Author fears violent Islamic reactions

Author fears violent Islamic reactions

If the illustrations in Horus Gilgamesh’s Awkward Moments (Not Found In Your Average) Children’s Bible are anything to go by, his latest project, featuring the Koran, would have been a very welcome addition to a growing list of books that approach religion in an irreverent manner.

But Awkward Moments (Not Found in Your Average) Children’s Koran will not see the light of day. Gilgamesh explains why he pulled the plug on the project:

After a great deal of consideration and wise counsel, I’ve decided to cancel a controversial project we’ve been secretly working on for the past year.

Why? Because of a certain group of fringe maniacal “radical” bullies who equate the transfer of lead and pigments into shapes on paper as blasphemy – punishable by death. I’m quite unhappy to be forced into making this decision and would like to state emphatically that this project is not being cancelled out of any sort of respect for an irrational ancient religion that threatens to silence opposition with death.

No, it is being cancelled because of very rational fears brought on by the reality that such threats are still carried out in 2015 — in the light of day, right under the noses of a modern society. Some things never change, I guess…

Jihad Jesus appears in the first volume of Awkward Moments

Jihad Jesus appears in the first volume of Awkward Moments

Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta reached out to Gilgamesh for more information and discovered that:

The problem is that the book was nearing completion earlier this year when the Charlie Hebdo attacks occurred. Because two ex-Muslims working on the project got understandably spooked at that point (their lives could be in danger if they’re found to be associated with the project), the release of the book was pushed back. Last month, following the violence at the Draw Muhammad exhibit in Texas, they really pulled back.

Gilgamesh concluded:

So, congratulations, Islam! You’ve managed to oppress yet another infidel into silent submission thanks your religion’s all-too-typical heavy-handed scare tactics. In doing so, you aren’t doing yourself any favors, but simply creating new enemies – those who believe in freedom from the dangerous oppressive religions that continue to impede society today.

14 responses to “Author fears violent Islamic reactions”

  1. Broga says:

    Islam cannot enter into a debate. They would be humiliated. So what is left: statements without evidence; demands for belief without question; censorship and death to anyone who dares contradict the weird and destructive beliefs that they preach.

  2. AgentCormac says:

    Sadly those whom Gilgamesh fears will see this as another victory and yet more proof that their strategy of violent intimidation produces tangible results. What they cannot silence, however, is the internet and sites like the FT which expose these people for the murdering, inhuman bastards they really are.

    So keep up the excellent work, Mr Duke. Humanity needs you.

  3. dennis says:

    I understand why Gilgamesh believed safety was very important and safety is important but if fear of a violent act of terrorism can expunge ones expression where does that leave the human species-proselytized and terrorized to death. again I understand safety.

  4. Trevor Blake says:

    Those countries that put men and women on trial for what the state calls hate speech or Islamophobia are complicit in this decision. If the state will prosecute you and Islam will execute you, it is a dangerous time to be a free thinker.

  5. zombiehunter says:

    and so the zealots have won

  6. John the Drunkard says:

    And Gilgamesh would not be feeling this threat if not for the spineless grovelling and parochial back-stabbing that has plagued civilized response to Islamic threats since 1989.

    No issue should be more unifying to decent people. But decency has been in short supply. The far Right lined up against Rushdie and the faux ‘left’ against Charlie Hebdo.

    Its like the French scrambling to ingratiate themselves with the Germans so that THEIR pet enemies could be fed into the machine.

  7. Robster says:

    Surely handing a “win” to the Muslim fanatics will promote more uncivilised behaviour from these sad, hateful people in the hope they can stop future critics of their failed belief system.I can understand the author’s concerns, he would have been better off just keeping the fanatics “win” to himself. They’re probably crowing about how they’ve stopped the infidels. It worked this time, let’s do it again.

  8. Maggie says:

    Thousands of years of civilisation just received a severe blow.

  9. John says:

    I have checked on-line and Volume 1 is available through Amazon UK, with Volume 2 also available along with Volume 1 through Amazon US.
    Presumably, Volume 2 will also become available through Amazon UK in due course – so what is it that is not available publicly?

  10. 1859 says:

    This reminds me of the story of the old Cherokee Indian and his young grandson (apologies to those who already know it): ‘There is a terrible fight going on inside me between two wolves. One wolf is cunning, selfish, full of hatred, intolerant and violent. The other wolf is caring,loving, prepared to listen to others, tolerant and peaceful . And the same terrible fight is happening in you,’ The old Cherokee said to his grandson. ‘But which one will win?’ the grandson asked. ‘The one you feed,’ replied the old man.

    A little naive perhaps, but the death of free speech as the above report shows is like feeding the wrong wolf. The Freethinker means exactly what it says – the freedom to think anything, to express anything in whatever form available, the freedom to insult and to be insulted, the freedom to criticise and to be criticised, the freedom to take-the-piss and to have the piss taken out of us. But why this wonderful Freedom? Because without it our liberties are diminished and constrained with the iron walls of other people’s dogma and bigotry. A civilisation without respect for the liberty of expression is not a civilisation that respects the essence of humanity.
    And the essence of being human is the total emancipation of thought – which, naturally, would mean the end of all religion.
    O fuck!

  11. Brummie says:

    Well said 1859.

  12. Pembroke says:

    The suppression of lampooning Mohamed and Islamic ideology is psychologically constipating because there is so much that deserves such treatment.

  13. Philip Smeeton says:

    Luke 19-27. Jesus did not actually say these words, it was a king in a parable used by Jesus that says these words. Jesus never asked his Followers to kill anyone. Mohammed told his followers to kill people repeatedly. Not that I believe in Jesus. The Muslims have got it wrong and misuse this quote from the Bible.