It’s all over for ’19 Kids and Counting’

It’s all over for ’19 Kids and Counting’

American TV network TLC has pulled the plug on its long-running Christian reality show, ’19 Kids and Counting’, over revelations that stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar covered up their son’s molestation of his sisters and other girls.

The network, according to this report, has canceled all airings of the programme from its schedule after Josh Duggar – the eldest son of the 21-member evangelical Christian family – admitted this week to “inexcusable” actions 12 years ago, when he was a teenager.

Police in Arkansas, where the family lives, said Duggar had fondled the breasts and vaginas of multiple young girls, sometimes as they slept, around 2002.

His father, a former Republican state lawmaker and failed US Senate candidate, posted on Facebook this week, after the claims surfaced, that his son had “made some very bad mistakes” – but the experience had drawn the family “closer to God.”

Jim Bob Duggar said he disciplined his son and took him a year later with church elders to meet with a state trooper and family friend, Jim Hutchens, who gave the teen a “very stern talk” but did not take any official action.

Hutchens is currently serving a 56-year sentence for child pornography.

An investigation found multiple victims, including some who lived in the Duggar home, claimed Josh Duggar had molested them.

However, the three-year statute of limitations had run out and he was never prosecuted.


The 27-year-old Duggar resigned on Thursday from his position with the anti-LGBT Family Research Council, which was co-founded by psychiatrist George Alan Rekers, above, a Baptist who specialised in “curing” homosexuals and “sissy boys”.  Rekers resigned from the council after he became sexually involved with a male prostitute in 2010.

“19 Kids and Counting” began in September 2008, and family members have used their fame to speak out against LGBT and abortion rights.

Hat tip: Trevor Blake & Ivan Bailey

11 responses to “It’s all over for ’19 Kids and Counting’”

  1. Lucy1 says:

    Closer to god eh? Well that is alright then.

    So the kid was 14. he needed help with his issues, the girls needed protection from him, and help with dealing with it all. What he got was ‘discipline’, and chats with a paedophile and the church elders. I wonder what the girls got. i suspect they got instructions on how to be more modest, cos it was of course their fault.

  2. Broga says:

    I like this comment:

    “His father, a former Republican state lawmaker and failed US Senate candidate, posted on Facebook this week, after the claims surfaced, that his son had “made some very bad mistakes” – but the experience had drawn the family “closer to God.”

    These religious miscreants usually end up “closer to God” or holier as a result of their experience.

  3. Ivan says:

    For the full mind-boggling history of depravity, hypocrisy and uncaring self-obsession that lies behind this wretched but all too familiar sounding episode, I’ve just turned up this write-up in the Box Turtle Bulletin:

  4. Broga says:

    @Ivan: Thanks for the link. As its says somewhere in the saga “this goes beyond hypocrisy.” Indeed it does. What is laid bare is the fact that this outfit, like so many “people of faith”, find religion peddling bigotry and hatred to be an easy route to fame and fortune.

    These people are the detritus of humanity as they display themselves as exemplars of morals while, under this aegis, abuse with a sick disregard for their victims. What is sad is that so many suckers rush to believe and give their money once the sermons begin.

  5. Trevor Blake says:

    But did you read about the atheist who molested children who was then sheltered by other atheists? No, no one did. That as much as disbelief in god is the delineator between theist and atheist. They rape children and hide it, we don’t rape children and would not hide it.

  6. Broga says:

    OT: Exit polls show that Ireland has voted overwhelmingly for same sex marriage. If the vote had gone the other way we would be hearing that God had answered the prayers of the anti brigade. Perhaps God is making a statement. Or perhaps the priests just were not praying with sufficient intensity.

  7. Angela_K says:

    @Broga. God’s payback for all those children abused by Nuns and Priests.

    Duggars: Covering up sexual abuse and selfish and socially irresponsible for breeding like a Rat. Vile people.

  8. Marky Mark says:

    These people are unbelievable…sick to the core!

    …and another one gone, and another one gone, and another one bites the dust!

  9. Trey says:

    Why are you a blaming religion when this wasgay pedophile using religion to hide his true colors. If he had actually been a true Christian such an act would have never occurred but that’s what happens when people want to hide there sinful nature they use Christianity to do it and people blame the religion not the person. Wake up people. There are bad eggs every where. If he was a atheist would you blame atheism. What would you say if he was non-religious.

  10. Lucy1 says:

    @trey. I guess the reason I blame their religion, is that they would say loudly and clearly that they ARE true Christians. Their reaction to the events was according to their view of what Christianity is. Your view may be different, but as an outsider, I can only judge by what people say, and what they do. And Christians and other faith groups often do terrible things using their faith as an explanation. So what am I to do? I do blame the person. I also blame a belief system that hands moral decisions to a book open to widely varied interpretations.
    And yes there are bad eggs everywhere. Funny how a deeply held faith in god does not eliminate that.

    If an atheist did a dreadful thing, and then justified it by saying his atheism made it alright, to tell you the truth I would be surprised. Atheisim by definition is an absence of something, of belief. It does not help people decide what is right or wrong. Atheists have to work that out for themselves, and take personal responsibility for their decisions.