UK Muslim group hits out at homophobia

UK Muslim group hits out at homophobia

Two days after Dr Nazim Mahmood’s conservative Muslim family confronted him about his sexuality and his plans to marry Matthew Ogston – his fiancé of 13 years – Mahmood (pictured above with Matthew) committed suicide.

The 34-year old’s death occurred in July, 2014, when he fell four floors from the balcony of his £700,000 flat in a West Hampstead mansion block.

Subsequently, Ogston established the Naz and Matt Foundation. The registered charity’s mission is:

Never to let religion, any religion, come in the way of the unconditional love between parents and their children.

Then, earlier this month, to promote the work of the foundation, and help to raise awareness of the devastating human impact of religiously-motivated homophobia, Ogston undertook an eight-day ‘Journey to Find Acceptance‘ – with support coming from an surprising quarter.

The Association of British Muslims published an official statement announcing their support for Naz and Matt Foundation’s work, saying:

The Association of British Muslims (AoBM) remembers Dr Nazim Mahmood (UK) and Dr Priya Vedi (India) whose death brings to light grim attitudes grounded in religious and cultural perceptions. AoBM also lends support to Naz & Matt Foundation as Matthew Ogston walks a 130 mile distance in the memory of Dr Nazim Mahmood to raise awareness about religiously-motivated homophobia.

The statement continued

In the spirit of Islamic doctrine of free will, a core principle at the heart of AoBM is that people should be allowed to fashion their lives freely. Everyone is responsible for own actions on the Day of Judgement.

AoBM appreciates that some people may have reservations about certain ways of living; however we advocate strongly the view that such disagreement gives no right to any of us to act in homophobic manner. We urge all communities to initiate and support a dialogue from within to further a better understanding of the issues related to sexuality – both culturally and religiously.

Ogston welcomed the announcement:

This is a significant, albeit first step, towards the acceptance of gay, lesbian and trans individuals who, because they are born into a religious family, are forced to suffer horrendous mental bullying, homophobic and physical abuse and quite often forced into marriages with a person of the opposite sex so that ‘shame’ is not brought on their family.

All we ask is for acceptance for the way that we are born. Please, think with your heart – we must all work together to make this change so that beautiful individuals like my fiancé Naz (Dr Nazim Mahmood), and Dr Priya Vedi, do not have to feel that their only way forward is to end their own lives.


Shortly after Ogden’s journey ended, despicable evangelical  hatemonger, Stephen Green, of Christian Voice, above, posted a piece in support of quack gay “cures”, labelled Ogden “selfish and delusional”, and accused him of:

Showing no sensitivity to Dr Mahmood’s family, who will rightly feel great shame over their son’s suicide and emotional problems and must be dismayed that his death is now being dragged through the mud in public as a political football.

Green, an abusive wife and child-beater whose Christian Voice rants about homosexuality serve only to indicate how deeply insecure he is about his own sexuality, added:

It is undeniable that men and women have walked away from homosexual attractions through the power of the Christian Gospel. Whether Islam is any help in such a process is open to debate, but the Christian faith offers enormous support to those seeking to reach their emotional potential. No-one has to “stay gay”

Mr Ogston is quoted as saying: ‘Being gay is loving someone, it’s not a disease, there’s nothing to be cured, it’s about love nothing else should matter.’  A father and son or two brothers normally express their love without feeling the need to interfere with each other.  

No, ‘being gay’ is not just ‘about love’, it’s about emotional disorder, sexual abuse and perverting God’s created order.

19 responses to “UK Muslim group hits out at homophobia”

  1. Peterat says:

    One statement completely contrary to historical and current religious texts and attitudes – but very welcome nonetheless – and the other the same drivel from the same idiot.
    Any reason why this site even entertains Green let alone quotes him? I know it’s kind of perversely fun but the guy is such a complete waste of skin that it’s kind of like kicking a cripple ( emtnal that is).

  2. Peterat says:

    “mental” sorry.

  3. Broga says:

    The sadness of Mahmood’s death, the waste of a life with the potential for so many years of fulfilment and happiness and the grief for Matt and Mahmood’s family would, you might think, affect even the most heartless.

    But no, the flinty, emotionally stunted and endlessly cruel Stephen Green is untouched. Determined to unload his bile on any who disagree with his perverted opinions this follower of gentle Jesus is determined to hurt wherever there is the opportunity.

    Wrapped up in his delusions he can have no awareness nor experience of the real, and innocent, satisfactions of life. Just what Mahmood and Matt were enjoying, and could have enjoyed, for decades.

  4. AgentCormac says:

    I find myself rather shocked to be writing this, but bloody well done The Association of British Muslims. At last, some public indication that muslims aren’t all brow-beaten into silence by their imams.

    As for the morally bankrupt creature which is Birdshit Green, I find it hard to think of anything new to add to the many comments we have, over the years, posted here declaring just how truly vile this worthless excuse for a human being really is. (Oh, come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve used the adjective ‘worthless’ before when referring to Green – so perhaps there is scope for further condemnation.)

  5. barriejohn says:

    Did you read the comments beneath Green’s article? Here is the most recent:

    Bob Hutton

    30 April 2015 at 09:16

    The Bible clearly teaches that sodomites can be changed – 1st Corinthians 6 v 9-11

    What a surprise!

  6. barriejohn says:

    The Greenies are upset that their “Gay Cure Summit” (Holy Sexuality – did Robin dream that one up himself?) has been cancelled after protests:

    The ironic thing – that they would be incapable of grasping – is that people like me only “struggle with their sexuality” while under the influence of religious bigots like themselves. Take away the religious pressure and we’re quite happy!

  7. L.Long says:

    Green is similar to Pat Robertson and both serve a useful function….ask them something, listen to their advice and then DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!!! Because NO ONE can be more wrong than them.

  8. Robster says:

    That highly undesirable Christian flavoured sky fairy has its mythical finger stuck on the “hate” button again, while surprisingly, the Muslim fairy has some followers wandering off towards a form of reluctant tolerance. Who’d have thought!

  9. 1859 says:

    I hope the message from the AoBM is heard far and wide in the muslim community and beyond.
    I hope the shit from Mr. Green remains inside his own revolting little brain.

  10. Laura Roberts says:

    Green and Robertson also serve the useful function of turning people away from religion. For that I am grateful.

    While I appreciate the sentiments expressed by the Muslim community, it is hard to ignore their veiled threat (you’ll get yours come Judgement Day) and the degree to which they must contort their doctrine to make it sound mature, in contrast to the childish twaddle found in the Qur’an.

  11. barriejohn says:

    Laura Roberts: What sane person would wish to be associated with such idiots? They do perform a service, as you say. I love that term “Christian Apologetics”; it even sounds as if intelligent believers realize that their beliefs are bonkers!

  12. Trevor Blake says:

    Christianity will as a whole oppose change until they support it, and after they shift they will never shut up about how they led the change and were always in the right and never needed to change. Thousands of years in support of slavery, now can’t shut up about Christian civil rights leaders. They will do the same about homosexuality.

    Islam, well, it appears immune to reform or reason. I would prefer to be wrong in this regard.

  13. Normand S. says:

    Are you sure that the picture above is of that closeted gay Birdshit Green? It looks more to me like the Jungle Bunny. Does anyone in his right mind take this rambling idiot seriously?

  14. Marky Mark says:

    (The 34-year old’s death occurred in July, 2014, when he fell four floors from the balcony of his £700,000 flat )

    How do we know he fell? Knowing the Islam homophobic’s and how they like to be-head homosexuals…maybe he was pushed.

  15. dennis says:

    live and let live, what beauty has been lost by the loss of Mahmood.
    then this xtian lives on and on and on. homo sapien sapien really shows our further need at evolution.

  16. barriejohn says:

    The reason that people like Shitbrain and Robertscum are so dangerous is that where the more intelligent bigots are concerned they lend a sort of respectability to extreme, fundamentalist views which most of us recognize as irrational; and where the less intelligent are concerned they are led to believe that the utterances of these men are wise and rational, which, again, most of use realize is not the case. I saw this all the time amongst the Brethren, where influential and plausible speakers who had very little between their ears were lauded and treated as demigods. It was pathetic.

  17. Michael Glass says:

    If a Muslim group is speaking out against homophobia, then this is a sign of progress. Another sign of progress is that female genital mutilation is also under attack in Islamic countries.

    Just as Christianity reformed, step by foot-dragging step, so the same may be possible in Islam.

  18. Neil says:

    ‘Insensitive, delusional, selfish’: describes Birdshit to a T.