Muslim vandal ‘mentally ill’ says dad

Muslim vandal ‘mentally ill’ says dad

The father of Iqbal Hessan, 22, a Mississauga, Ontario, Muslim accused of vandalising a Catholic church near his home, claimed this week that his son was diagnosed with schizophrenia and that had caused his anger and imbalance.

According to this report, Basir Hessan’s son was released on bail yesterday by Justice of the Peace Gerry Manno after a lengthy hearing that lasted two days.

Iqbal Hessan, inset above, has been charged with breaking and entering, committing an indictable offence and five counts of mischief in connection with several incidents at St Catherine of Siena Church over the past five weeks.

The court heard that Hessan had told police that he was thinking of killing a priest.

During the hearing Manno questioned Hessan’s father over allegations that his son was upset at the church and “upset with Christian religion”.

Crown prosecutor Ann Marie De Grace , who opposed Hessan’s release on bail, said the criminal allegations against him are “troubling and very disturbing” and “shook up” a church and school community.

We still have a segment of society that’s under the threat of Mr Hessan.

Manno said the public has a great deal to be concerned about, including Hessan’s mental illness and the perception:

Of a young man with a Muslim upbringing attacking a Christian church. Besides the simple property, many people would see this as an attack on their faith.

However, Manno said public safety could be met with a plan including psychiatric assessment and other court-imposed conditions. Hessan cannot come within 1,000 metres of the church or school, cannot come within 50 metres of a priest or minister, must be home by 10 pm and cannot visit any other church or school in the region.

Police are consulting with the regional Crown Attorney’s Office to determine whether to charge Hessan with hate crimes in connection with vandalising a religious statue and the church walls.


The Criminal Code allows for laying of hate crime charges under certain criteria, including damaging religious property, where the motivation is bias, prejudice or hate based on religion, race, colour or national or ethnic origin.

If found guilty, an accused could face up to 10 years in jail.

No such charges have been laid so far, although police said that  the  incidents at the church are being investigated as hate crimes.

Hessan’s lawyer, Adil Goraya, said he doesn’t believe there was any religious intent behind the actions.

This is not a hate crime.

After an anti-Semitic message and drawing was spray-painted on the church wall, a statue of Jesus was twice defaced and damaged in front of the church, and graffiti was spray-painted on the exterior of the adjoining St Catherine of Siena Catholic Elementary School — all of which occurred last week — police were notified of further graffiti at the school on Monday morning.

Back in April, a man broke into the church and stole an amplifier worth $2,000.

Father Camillo Lando, pastor of St. Catherine, last week released surveillance video of the break-in in which the suspect rips pages of the Bible, throws them and then steals the electronics.

Hessan returns to court June 30.

13 responses to “Muslim vandal ‘mentally ill’ says dad”

  1. 1859 says:

    He who ‘desecrates’ a xtian church is said to be mentally unstable, yet he ‘desecrates’ an organisation dedicated to telling people – and more especially children – about talking snakes, walking on water, virgin births, wine to blood miracles, feeding thousands from one tin of sardines and a crust of bread, rising from the dead, burning bushes etc., etc. But, of course, if this guy wasn’t off his rocker, but was really an aggrieved muslim, then we have one set of institutionalised delusions trying to smash up another set of institutionalised delusions. So what does it matter if this guy was loopy or not, he was just letting off a bit of steam in a madhouse full of competing superstitions?

  2. Stephen Mynett says:

    Crown prosecutor Ann Marie De Grace said: ” . . . Besides the simple property, many people would see this as an attack on their faith. . .”

    It says a lot about the religious mentality when they consider wilful damage/vandalism to be as grave as “attacking” a belief system. I do not condone what the guy did but think the prosecution should put their case into perspective, ie damaging things is wrong, threatening to or damaging people is wrong but attacking faith is part of free speech and something they should expect with a faith-group as reprehensible as the rcc with its record of paedophile priests, cover-ups and many who have helped to keep these criminals out of the hands of the authorities.

  3. Duuuhhhuhhuuuuuhhhh says:

    The headline is redundant. Muslim fanatics like this one, actually all muslims, and indeed all those who adhere to all the other confected belief systems, are somewhat mentally unhinged. No balanced rational thinking person can accept stupid religious dogma. There is no supporting evidence whatsoever.

  4. Duuuhhhuhhuuuuuhhhh says:

    And no merit either. If there was a happy inclusive mutually cooperating prosperous society somewhere, and an evil resentful bastard wanted to smash it up, all he would have to do is introduce religion ..and in short shrift the cancer would set in.

  5. Duuuhhhuhhuuuuuhhhh says:

    And now we have the abomination of Sir Lard Arse Eric Pickles. The queen will need a truck workshop transmission hoist to restore him the the vertical on the command of “Rise Sir Eric”. There is a grave risk of an overwhelming flatulent miasma when Eric struggles to get into the dubbing position. Be interesting to see if the queen can ignore the stench.I hope the queens consort and well known loose cannon the Duke of E makes of his famous lacerating observations to add to the tension.

  6. Angela_K says:

    Is the claim of “mentally ill” the latest scam for religious nutters to stay out of jail? How can it be a “hate crime”to write “There is no Jew god” it is a statement of fact the same as “There is no Muslim god” or indeed any god. This guy should be charged with vandalism and theft though.

  7. John the Drunkard says:

    He’s Muslim….any crime he commits is automatically ‘not about Islam.’ No matter what he does or says. Just change the subject to Bush/Cheney, or launch an anti-Israel tantrum. Repeat as needed and apply for a job at Salon or The Guardian.

  8. Dionigi says:

    “There is no Jew god” he must be mentally ill as he obviously does not understand his own religion.

  9. Marky Mark says:

    There is something wrong with this guy…if there was no religion he’d be painting “The Earth is Flat’ all over the place. A mental condition that all vandals possess, they just use different reasons.

  10. Maggie says:

    If it had been any other religious follower attacking a mosque, you can bet it would be considered a hate crime, with politicians decrying it and offering apologies to the mosque along with a diyya.

  11. Rosanna says:

    I can’t believe all the Liberal Atheist Shits defending this guy ! If this guy was to murder innocent children in the name of “attacking faith” ,you’d defend him.

    Scizophrenia my ass! Charlene Minkowski’s killer was schizophrenic too!

  12. Sherry says:

    I can’t believe 1859 would DEFEND this man’s actions. What kind of ASSHOLE are you 1859? If this man went and killed children in the name of his religious delusions, you’d probably DEFEND it.

    FUCK YOU LIBERALS who want to DEFEND this DANGEROUS follower of ISIS!!!