‘Who makes the nations tremble?’

‘Who makes the nations tremble?’

Those who who believe that providence ought never to be tempted should perhaps start circulating a warning that has just emerged from earthquake-ravaged Nepal.

It takes the form of a video showing three young Christian men singing the hymn “Almighty, Unchangeable God” at a house church meeting.

According to this report, at the precise moment that they sang the words “Who makes the nations tremble?” Nepal’s devastating earthquake struck.

Second later, screams rang out as the room shook. The Christians called upon the name of the Lord.

“Let’s pray!” one called out.

“Lord, You are there!” another said.

“Jesus! Jesus!” a third proclaimed.

Within a minute, the ground stopped shaking and the people calmly moved outside.

Jason and Charity Woon, a missionary couple in Nepal, posted the footage to their Facebook page on Thursday.

Meanwhile, it is reported by Daily Life‘s Ruby Hamad that within hours of the catastrophic earthquake striking Nepal, evangelical Christians took to social media to express both their sorrow at all those who had perished without “knowing Jesus” and their hopes that the tragedy would propel the mostly-Hindu population to embrace the Gospel.

She wrote:

It is one thing to merely share these sentiments, however tasteless they may be. But it’s quite another to use such a tragedy to actively spread a particular ideology as J Lavey Prabu, of the India-based Super-Life mission, did when he tweeted, ‘Already our mission workers are there to help the people and tell them the goodness of Jesus.’

9 responses to “‘Who makes the nations tremble?’”

  1. Broga says:

    So many gods it is impossible to know which one to choose when asking for help. A few Christians were able to walk from a building. How many children died while their God did nothing?

    These praying Christians lack the courage to face the facts of life and death. We suffer and eventually we die. Better to do that with defiance and on our feet than trembling and impotent on our knees.

  2. AgentCormac says:


  3. barriejohn says:

    It was reported on the news tonight that Nepalese Christians from Swindon had perished in the ruins of the church which they had gone back to found there. I don’t believe a word of it! God watches over each and every one of His children individually, and ensures that no harm befalls them:

    There is a song that says, “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches over me.” Yes, we are the apple of God’s eye, and He watches over us and protects us from harm and bad things, just as He watched over that little sparrow.

    How wonderful!

  4. 1859 says:

    God is a far too convenient answer, a cosy, rosy , saccharine fairy tale that wraps around our minds so that we cannot see the ooze and the stink of our own , and other’s, rotting flesh .
    Yet the truth is so incredibly awesome – the fungi recycle our atoms back into the soil, so when I eat a lettuce leaf I often wonder who I’m actually eating?.

  5. dennis says:

    @1859 I hope its my relatives finally get some good out of them. lol

    “Better to do that with defiance and on our feet than trembling and impotent on our knees’ Yes, @broga Yes.

    to me this resembles “white privilege” syndrome I am this or that so I am protected and if the church crumbles and I die then gawd wanted me in heaven. HELP !

  6. Robster says:

    Jesus, buy a friggin watch, you drippy hippy. Another monumental failure from baby Jesus and his woeful, failure of a father.

  7. lucy 1 says:

    Lord you are there??? really?? you worship something which destroys your country and kills thousands of innocent people? NUTS.

  8. gedediah says:

    So what are the chances some Christians somewhere in Kathmandu would be praying to god when the earthquake struck? Quite high. The chances they would be saying something that sounds like it could be referring to an earthquake? Quite unlikely. So they want to believe their god caused thousands of deaths and immense suffering? That’s up to them but I don’t see how it puts their god in a good light.