasons to detest anyone relatively young, alive and enjoying themselves.
    If you want real comedy writing, you should see the kind of thing Bath academics can churn out to order about alcohol, binge-drinking and the like. You’d be forgiven for thinking some of it was produced by some sort of West country off-shoot of the Wee Frees.

  5. gedediah says:

    Their prophet’s honour comes from Sky, apparently. Does Rupert Murdoc know about this?

  6. David Anderson says:

    If Mo’s honour comes from [the] sky and no one on earth can take it away, what are those ignorant dumbfucks protesting about?

  7. AgentCormac says:

    @ Broga
    Very well said, sir.

  8. Caute says:

    And this is in a university in the UK. This is becoming intolerable. My democratic right of free speech, the fundamental root of democracy, is being given up. Well is say to hell with islam, and to hell with the spineless officials who cower in the face of bigmouth islamic bigots.

  9. Caute says:

    Do you know the rate of increase in the muslim prison population in the UK. It’s astonishingly appalling. Don’t tell me these muslims are a positive asset to this country or any other civilised democratic inclusive country. They are a parasitic leeching self hating mentally constipated hate cult bent on destroying everything of value.

  10. barriejohn says:

    David Anderson: Those were my thoughts as well when I saw that photo. However, the irony in the story being covered on this thread is that no single Muslim was required to raise his voice – the protesting was all done on their behalf!

  11. 1859 says:

    The hypocrisy is stifling – they protest on the streets, thus using a country’s freedom of expression laws, to do what? – to silence the freedom of others to artistically express their views about islam. They want the freedom to protest and to deny others the very same freedom. This can only mean one thing – they are totally blind/brainwashed about what they are doing. But then what can you expect from people who are believers in a religion?

  12. Philip Smeeton says:

    Maybe the academics will wake up to the islamic threat before they are decapitated, but I doubt if they ever will.
    They would rather defend the hiuman rights of those that do not believe in human rights.

  13. Trevor Blake says:

    Killing people who refrain from being slaves seems to be effective in getting people to submit to Muslim bullies. Where there is less killing, the threats of death and wailing about offense seems to work. Goodbye, England, you brought it on yourself.

  14. Vanity Unfair says:
    In real life the churches do not have censorship rights but at Bath University things are different. Their chaplains have the power of the Lord (Chamberlain), missing in the UK for decades. Did they censor any Christian or Jewish material? A quick peek on the website shows that they do not have a Muslim chaplain. In fact they only have various flavours of Christian. Is this official discrimination?
    There is/are Muslim prayer room/s (details vary; other religions are not mentioned. Is this official discrimination?) but the key is kept in the library. Does the library staff have to remove all critical examinations of Islam whenever a Muslim enters the library to ask for the key? I think we should be told.
    By the way, and this is a serious enquiry, when praying towards Mecca does one use a great circle bearing or a rhumb line?

  15. Marky Mark says:

    It is becoming more and more apparent to me that we humans, in general need someone to hate…I’m beginning to believe that universal love amongst our species is impossible.
    Religion is just a cult of hate that many wish to join so they can express their hate and not be ridiculed….and they join in, or continue with the hate cult from their youth.

    I’m guessing that there is some benefit to this hate gene that at one time helped our species to survive in a violently evolving planet…a place where a Tiger could sneak into a camp of homo-sapiens and eat their children. They had to learn to HATE that Tiger, hunt it down and kill it.

    Now they use that hate against other humans…and may have been important if another tribe turned their Tiger hate to, hate the next tribe over the hill cuz they have more food, better women to breed with….and we killed all the Tigers.

  16. 1859 says:

    @ Marty Mark : It’s called tribalism- and it is very, very deep in our psyche.

  17. Marky Mark says:

    @1859…I think the kind of hate I’m talking about is deeper than tribalism as this hate will even occur within the tribe for a verity of reasons. Much stems from jealousy. Maybe against a more attractive tribe member, or better hunter. or one who builds a better hut.

    It seems that throughout history as the tribe becomes larger they split off into different groups and turn against each other.