‘Demons’ driven from schoolgirl’s pants

‘Demons’ driven from schoolgirl’s pants

‘Archbishop’ Walter Masocha, 51, above – a self-proclaimed prophet and founder of  the Stirling-based Agape for All Nations Church in Scotland, has been convicted of sexual assault.

According to the BBC, Masocha – aka “The Apostle”, “Man of God”, and “High Commissioner” – was convicted at the end of a six-day trial at Falkirk Sheriff Court of molesting members of his flock, and will be sentenced on May 19.

Masocha was found guilty of putting his hand down a schoolgirl’s trousers, claiming he was driving away demons, and groping a deaconess while praying for her stomach complaint.

Both women were targeted at Masocha’s seven-bedroom mansion, Coseyneuk House, near Stirling, where the Zimbabwe-born churchman regularly received followers.

The 15-year-old girl said many in the church regarded Masocha as their “spiritual father” and called him “Dad”. She said that in late 2013, she had been in a games room at Coseyneuk House when the church leader had repeatedly “pinged” her underwear and grabbed and pinched her bottom.

When she later asked Masocha why he had done it, he told her that he had spotted “demons and things that shouldn’t be there”,  and that he was clearing them out of her pants.

The deaconess, a 32-year-old mother-of-four, had visited Masocha’s office for prayer while suffering from a stomach complaint, when he started touching her private parts.

When she told her husband, a devoted member of the church, he told her:

The Prophet is seeing something in your genitals that needs to be removed, so he was removing that.

She left her husband and the church shortly after members had tried to have her sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

She called branded the church a “cult”, and said she had been “brainwashed”.

Masocha denied the allegations, with his defence claiming the deaconess was at the centre of a conspiracy to bring down the church because Masocha had postponed publication of a church magazine she had been working on.

The court heard that the church had grown in eight years from a meeting in Masocha’s living room to an international organisation, with more than 2,000 members in the UK, USA, Canada and Africa.

A jury took 30 minutes to return majority guilty verdicts on the charges of sexually assaulting the deaconess and sexually touching the teenager.

The church leader was earlier found not guilty of two other charges, including one of engaging in sexual behaviour with a 13-year-old girl who retracted her claims that she had been induced to massage his half-naked body with oils.

Sheriff Kenneth McGowan deferred sentence until 19 May for reports, including an assessment of the risk Masocha poses to other women and girls.

Masocha’s name was added to the sex offenders register.

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13 responses to “‘Demons’ driven from schoolgirl’s pants”

  1. barriejohn says:

    I’m sure that we’re all agape at this news. Their Leadership page is hilarious:

    Don’t they just love all those meaningless titles?

    Strangely enough, when you try to follow up the links to Apostle and Prophetess you come to a dead end. I wonder why that should be?

  2. Angela_K says:

    Disgusting behaviour from Masocha for lowering the standard of religious cults by not molesting young boys.

  3. Lucy1 says:

    The only thing that needed removing from the woman’s genitals was that git’s hand.

  4. barriejohn says:

    He obviously needs the demon driven from his own pants!

  5. Har Davids says:

    I don’t how Coseyneuk is pronounced, but “neuken” is a Dutch verb for “to fuck”, “ik neuk” = “I fuck”, very appropriate for this guy. OT, not many gingers in the team, as one might expect in Scotland, I guess they’re smarter than the prophet’s sheeple.

  6. Stephen Mynett says:

    Har, I expect the gingers have already been taken by the Wee Frees, another suspect and peculiar bunch.

  7. Marky Mark says:

    (The Prophet is seeing something in your genitals that needs to be removed, so he was removing that.)

    …I believe there is a sexual term for this woman’s husband…”Cluckhold”

  8. SameRapeDifferentCleric says:

    Glad the courts nipped this in the butt… I mean, budding sexuality… I mean….

    Somehow, it still surprises and sickens me to read about the pandemic of religious men dipping their pens in congregation ink before it has had the chance to dry.

  9. Robster says:

    He wanted to prove to the young lady that trouser snakes can talk, drive to the shops and stack the dishwasher.

  10. Marky Mark says:

    (He wanted to prove to the young lady that trouser snakes can talk, drive to the shops and stack the dishwasher.)

    @robster… this trouser snake, would that be the same as what we in Chicago call the one eyed trouser mouse? lol

  11. Philip Smeeton says:

    If a woman is raped or a little girl molested any civilised society would blame and punish the rapist or molester. However large numbers of societies worldwide blame and punish the victims and not the perpetrators.

  12. Robster says:

    Marky Mark, they are one and the same.