Pope: ‘The Devil is dividing Christians’

Pope: ‘The Devil is dividing Christians’

In a recorded video statement released at the weekend, Pope Francis claimed that evangelicals and Catholics are one, and that it’s the Devil who’s divided the two groups.

“Oh no they not, and the Devil’s got bugger all to do with it. You’re talking out of your big pointy hat”, was the gist of a reaction from Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries.


According to this report, Gedron, above, said:

Jesus prayed that His Church would be sanctified by the truth. This means there cannot be unity with those who believe another gospel.

Believers cannot be unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Cor. 6:14). Evangelicals can never have unity with Catholics because we are divided on the essentials of the gospel, how one is born again, how one is justified, how one is purified of sin, who can mediate between God and man and the efficacy, sufficiency and necessity of Jesus Christ for salvation.

Pope Francis preaches another gospel and denies that salvation is by grace alone through faith in Christ alone. He preaches salvation is by water baptism, the sacraments, good works, keeping the law and attending the sin offering of a Eucharist Christ on an altar.

Gendron also insisted that that Francis is incorrect in blaming the divisions on Satan.

The pope has pronounced a fatal error by attributing the word of Christ to the work of the Devil. The Lord Jesus is the one who divides believers from unbelievers (Luke 12:51-53). This Jesuit pope is the one who is doing the work of the Devil by rebuilding the religious tower of Babel with his attempt to bring all Christians back home to Rome. Tragically, some evangelicals are jumping on his ecumenical bandwagon and departing from the faith (1 Tim. 4:1-3).

In his original video message, Francis said:

Division is the work of the ‘Father of Lies,’ ‘the Father of Discord,’ who does everything possible to keep us divided.

The eight-minute video was for the “Celebration of Christian Unity” event organized by John 17 Ministries based in Pheonix, Arizona, which seeks to unite Christians and Catholics. In it he declared:

The Devil knows that Christians are disciples of Christ, that they are one, that they are brothers! He doesn’t care if they are Evangelicals or Orthodox, Lutherans, Catholics or Apostolic … He doesn’t care! They are Christians.

The pontiff asserted that the devil is persecuting both evangelicals and Roman Catholics alike because they are all Christian.

It is he who is persecuting us. It is he who is persecuting Christians today, he who is anointing us with (the blood of) martyrdom. Dear brothers and sisters, we are living in an ‘ecumenism of blood.’

Francis said that he unity must be achieved by each individual as he doesn’t believe it will occur at the hands of Bible scholars.

I am convinced it won’t be theologians who bring about unity among us. Theologians help us … but if we hope that theologians will agree with one another, we will reach unity the day after Judgement Day.

17 responses to “Pope: ‘The Devil is dividing Christians’”

  1. barriejohn says:

    Here’s someone else who would have had something to say about this if he were still around, being interviewed by old Widdleknickers herself:

  2. Broga says:

    Mike Gendron really puts the boot in on Frankie ” This Jesuit pope is the one who is doing the work of the Devil ……” It’s Frankie who is doing the work of the devil.

    I love these spats between the cults. Each, from the same God and the same bible and the same bible truth, come to different conclusions. But what about the usual suspects? The atheists must be in there somewhere and the gays. And what about the Muslims? They need a mention.

    I suppose the C. of E. are not worth mentioning as they have been so weakened. Even George Carey thinks, on recent figures, that they are headed for extinction. That doesn’t stop the BBC still unloading shedloads of religious vacuities on their defenceless listeners as if the country were still overwhelmingly C. of E.

  3. AgentCormac says:

    What a load of old cobblers! An invisible bad guy doing something no one can in any way actually perceive to stop the good guys being friends and agreeing on how their invisible sky fairy is one day going to make them come back from the dead. These people are mentally ill.

  4. SallyinMI says:

    I fI were the Pope, I might be worried that someone is going to bring up the RCC charade: just where in anyone’s Bible is the Papacy? Jesus said we need no intermediary to the Father. He did not state that his disciples must be celibate. There were no nuns following him around. Francis might best keep quiet before someone decides to spill the beans.

  5. tonye says:

    I always enjoy these ‘my god’s bigger than your god’ arguments between different sects.

    So who, amongst the 1000’s of sub divisions, has the key to the ‘real’ church and its teachings?

    They can’t all be right but they can all be wrong.

  6. barriejohn says:

    As an aside, one can’t help feeling that the Catholic Church missed a golden opportunity when Benny resigned, in failing to appoint Sepp Blatter as its head. He has all the relevant qualifications; I wonder whether he is a Catholic?

    I agree with Broga and Tonye. We are being warned today about a mysterious group called “The Men With Horses”, or some such nonsense, who have joined the fighting in Syria and are going to be the scourge of the West. No one will be able to resist them. Nonsense! I guarantee that in no time at all they will be fully occupied sawing the heads off of fellow-Muslims in Al Qaeda, Isis, Jubbly Bubbly, Hup, Hup And Away, and all the other splinter groups of fanatical imbeciles in the region. The religious are all the same, as I well recall from my experiences with the Brethren – Open – Gospel Hall variety!

  7. At least no-one is blaming the ‘evolutionists’.

  8. L.Long says:

    They are all wrong! The xtians are divided because Batschite Crazy con artist have various ways of conning the sheeple out of their money and that’s all they care about. If the sheeple will stop believing BS of various flavors and realize that ALL BS tastes and smells the same, start to think properly, accept reality, worry about fairy tales after your dead, and BE NICE to each other and the divides will disappear.

  9. Sjors says:

    Looks like Pope Francis forgot all about the tower of Babel

  10. Vanity Unfair says:

    To barriejohn:
    Men with horses? That’s worrying. Are there four of them and is one of the horses called Binky?
    I’ll read the link now.

  11. barriejohn says:

    It’s like a Monty Python joke: “No one can resist the Men with Horses!”

  12. Cali Ron says:

    You had to reference Ian Paisley! I don’t normally say I hate anybody, but I hated that man. He was the epitome of religious hypocrisy and hatred.

    As for Gedron, how amusing to watch a fool who technically believes in the same imaginary god as the pope try to say his is the true gospel. Reminds me of a joke about 2 young children arguing over who’s father was more “impotent”! My god’s more ‘mpotent than your god.

    The Khorasan or “men with horses” is a favorite bogey man for the NSA, CIA and the many other American intelligence identities. Cuz them men with horses are Al Queda and are such a huge threat to the USA we must give up our liberties to stop them before they ride into America and slaughter us all.

  13. John the Drunkard says:

    It isn’t possible to know how many would stay ‘Xtian’ if they actually KNEW what they were signed up for. A friend of mine is dealing with proselytizers regularly these days. Biblical literalists of the most Certain kind. When asked which 7 day creation story they reject…they don’t even know that there are two.

    If I actually READ my hard copy of the King James, I have to face that question before the first page turn.

  14. Robster says:

    Both Christian and Muslim nonsense have much in common it seems. The apparent rift between the Vatican’s version of christianity and the batty ‘gelicals have little in common except paramount silliness, bit like those ever happy Sunni and the other versions of mo’s madness that think the best they can do is kill each other. The various incompatible versions of the god/Jesus stuff don’t as often lead to death like the opposing Al/mo stuff does, I don’t think pope Frank and his clicking castanets will make a big difference here, but it does give the non-mo/Jesus brigade another thing to laugh at and be thankful for them, the nonsense has been avoided.

  15. gedediah says:

    They’re both totally right…. except for the Jesus and Devil bits.

  16. Ex Patriot says:

    This is case of two fools fighting about mythology and who can lie to the sheep and fleece them the best