Twisting the facts over church shooting

Twisting the facts over church shooting

This we now know about yesterday’s horrific shooting at a black church in South Carolina that claimed nine lives: the alleged terrorist is 21-year-old  Dylann Roof, pictured above, who has been described as a “white supremacist”. 

But “Fox & Friends” immediately jumped on the “persecuted Christians” bandwagon, and attempted to portray the atrocity at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston as an attack on Christianity, rather than a racially-motivated hate crime.

“Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy said this morning it was “extraordinary” that Police Chief Gregory Mullen referred to the massacre as a “hate crime”.

The segment began with Bishop E W Jackson, the senior pastor at Hope Christian Church, opining that he was concerned that this wasn’t a racially motivated crime, but a religiously motivated one.

There does seem to be a rising hostility against Christians in this country because of our biblical views. I would urge pastors in these churches to prepare to defend themselves. It’s sad, but I think that we have to arm ourselves.

Doocy said that Bishop Jackson made “a great point about the hostility towards Christians”, and appeared to agree that the attack had a religious rather than a racial motivation.

But Roof, according to this report, told the victims:

I have to do it… You rape our women and you’re taking over our country, and you have to go.

Roof’s uncle, Carson Cowles, said that the suspect’s father had recently given him a .45-calibre handgun for his birthday.

Richard Cohen, president of Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama, says Roof wasn’t known to his organisation, and it is unclear whether he is connected to any of the 16 white supremacist organisations SPLC has identified as operating in South Carolina.

But Cohen says Roof appears to be a “disaffected white supremacist” based on his Facebook page.

Court records in South Carolina show that Roof was facing a drug charge and had previously been arrested for trespassing.

17 responses to “Twisting the facts over church shooting”

  1. Angela_K says:

    Religious dickheads never miss an opportunity to put their spin on a story and play the christian persecution card. Only a religious fool would deny It was a racist crime.

  2. John the Drunkard says:

    They have no choice. Since they have been living in ‘end times’ for 2 millenia, they HAVE to warp everything into the crazy ‘tribulation’ language.

    No matter how much wealth and power they have, they MUST perceive ‘oppression’ under every rock. Otherwise the Rapture might not happen next week!

  3. Robster says:

    Got to wonder if the christians blessed with a brain, which in itself is a bit of a contradiction, will sit down and evaluate the work of their completely hopeless imaginary friend. It can’t protect its real estate or its staff and supporters. This god of theirs does nothing better than fail, completely. Will those affected reevaluate their beliefs and see this terrible incident as yet more evidence that the god/Jesus nonsense is just that?

  4. Stephen Mynett says:

    Not only will they bleat about religious persecution, I doubt anyone will consider that tighter gun laws might help. Giving this moron a large hand-cannon for is birthday was probably not the best idea but there is every chance the father is as “intelligent” and “caring” as his loony offspring.

  5. barriejohn says:

    My Christian friends never miss an opportunity to remind me (Birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc) that the Lord’s return must be very close, “from the state of things”. The same people have been saying that self-same thing since the 1950s to MY knowledge!

    Here’s a comment from Mark Jones in the USA, posted on the 6th June on the Christian Voice thread about Asher’s Bakery . I’m not linking to the site, but you can check it for yourself if you want.

    How long will it be before Judgement falls? Every day it seems there is a new example of spitting in God’s face.

    Some believe, eg David Pawson, that God will hand us over to the muslims, that is certainly the way things are going, like He handed ancient Israel over tto the Assyrians/Babylonians.

    How long, indeed?

  6. Brummie says:

    Incidents like this will always occur in the USA because of the hundreds of millions of guns in private hands. Regardless of the public outrage and ANY legislation, the chance of ridding almost every household of all these stored weapons is nil.
    Regardless of Obama’s condemnation, such atrocities will continue at the same level for evermore in America. They just have to live (or die) with it.

  7. dennis says:

    @Brummie, you are very correct. owning your first weapon at 21 is a rite of passage especially in the south and the west. Where we are missing the boat here is we are handing weapons like we do video games to our vulnerable young men with no understanding of the obligation they assume when they pick up the weapon.
    I learned in MARINE boot camp that the most violent age group is a 18 to 22 year old male. then the D.I. would teach you how to respect the weapon and use it correctly for society. on 8/1/1966 Charles Whitman for got his training at university of TEXAS.

  8. […] This we now know about yesterday’s horrific shooting at a black church in South Carolina that claimed nine lives: the alleged terrorist is 21-year-old Dylann Roof, pictured above, who has been described as a “white supremacist”. But “Fox &…  […]

  9. jay says:

    Whether it’s a religious or racial crime makes no freakin difference. In fact, the concept of ‘hate crime’ is problematic to me. The nature of the crime is the issue, not the (presumed) reason for it.

    We have the Sandy Hook school shooting, and the Colorado theater shooting which are not called ‘hate crimes’. Are they any less evil because race or religion was not involved? Did the victims suffer less because the killer did not attack them on account of their race? No, the crimes were brutal and vicious and should all be viewed the same way. But we have a legal system that categorizes some victims over others by differentiating the punishment.

  10. Chris Lawrence says:

    I knew it! As soon as this happened I thought ” Here comes an excuse for Christians to cry oppression”. And would you look at that! Here they come, crying and crying about a problem that never existed. Christians are always the oppressors , not the victims. These poor people weren’t killed cause they were Christian (in fact most white surpremists believe in Christianity), they were killed by yet another bigot who hates black people.

  11. Peterat says:

    The media is also turning on the suggestion that he was an atheist, so be prepared for some of that blow back! They’ve claimed that he was motivated by his hatred of Xtians, it had nothing to do with their race! Stay tuned!

  12. Lonbo says:

    Of course they have to “prepare to defend themselves” because their god is once again and always missing in action. Though prayer never works, believers will double down and pray some more but with one eye open and one hand clinging to a bible and the other clinging to a gun. Religion poisons everything.

  13. JohnMWhite says:

    @jay – the purpose of declaring certain crimes to be ‘hate crimes’ is not really anything to do with the motivation somehow making it worse on the victim. The idea behind it is that not only do these crimes cause the obvious harm of the outcome to the victims, but it terrorises and demoralises the community that was deliberately targeted. Shooting a transgender person because they are transgender, for instance, not only makes the shot person into a victim but everyone else in the community who is given a clear message that they are despised enough that people want them dead. Thus society has decided it needs to partially redress the balance by saying to these communities that collectively doing this to them is not acceptable to the rest of us.

    I’m not sure it works so well in practice, but that’s the idea. It’s not just saying certain victims are more important than others.

  14. Laura Roberts says:

    I don’t buy that guns in America are a lost cause. It is possible to take deadly machines out of the hands of children, criminals, the incompetent and the insane: we’ve already done this with automobiles via licensing and traffic laws. Yes, people violate these laws, but by and large, they work.

    Until we’ve had an adult, rational discussion about gun licensing, registration and laws restricting gun use, I won’t accept that the current rate of mass shootings, accidental shootings, suicides and impulse murders are inevitable.

  15. JohnMWhite says:

    @Laura Roberts – I agree that it should not be accepted as inevitable that these things will continue to happen in the US, and that measures can be taken to remove many firearms from the equation. I can understand the point that guns are so embedded in the culture (and so damn many are out there) that it would be a very gradual process without immediate rewards, but “it’s going to be hard and take a long time” isn’t a reason to give up. Unfortunately, political will is so broken that it appears hopeless to expect any effort to be forthcoming from either side of the aisle on any measure that isn’t banning abortion or banning trans fats.

  16. barriejohn says:

    More information now emerging, including the alleged fact that he “partied with black friends” against his parents’ wishes, and that he planned a college massacre but couldn’t gain entry so targeted the church instead: