Whipping Catholics back into line

Whipping Catholics back into line

Folk worried that Catholic organisations are becoming too liberal can breathe more easily now, for a new watchdog organisation – The Lepanto Institute – has been formed to whip them back into line.

Formed last year, it got into its stride in January, when it reported that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) had granted $50,000:

To an organisation that helps establish marijuana farms

Michael Hichborn, above, President of The Lepanto Institute, complained:

We’ve already shown that the CCHD is responsible for funding organizations that work with Planned Parenthood and organizations run by ministers who perform same-sex ‘marriages’.

Must we now suffer Catholic funds going to organizations involved in the promotion of recreational drug habits in the name of medicine?

Hich’s organisation – which appears to have a staff of just one, namely Hichborn himself – is now gunning for Catholic Relief Services. Why?


Because CRS’s Vice President for overseas finance, Rick Estridge, above, is married … to a fella!

And, shock, horror, Estridge has made comments in favour of marriage equality on Facebook.

Said Hichborn:

Bishops across the country are working hard to defend their schools and parishes against the encroachment of those openly and actively engaging in sodomitical acts.  In San Francisco, Archbishop Cordileone is fighting to preserve Catholic principles in archdiocesan high schools. 

Bishop Lenon in the Diocese of Cleveland has banned teachers in his diocese whose ‘actions or speech’ in any way support abortion, contraception, or same-sex “marriage.” 

In Omaha, Nebraska, a man had lost his teaching contract renewal at a Catholic high school because of his plans to “marry” another man.  And while all of this is taking place, a man in a same-sex ‘marriage’, who actively advocates for same-sex ‘marriage’ on facebook, holds a Vice-President’s position at Catholic Relief Services.

There is something very seriously wrong with that picture.

Considering that Catholic Relief Services claims to uphold Catholic moral teachings, while it is regularly caught doing the opposite, one has to wonder how many other individuals such as Rick Estridge hold high level positions at CRS …

On April 28, the hatemonger posted this “infographic” on Lepanto’s Facebook page.


According to this report, Tom Price, the relief agency’s senior manager for communications, confirmed that Estridge is an employee there and has been for 16 years. He said on April 20:

At this point we are in deliberations on this matter,

Later  he said nothing had changed and that the group would make no further comment. Price also confirmed that Catholic Relief Services does not have a policy regarding the employment of openly LGBT people or on nondiscrimination.

Since its founding last November, the Lepanto Institute has dedicated itself almost exclusively to attacking Catholic Relief Services. In other press releases, Hichborn criticised the group for participating in a programme that promoted condom usage in Africa and for having a role in a sex education program that mentions masturbation.

This is how Hich describes his outfit:

The Lepanto Institute for the Restoration of All Things in Christ is a research and education organization dedicated to the defense of the Catholic Church against assaults from without as well as from within.  Whether in the form of armies, heretics, or traitors, the Church has always faced enemies seeking Her destruction.  Today, the Church faces all three …

The Lepanto Institute was created to present the facts regarding organizations that claim the name Catholic or even Christian, but are acting in opposition to the teachings of our Blessed Lord and His Holy and Immaculate Church. Sadly, organizations like Catholic Relief Services, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the Catholic Health Association and many others are giving aid and comfort to the enemies of Christ.

Even worse, dissident and apostate Catholics in politics and other prominent arenas are giving a false witness to the faith by claiming to be Catholic while promoting abortion, contraception and homosexuality. As a remedy to this grave situation, the purpose of the Lepanto Institute is to encourage recourse to the Holy Rosary, particularly offered for bishops and priests, while presenting the facts on individuals and institutions such as these.

15 responses to “Whipping Catholics back into line”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    I’m delighted to hear that Michael Hichborn (there can be only one Hitch) believes his precious church is under attack more than ever before. He’s right, it is. And we are here to ensure the situation stays that way until every last piece of his vile organisation becomes confined to the dustbin of history.

  2. TrickyDicky says:

    “Even worse, dissident and apostate Catholics in politics and other prominent arenas are giving a false witness to the faith by claiming to be Catholic while promoting abortion, contraception and homosexuality.”

    I have heard that there are people claiming to be Catholics, dressing as catholic priests, whilst engaging in paedophilia.

    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine priest’s?

  3. L.Long says:

    I’m glad to see the RCC getting whipped back into the shape they where in many year ago! It is important that they are seen clearly as the bunch of lying hypocritical bigots that they are.

  4. Broga says:

    Hichborn has five children. No concerns about an over crowded planet from him. I suppose he and his wife are using the rhythm method that good old catholic system. His wife must lead a hyper anxious marital life and I quell at the thought of the way he is indoctrinating his children. He seems a nasty piece of work.

  5. Allen J. Troupe says:

    AgentCormac said “we are here to ensure the situation stays that way until every last piece of his vile organisation becomes confined to the dustbin of history.”
    People have been trying to confine the Catholic Church to the dustbin of history for almost 2000 years. The only ones confined to that dustbin are those who attacks, persecuted & attempted to destroy the Catholic Church. & someday that will include AgentCormac & whoever the rest of the “we” are that he is refering to.
    Meanwhile, the Catholic Church will continue for all eternity!

  6. Rey Flores says:

    The Holy Roman Catholic Church will stand long after the vileness and depravity of the homosexual radical extremists has been flushed down the toilet from where it came from.

  7. Joe says:

    God bless you Mike, and the Lepanto Institute. Keep fighting the good fight. The vitriol only confirms you are on the right track!

  8. Kathie says:

    I support Lapantos excellent one man mission/whistleblower (& might grow but not needed in this age of technology and science) and you need to get in line with the other famous people who in 2,000+ years hoped to do harm to Christs Church here on Earth and failed.

  9. Kevin says:

    For “free thinkers” you sure seem to hate the way other people think… I guess people are only “free to think” like you… much for freedom.

  10. John the Drunkard says:

    Where the (mostly) Venetian/Spanish fleet ended the naval threat from the Ottoman Empire. 1571

    Of course the defeat on one aggressive religious empire came at the hands of another. So the papists, denying the courage and effort of the men who actually FOUGHT the battle, declared the victory to have been ‘won’ by the Virgin Mary…because folks had prayed the rosary…

  11. Missy says:

    I, and The rest of the Catholic/Truly Christian world are in agreement with Michael Hichborn and Rey Flores’s comment. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the holy Catholic Church which is led by the Holy Ghost. The homosexual and pedophilia movement goes against the natural law of God and will never be blessed with success and most certainly will merit hell for their misbehavioral actions. We love the sinner but hate the sin. Stop the narcissistic self gratification and in the End, self-destruction.

  12. Rosalinda Lozano says:

    Absolutely nothing, not you, not anyone can bring down the Church established by Jesus Christ, The Holy Catholic Church. Empires better and stronger than you have tried and failed, as so will you. There is absolutely no fear in the hearts of the faithful as we pray for you and all the lost sheep of Our Lord. We stand strong in the truth of Jesus Christ for you and in spite of you because HE commands it and HE is pure love and pure justice.

    “and the gates of the hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18

  13. Cali Ron says:

    Looks like the Freethinker has been trolled by a catholic gang! I don’t hate other peoples way of thinking-I pity them their delusions. You all think way to highly of yourself and your religion. Jesus, Yahweh, Zeus, Odin-they are all make believe god’s. You are all pawns to a religion created by men to control men and no ethereal beings had anything to do with it. Amusing to read your comments regurgitating the nonsense you have been spoon fed since birth. You are all deluded slaves to a failed ideology based on a non existent “super” being. Free your mind from mental slavery, think for yourself and become a freethinker.

  14. Peterat says:

    “Sodomitical” is that even a word? Next they’ll be involved in “beastialitical” acts!! Egads, maybe even “masturbatorical” “cunnilingitical”!
    (notice the “tickle” alliteration in that one??