Irish gay marriage: a bad day for the bigots

Irish gay marriage: a bad day for the bigots

The world’s first referendum on same-sex marriage is today set to end in a resounding victory in Ireland for supporters of equality – despite last ditch efforts by religious campaigners to achieve a ‘No’ vote.

In the days leading up to yesterday’s referendum, bigots became increasingly desperate – and downright nasty, as Irish Times columnist Una Mullally, above, discovered when she received a hateful letter in response to news that she had cancer.

We highlighted the racist element of the letter

We highlighted the racist element of the letter

Mullally has been one of the most visible campaigners for the “Yes” side in the marriage referendum.

And she persevered despite being diagnosed with cancer just over two months ago, an experience she wrote about in a memorable Irish Times column.

Una said that this was by no means  the worst letter she has received.

The writer did put a name to the letter but Mullally insisted she would not post it.

Earlier this week a group called “Friends of Ireland” issued a letter warning about the dangers gay marriage would pose to religious freedom.

The signatories – which included Fr Shenan J Boquet, the President of Human Life International, John Aidan Byrne, the president of Irish Pro-Life USA, Philip F Lawler, Editor of Catholic World News, as well as John-Henry Westin, the Editor-in-Chief of among others – warned that changing the definition of marriage in the US:

Has produced serious and troubling consequences for religious freedom in America, including limitations on free speech, discrimination against Catholics and other religious believers, and state sponsored coercion, characterized by harshly punitive measures against Christians and others who refuse to violate their consciences in this matter.

They pointed to instances of photographers, bakers, and florists among others being sued and/or fined by government agencies for refusing to take part in a gay marriage ceremony.

Even the Solicitor General of the United States admitted that Christian institutions such as schools and charities could lose their tax exempt status for refusing to recognize gay marriages. And children attending public schools will be told that marriages between people of the same sex are equal to traditional marriages.

The group wailed:

For three decades now, homosexual activists have portrayed themselves as victims of intolerance who are only seeking to end discrimination and achieve equality. The reality is very different.

Wherever the homosexual agenda has prevailed, homosexual activists have sought to use the authority of the law, the power of the government, and the money of the taxpayers to censor, silence, coerce, and punish religious believers who criticize, oppose or resist them.

Perhaps one of the most idiotic comments from the “No” camp came from Paddy Monaghan, one of the coordinators of an alliance of 100 religious activists which  distributed more than 90,000 anti-gay marriage pamphlets over the past week across Ireland.

Monaghan, of the Evangelical Cross Denominational Response to the Same-Sex Marriage Referendum, said:

We have warned in our pamphlet about the major implications on the issue of conscience if there is a yes vote on Friday. If there is a yes vote, will the Muslim printer in Ireland now be obliged to print cartoons of Muhammad? Redefining marriage is sold to us by the media and political establishment as a permissive measure but it will quickly become coercive.

First results in at the time of writing show that over 70 percent have voted in favour of gay marriage in Dublin North West and Dublin West. In Wicklow 68.05 percent said yes to gay marriage and in Adamstown and Gusserane 52 percent said “yes”.


Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein President, pictured above with gay rights activist Rory O’Neill, known by his stage name of Panti Bliss, said:

It’s a hugely important result. I want to thank everyone who voted and particularly everyone who voted ‘ta’ [Irish for yes]. It’s a huge day for equality.

Final results are not expected until later, but it now appears almost certain that Ireland is on course to become the first country in the world to legalise gay marriage by a popular referendum.

The margin of victory is expected to be between 60:40 or even as much as 2:1.

Across the border in Northern Ireland, gay marriage is banned even though it is legal in the rest of the United Kingdom.

The Yes Equality group, the driving force behind the “Yes” campaign, said the referendum would:

Inspire other countries to pursue and secure true equality.

27 responses to “Irish gay marriage: a bad day for the bigots”

  1. Har Davids says:

    I don’t know if these bigots are aware of the fact that gay marriage in itself is nothing new, but the countries where it’s a reality seem to be doing fine. Playing the victim is really a bit over the top: how long has religion been coercing people to live according to holy books, with lots of silly rules and regulations?

    And I think Una Mullally should post her hate-mail with names and addresses included. Bigots should be outed.

  2. L.Long says:

    I’m a firm believer that the names & addresses of public bigots should all be posted. After all they should be bragging if what they say is the truth.
    And I like knowing where & who they are to avoid them.

  3. Broga says:

    The usual suspects are a sad, joyless, snivelling group. With preposterous cheek the celibate (supposedly) priests strut to their pulpits and microphones to lecture on sexual relations and marriage. What do they know in practical terms about either? A potent charge against them is that so many priests are driven by their unnatural and lonely lives into the perversions of paedophilia.

    Congratulations to the Irish people on this generous and civilised decision.

  4. Secular Humanist says:

    @ Har Davids.

    “I don’t know if these bigots are aware of the fact that gay marriage in itself is nothing new”

    Quite right, and much older than most people realize. The first documented case of same-sex marriage predates the Christian gospels. In fact. Same-sex marriage pre-dates Christian marriage. It’s fun to point that out to bigots. Not that the length of time matters, only whether there’s a good enough reason to deny a segment of the population the right to marry the partner of their choosing.

  5. zombiehunter says:

    Ireland voted yes 😀

    a strike for civil rights and a strike against bigots 😀

  6. Angela_K says:

    Most of he Irish people have shown themselves to be fair and supporters of equality in spite of the antis screeching the same tired old nonsense: Gay agenda, against their god, be able to marry a horse, religious freedom…..Although the bigots idea of religious freedom is to deny others the same rights as they enjoy. They must crying into their communion wine that their imaginary friend didn’t help.

  7. Angela_K says:

    I forgot to add that Ireland needs to get Women’s reproductive rights sorted next and make abortion legal.

  8. Rob Andrews says:

    Same sex marriage and marijuana legalization are joining reproductive rights and euthanasia in more and more areas. This shows that xtianity is slowly fading away. Church attendance is not only declining, but that people are actually embracing secular ideas of freedom…Well at least in the developed countries.

    “Religion is good stuff for keeping the common people quiet”.–Napoleon

  9. barriejohn says:

    The vote was 62% in favour:

    The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Eamon Martin, has said the church may look at whether it continues to perform the civil side of solemnisation if the change comes in.

    “Are we bitter?”

  10. AgentCormac says:

    This is such a wonderful, powerful, massive kick in the teeth for the rcc. What was once seen as an unassailable bastion, where the church could expect unquestioning loyalty from absolutely every last member of society, has just shown that when the dam has been breeched anything is possible. In your eye, Franky! The walls are crumbling.

  11. barriejohn says:

    AC: I remember years ago, when visiting the holy shrine of Knock, that old fraud Mother Teresa was shown declaiming in her usual authoritarian manner that “Mary loves Ireland so much!“. Well, Mary obviously hasn’t been applying herself to her devotions as she should, has she, as Ireland is fast slipping from the clutches of the Catholic hierarchy, and they seem to have no answer to this.

    “Knock, knock, who’s there?”:

    Amazing video evidence – you can quite clearly see the BVM, Jesus, Joseph and accompanying angels (I think not!).

  12. barriejohn says:

    And here’s a video of the “sacred cow” herself in full flow:

    Wasted air fare!

  13. barriejohn says:

    Oh, no; a “sun halo” has been seen in Mexico now. How long before that’s evidence of a visit by the Holy Family as well?

  14. Barry Duke says:

    What are we assume from the rainbows that appeared in Ireland today? The devil’s work?

  15. Trevor Blake says:

    Up to the late 1800s Christian support for slavery was near universal. When the tide turned and slavery was outlawed, Christianity pretended it was the leading force for change. One hundred years from now (or sooner) Christianity will not shut up ever about being the champion of gay rights. Just ignore scripture, ignore history, and keep the collection plate full.

  16. Robster says:

    Here’s yet another unassailable pile of evidence that the gods of Abraham are about as useful as a fart in spacesuit. Surely it must be obvious to those embracing the god/Jesus nonsense that this supposed god, you know, the one that whipped up the entire universe in under a week, is a complete and dismal failure. mind you, not existing would not work in its favour either. Well done Ireland, looking forward now to the plethora of feeble excuses to be offered by the god/Jesus followers for the failure of their deity to exhibit any influence on this or any other issue. God/Jesus/Holy fairy=Tosser/s! Hate no longer rules.

  17. Great Satan says:

    Slightly ot here, but I agree with Rob Andrews that the so called phoney “war on drugs”is also a major civil libertarian issue in that what consenting adults do with their own bodies is their own business.
    A report on TV yesterday said that in Mexico alone in the last 10 years over 100 000 people had died in their “war on drugs”, then the news just went on to other things, if we had lost this many people in the middle east, for instance, questions would be asked… and yet we have zilch from our political class… still, can’t expect to much from them since an estimated 20% of the money going through City Of London financial firms etc is drug money being laundered – gotta look after their chums you know…

  18. 1859 says:

    Me Irish blood is jumpin’ f’joy so it is! Me Irish ancestors will nea doot be a shakin’ in their graves, but I myself will be goin’ back t’wrap in me arms an’ t’kiss every one who voted yes. Ireland you’ve shown the way, y’ve shown the world the meanin’ o’ the word equality. By gad I’m proud o’ye!!!

  19. thepopeneedsanewjob says:

    A bad day for the rcc…but look at this load of crap from the rcc propaganda services courtesy of the bbc. Shame on the bbc for giving this space….

  20. thepopeneedsanewjob says:

    And I really want to hear what the shockingly bigoted shitehawk Bill Donohue vomits out of his craw over this.

  21. barriejohn says:

    1859: This is for you – and everyone else rejoicing at the news.

    I well remember this song and many others from my childhood. My grandfather hailed from Roundstone in Connemara!

  22. barriejohn says:

    PS I was greatly amused by the comment attached to the above video, regarding “kissing the collies”, and the response re bestiality. Very appropriate considering the topic here!

    And have others been struck by the irony of the No campaign championing children’s rights to both a father and mother when it is the Catholic Church’s refusal to countenance an abortion even when a mother’s life is at stake which has deprived countless children – many in very large families – of a mother’s love and care? And what about their “loving God” who can allow people like my sister to die at a very young age. leaving four little girls aged between eight and eighteen months without a mother? Are they capable of joined-up thinking? No, because they are religious.

  23. Lucy1 says:

    @thepopeneedsanewjob. I had seen that twaddle. What the fuck? I thought it was going to be about 46 different churches, i.e. Various xtian and others, which might have been mildly interesting. Just a load of catholic nonsense.
    And dontcha just love the ‘best wishes’ at the bottom of that vile letter???

  24. Broga says:

    @thepopeneedsanewjob: The BBC has been infiltrated and weakened by religion and particularly that of the RCC. The BBC applies a censorship of secular opinions e.g. try getting a non religious opinion on the dire Thought for the Day.

    Anyway, struggling against the tide of openness and sanity in Ireland the BBC broadcast this from an RCC bishop: “We have failed to teach the truth of Catholic doctrine. That is the problem .”

    He was contradicted by an RCC priest, i.e. someone on the front line in Ireland, who estimated that there were 1,000 priests who were appalled at the failure of the RCC to tackle religious paedophilia. Instead of action to halt paedophilia the priests were moved from parish to parish and allowed to continue their contact with children.

    The RCC in the more educated countries is collapsing from within. It is a scandal that the BBC continues to purloin licence fee money, extracted by threat, to support this corrupt organisation.

    But, what the hell, I’m just happy at the news from Ireland.

  25. Tom80 says:

    “The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Eamon Martin, has said the church may look at whether it continues to perform the civil side of solemnisation if the change comes in.”

    This makes sense to me. In the UK the legislation prevents a Priest being forced to carry out a same sex marriage. Unless this safeguard is introduced when Ireland changes the law then a Priest could be sued for not carrying out a same sex marriage. The only safeguard for the Priest then is for the Church to opt out of the civil side of marriage. I have a close relative who is a Priest and he told me that when same sex marriages were legalised in the uk many priests said that unless safeguards were put in the legislation to protect them from being sued if they refused to perform a same sex wedding, then they would cease to perform the role of registrar.

    I suspect the Catholic Church in Ireland is waiting to see how the change is introduced.

    The good thing about this is that the people had a say in a referendum, which I think would have been better in the UK rather than the way it was introduced.

  26. Cali Ron says:

    Erin Go Bragh!
    Makes me proud of my Irish roots. Ironic that Conservative, Catholic Ireland has voted for same sex marriage, yet here in supposedly liberal America the battle for marriage equality rages on with religion leading the charge against it. If not for religion I think this issue would have been resolved long ago.

    I raised a toast to Ireland of fine Irish Whiskey: To Love!