UK Christian charity loses ‘gay cure’ case

UK Christian charity loses ‘gay cure’ case

A UK Christian charity, Core Issues Trust, has been ordered to pay £100,000 in court costs this week after losing an appeal against a ban imposed on a ‘gay cure’ campaign it intended running on London buses.

According to Andrea Williams’ Christian Legal Centre, CIT instigated the case after the advert  – a response to Stonewall’s “Some People are Gay. Get over It” campaign – was banned at the last minute in 2012  following the intervention of Transport for London and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Sitting in the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Sullivan yesterday refused permission to appeal the case.

CIT now faces a demand to pay £100,000 in costs to Transport for London, and is considering its next steps.

The High Court first ruled on the case in 2013 but in 2014 was instructed to re-examine aspects of it by the Court of Appeal.

In July 2014, the High Court again ruled on the case, finding that London Mayor Boris Johnson had not acted unlawfully despite evidence showing that he had been untruthful in his public statements.

The trust said in a statement issued after the ruling that:

The rights of ex-gay persons have been again been trampled by establishment judges. Stonewall promoter Boris Johnson is untouchable: he can say and do what he likes …

The judge says that in claiming credit for the decision to ban the 2012 Core Issues Trust poster, Boris Johnson had been untruthful. But remarkably the judge went on to say that Mr Johnson’s ‘puffing to take credit for the decision’ was not unlawful.


Commenting on the case, a defiant Dr Mike Davidson, above, Director of Cores Issues Trust, said:

Neither myself nor the Trust is in a position to pay the exorbitant costs of the Queen’s Counsel, barristers and solicitors which Transport for London has felt able to fund so freely from the public purse.

The case has shown clearly that British officialdom has no regard for the rights of ordinary men and women whose identity is ‘ex-gay’ and whose practice is to leave their homosexual past.

We will not be intimidated or silenced. We shall continue to exercise our right freely to say that homosexual practices are unsafe for individuals, for society, and offensive to our creator God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

We will continue to teach these truths and to support the continual and growing stream of individuals now abandoned by church, state and mental health bodies who express through their lives an unpopular and offensive view clearly intolerant to the British establishment.

The Trust will seek legal advice on the way forward to continue its work and witness.

Hat tip: Angela K

19 responses to “UK Christian charity loses ‘gay cure’ case”

  1. asquith says:

    Arrest Mike Davidson for violating Haggard’s Law 🙂

  2. L.Long says:

    “We will continue to teach these truths ….”
    Truth is a fact that can be proved, you have no proof of anything!
    You are teaching lies!

  3. Ivan says:

    One of the Christian Legal Centre’s millionaire right-wing Christian evangelicals will cough up “Dr” Davidson – as you well know – so don’t come the martyr.

  4. Broga says:

    Their confidence in the opinions of their God who makes no pronouncements and relies on a bible replete with contradictions, absurdities and cruelties is amazing:
    ” and offensive to our creator God, the Lord Jesus Christ. “

  5. Broga says:

    Their confidence in the opinions of their God who makes no pronouncements and relies on a bible replete with contradictions, absurdities and cruelties is amazing:
    ” and offensive to our creator God, the Lord Jesus Christ. “

  6. Angela_K says:

    Davidson is reluctant to reveal the nature of and place he gained his PhD which most certainly is not in any medical field.

    Pink News reported on this and some of the comments are worth reading.

  7. AgentCormac says:

    Another hiding for the Christian Legal Centre? Surely not!

  8. JohnMWhite says:

    Stonewall promoter Boris Johnson is untouchable

    This is the sort of thing I grew up hearing and reading a lot – marking one’s enemies. The faithful like to know who the pantomime villains are, so they can be seen to hiss and boo at the right moments, and naturally what makes Johnson the villain here is that he supports (or at least tolerates the promotion of) gay rights. That’s it. That’s why he is bad, and evil, and the enemy. But they’re not bigots, heavens no!

  9. barriejohn says:

    Davidson has a doctorate in education:

    His doctorate is in education rather than medicine. Until recently, Davidson was training in psychodrama, which uses role play to address past experiences. However, the British Psychodrama Association has suspended his membership, a decision he is appealing against.

    “There are plenty of people who work in a therapeutic context to achieve life goals. There are some people who have tried gay; it doesn’t work for them. It’s not mixing with their life circumstances. They want to move out of it. They deserve to receive professional help that is well trained, well regulated and ethical. That’s what we are trying to achieve.”

  10. barriejohn says:

    The Telegraph article also highlights the links between Core Issues Trust (why a name that says absolutely nothing about the aims of the organization whatsoever?) and Anglican Mainstream:

    Later, at home, I look again at the website for his partner organisation Anglican Mainstream, and come across an article claiming to bust the “Top 10 Myths” about gay people. It asserts that homosexuals experience “considerably higher levels of mental illness and substance abuse than heterosexuals” and that they are less likely to be faithful and more likely to experience domestic violence. And it states, as an alleged matter of fact, that homosexuals are more likely to molest children.

    Might have been written by Stephen “Make-it-up-as-you-go-along” Green himself!

  11. JohnMWhite says:

    It’s interesting that a cursory examination of this group’s front page suggests an outright obsession with homosexuality in the UK. Abortion barely gets a look in; rampant political corruption, the punishing of the poor, the abandonment of the disabled and a drumbeat toward more war are seemingly not worth bothering about. How very mainstream…

  12. Secular Humanist says:

    “The rights of ex-gay persons have been again been trampled by establishment judges.”
    Ex-gay? Therefore they’re heterosexual according to what they claim (btw, ex-gay is as likely as being ex-black, but whatever), if they’re heterosexual, then they have every right, and more, that an homosexual has. So what’s their beef?

  13. Robster says:

    Jees, you’d think supposed “experts” representing their stone age belief systems would at least attempt to be truthful about their bigoted dogma. The mostly nice baby Jesus in that nasty old book they cream their jeans over, didn’t mention anything (apparently) about boy boy or girl girl liaisons. Given the whole book is nonsense, even if the very dead and highly unlikely Jesus did actually mention it, it is completely irrelevant and meaningless.

  14. Marky Mark says:

    asquith… read your link. Have you read about the latest controversial accusations to the squeaky clean christian, and X-politician Dennis Hastert ?

    I’ve read his problems evolved from when he was a high school coach and had a sexual relationship with one of his male students…another hippocratic christian

  15. Stuart H. says:

    CIT?. I take it that’s pronounced ‘Zit’?

    As for Anglican Mainstream – every time I mention them to Anglicans I’m told that, far from being at the centre of things, they’re regarded as a dwindling bunch of Miss Favershams , locked away and shouting at the wall in their attics. This is, after all, the sect so troubled by gays, lady vicars and the rest of modern life that they’ve been trying to flog their captive churches to the Vatican or Eastern orthodox outfits. Says something for their reputation that even those batshit ultra-conservatives don’t want to take up their kind offer.

  16. barriejohn says:

    Anglican Mainstream is an organization “devoted to keeping gay people out of the Church of England”:

    No one seems to know who is behind it, though it appears to have close links to anti-gay Peter Ould and the bigoted Anne Atkins – of whom Wikipedia says:

    Atkins is a consultant to an ex-gay movement group. She is listed as a member of the ‘Council of Reference’ on page 5 of the 2011/12 annual report of charity “True Freedom Trust”, which describes itself (page 3) as “A Christian support and teaching ministry for men and women seeking help with unwanted same-sex attractions, and for their families and friends.”

    Wheels within wheels, as Ezekiel might have said from behind a cloud of smoke!