Singapore: teenage blogger faces trial

Singapore: teenage blogger faces trial

Amos Yee Pang Sang, 16, pictured above with his father, has fallen foul of the law in Singapore for offending Christians and insulting the country’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, who died on March 23, 2015 aged 92.

The teen, an exceptionally articulate sceptic, blogger and social commentator, posted a video on YouTube, describing Lee Kuan Yew as:

An over-glorified, overrated, exceptionally Machiavellian leader.

In this respect, Amos suggested, he was pretty much like Jesus Christ.

More than 20 police reports were lodged against him for the video, and he was charged with uploading online material intending to wound the religious feelings of Christians, and making remarks about Lee Kuan Yew that offended people.

He is accused of three offences: uploading content online which contained remarks against Christianity with the deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of Christians; transmitting electronically an image showing obscene figures, and unlawfully making an online video containing remarks about Mr Lee that offended people who viewed it.

The remarks he made in the video included “good riddance” and his hope that the late Mr Lee would not rest in peace.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Hon Yi asked that Yee, whose $20,000 police bail was extended, not post, upload or otherwise distribute any comment or content, whether directly or indirectly, online while his current case is ongoing.

This week the High Court  refused to vary his bail conditions after he refused the prosecution’s offer to relax certain conditions if he goes for psychiatric counselling.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Hay Hung Chun told Justice Tay Yong Kwang that the prosecution learned only recently that Amos’ mother had taken her son to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH)  after he was charged with the offences.

 The court heard that Amos had agreed to see a psychiatrist to prove to the public that he did not have any mental illness, but refused to continue after two sessions at IMH because he felt they were a waste of time.
The teen’s trial starts tomorrow.
Watch Amos’s hatchet job on the Bible:

Hat tip: Trevor Blake

24 responses to “Singapore: teenage blogger faces trial”

  1. barriejohn says:

    Yes – I can see why they would be determined to silence HIM!

  2. L.Long says:

    Its insulting to have a 16yr smarter then most other people…..HE MUST BE STOPPED!!!!! xtians and evil politicians are so sensitive!!

  3. AgentCormac says:

    Fascist christian bastards! Just shows not only how insecure they are in their own beliefs, but also how much protection they realise their precious book of lies needs from anyone with a brain.

  4. Brummie says:

    What a brave and intelligent fellow.

  5. Newspaniard says:

    Following this guy’s future will be interesting until they kill him. Thanks @Trevor Blake. I will definitely subscribe to him on YouTube and add him to my Google Alerts. Also what @Brummie said.

  6. gedediah says:

    Predictably, by trying to silence him using their dumbass laws, they’ve turned him into a worldwide phenomenon. Smart move Singapore.

  7. Newspaniard says:

    I’ve just watched a CNN report (YouTube 6 May) which suggests that the boy is in gaol.

    By the way “articulate” was a word I was searching for earlier.

  8. Broga says:

    The contemptible critics of the admirable Amos Yee Pang Sang no doubt go about their persecution with a self righteous glow. But we know, and I suspect they know, that what they are about is repellent to anyone claiming to be civilised.

    In jailing this courageous young man they have achieved a hollow victory. In hoping to censor and persecute in secrecy they have exposed their flawed society and stained its reputation around the world. Free speech is the enemy of religion and politics.

  9. Broga says:

    OT but on a subject that exercises some people here. Labour has met with a segregated group of Muslims: men on one side; women on the other. I assume from this acceptance of what Muslims demand we can forget about any action on Female Genital Mutilation if Labour forms a government. So depressing.

  10. Cali Ron says:

    Amazing! He’s a shining star of logic and intellect at such a young age. He should be a leader some day, but I fear his enemies will take away his freedom and maybe even his life before he comes close to reaching his potential. Brave indeed!

  11. jay says:

    You can be sure this is a ruse by Singapore to justify their ‘protectionn fo Muslim ‘sensibilities’ by showing they are not ‘discriminating’.

  12. 1859 says:

    Let’s be clear here – this is not just the stifling of this brave young man’s intelligence, it is the stifling and suffocation of ANY intelligent debate or analysis of religion. To question the existence of god is ‘offensive’? Really? Only those whose heads are already inside the black sack of religion can do this. He needs our wholehearted support.

  13. Broga says:

    !859: I got to know an intelligent, educated (post graduate level) man who was religious until middle age. Then he became aware of the nonsense of the incredible beliefs to which he was assenting. I asked him how he had managed to believe so much obvious nonsense for so long.

    His answer was that he had developed a knee jerk acceptance to religious belief. He said, “I believed without believing in that I accepted the words without thinking about them. Religion was a kind of parallel reality for me where words in religion were not reacted to in the same way as words in ordinary life. Religious belief was a shallow reality which I never examined. After I started to analyse it the whole structure just crumbled.”

    He had very devout parents who revered Jesus and never questioned their beliefs. His mother was heart broken when he said he could no longer believe. Many of his religious relatives wrote to berate him while trying to convince him he was wrong.

  14. RussellW says:

    Religion has probably very little to do with the prosecution of Sang, more likely it’s a product of the regime’s authoritarianism and the “Confucian” status of its founder, Lee Kwan Yew.

  15. Robster says:

    The problem for those selling the Jesus/god nonsense is that deep down, they know it’s really silly nonsense but the nonsense plays an important place in the life of believers, to acknowledge the futility of the system would be nothing except an embarrassment. To have the nonsense so well defined by a teenage kid is the ultimate slap in the face for the Jesus followers.

  16. Wowee says:

    Jeepers……..makes hitchens look like a wimp ….. this is a guy that the pious will be very keen to gag …….I mean he could convince a lot of people that religion can be openly castigated. This reminds me of the new kid in school shouting down and the long established school bully into humiliating submission with a volley of well aimed truthful verbal abuse.

  17. Caute says:
    This is what you get when the pious get too powerful. Georgia needs an Amosovitch

  18. John says:

    It is not only in Russia and Georgia that religion is getting state backing.
    Friends in Romania and Hungary report similar goings-on.
    Can someone start a petition to support the freeing of Amos Yee Pang Sang?
    It would provide us with a basis for action and let him know he is not alone.
    Whenever people describe the Church of England and other similar church businesses across Europe as “harmless” the events in Singapore and Eastern Europe serve as timely reminders that they were not always so quiescent and that they could – with changed circumstances – easily advocate a return back to the bad old days……

  19. Clive Bond says:

    Brave young man. Could be a Singapore leader one day, if they dont silence him beforehand. He was perfectly right about Lee Kwan Yew.

  20. Brian Gortner says:

    Wow! I love this kid. The Hitchens of Singapore. Hard to believe he is only 16. What a great world this would be if we had more people who could think critically like him. I hope the so called religions of peace don’t harm him. High five bro.

  21. Newspaniard says:

    Amos was thrown out of a catholic church because of his atheism… what a surprise.

  22. […] Amos Yee Pang Sang, the teenage blogger in Singapore who was arrested for offending Christians, was today found guilty on two counts following a two-day trial last week. […]

  23. Vanity Unfair says:
    “Amos fiercely castigated corruption and social injustice among Israel’s pagan neighbours, Israel itself, and Judah; he asserted God’s absolute sovereignty over man; and he predicted the imminent destruction of Israel and Judah. After preaching at Bethel, a famous shrine under the special protection of Jeroboam II, Amos was ordered to leave the country by Jeroboam’s priest Amaziah. Thereafter his fate is unknown….
    As a theologian, Amos believed that God’s absolute sovereignty over man compelled social justice for all men, rich and poor alike. Not even God’s chosen people were exempt from this fiat, and even they had to pay the penalty for breaking it; hence, Amos also believed in a moral order transcending nationalistic interests….”

    So, apart from the devoutly religious part the new Amos seems to have learnt ethics from the original. Somewhat ironic but goes to show that you don’t need a god to be good.