Gay music video sparks row in Norway

Gay music video sparks row in Norway

Iranian-born singer Tooji, above right, has become the focus of row after the Church of Norway discovered, to it horror, that he had used one of its buildings to create a ‘raunchy’  gay music video.

Tooji, as the video below shows, is a gay rights activist who lays much of the blame for homophobia around the world on religion.

The singer, who represented Norway at the contest in 2012 with the song Stay, came out as gay this week in a music video for a song called Father. In it, he and a priest shed their clothes in front of the congegation, and wind up with their naked bodies entwined.


According to this report, the video was shot in Oslo’s Frogner Church with full permission – but the the Church of Norway now claims that it had not been informed of the nature of the production.

A statement from the Bishop of Oslo said:

I was informed about the issue after a decision was taken in Frogner parish to rent out the nave, and the recording had taken place.

Regardless of the music video’s message, shooting intimate scenes in front of the altar is totally unacceptable and is a gross abuse of the church.

The nave should never be used as a visual backdrop for sexual scenes in a commercial production. A similar scene between man and woman would be equally unacceptable.

What has happened here violates the rules and regulations we have for the use of church space.

Tooji said of the video:

It’s time that we put human rights above religion. I am gay, and I stand up for my rights, and that is why I made the video Father.

In 2012, Norway was rated as one of the eight best countries in the world to be an atheist. Just sayin’.

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7 responses to “Gay music video sparks row in Norway”

  1. L.Long says:

    “… totally unacceptable and is a gross abuse of the church….”
    Once again the church proves to all that their gawd is apowerless pile of BS as he can’t even punish people in his church, much less his inability to punish nudist and instead kills off a bunch of his followers.
    So mostly powerless and when using power can’t get the guilty, and must kill Innocents.
    They got permission to do this. YOU don’t like it, so now YOU cause a pissy-fit! If your Ahole gawd don’t like it, let his omni-all deal with it!!
    OH! Right the gawd aint real!!! So you have to deal.

  2. dennis says:

    I drive by churches and think what a waste for that property and no tax revenue. Tooji at least found a good use for the property, sex. reminds me of Madonna’s video done in a catholic church studio back in the day. Madonna back in the day what a shocking thought like the Rolling Stones are all over 70.

  3. Cali Ron says:

    dennis: Agreed, why don’t churches and the clergy have to pay taxes. A doctor is working saving lives and improving the quality of live for people, but has to pay taxes, while the preacher is deceiving people out of their money, indoctrinating their children and generally not contributing to society, yet he pays no taxes. WHY?

    Shocking indeed, I remember back in the day. Now, Madonna’s not been “like a virgin” for a long time and the Stones are the dinosaurs of rock (rumor has it Keith is actually dead, but doesn’t know it yet). I can’t really be that old, can I?

  4. Vanity Unfair says:

    “What has happened here violates the rules and regulations we have for the use of church space.”

    Well, if they were explicit (or, in some circumstances, implicit) in the contract then sue for the return of the booking fee and the cost of any repairs necessary to reinstate the church’s previous state. English law, obviously, but the basic rules are widespread.
    If the case goes to court it should be a sell-out.The church will probably win and Tooji will get loads of publicity. Satisfaction on each side so there will be no complaints over the outcome.
    Ah! Publicity: you don’t think that was the reason….

  5. Robster says:

    Well, this is unusual! A church being used for something useful, in this case a cool music video with some attractive people not munching on toasted Jesus and gurgling his blood. Or something. Surely given the fact that next to no one goes anywhere near churches anymore, ‘specially those with clergy, it is good to see the real estate being used.

  6. gedediah says:

    The church is totally within its rights to decide what is an acceptable standard of behaviour on its own premises, as long as it doesn’t discriminate unfairly and there’s no suggestion of that here.