‘No sex ed please, we’re religious’

‘No sex ed please, we’re religious’

Following last month’s boycott of school lessons by thousands of Ontario Muslims and conservative Christians upset over a new sex education curriculum, Catholics in Rome took to the streets at the weekend to demonstrate against gay unions and the teaching of gender theories in schools.

According to this report, the protest was sparked Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s bid to push a civil union bill through parliament. The Italian senate is currently examining the bill, which Renzi wants to see go to a vote in the coming weeks. He wants legislation enacted before the end of July.

The call for Italy to keep pace with its Western European neighbours on the issue has grown stronger since Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of gay marriage last month.

But rights activists warn it will be no mean feat for the leader of the centre-left Democratic Party to find allies across the political spectrum, blaming an excessive influence of the Catholic clergy on the political class.

Two of the protesters in Rome

Two of the protesters in Rome

Holding aloft banners reading “The family will save the world” and “Let’s defend our children”, a sea of people crammed into the San Giovanni square near the Italian capital’s historic centre to support “family values”.

The square, which can hold an estimated 300,000 people, was overflowing with the young, elderly and parents with toddlers, an AFP photographer said, with many more demonstrators spilling into nearby streets. Organisers for their part said one million people took part. Italian police never provide figures for demos.

Said one of the demonstators, 41-year-old doctor Giuseppe Ripa:

In my children’s schools they are talking about families made up of two fathers or two mothers, without asking parents’ permission. It’s dangerous and wrong.

Massimo Gandolfini, spokesman for the “Defend our children!” committee, added.

We are asking for families based on marriage be respected, and stressing the central role parents play. We forcefully reject the attempt to sneak into the curriculum projects which aim to destroy children’s sexual identities.

This echoes what was being said about sex education in Ontario by an alliance of Muslims and Christians.

According to this report, five years ago, when then-premier Dalton McGuinty abandoned much the same curriculum, conservative Christians were generally considered the culprits or heroes, depending on one’s standpoint. And they’re still on the warpath against the curriculum, which with a few tweaks is finally set to go into effect for the next school year.

But the school boycott “is a multicultural affair”, and the most stunning absenteeism numbers reportedly come from the Muslim community, which was not nearly so prominent in the 2010 debate.

Said David Rayside, a professor of political science at the University of Toronto:

There is a somewhat stronger current of what we might call family traditionalism among Muslims than among most other groups (although not more so than among evangelical Protestants), especially around sexuality and sexual diversity.

But in the main, their complaints are similar to those of other social conservatives. And that’s hardly surprising, as Rayside says:

The vast majority of Canadian Muslims are first generation, and they come from very traditional parts of the world.

Many of the objections to the updated curriculum have been mounted on religious grounds, according to this report. Opponents have argued that the new programme, which will teach students about concepts including gender identity, sexual orientation and masturbation, does not align with their values and is not appropriate for school-age children.

Sihu Yahaira, who withdrew her three children from school for the week-long boycott, said gender issues are particularly at odds with her Christian faith.

God created only two genders, and they want to teach that there’s more than two genders. That’s wrong. For us, it’s against our beliefs.

45 responses to “‘No sex ed please, we’re religious’”

  1. L.Long says:

    Never underestimate the power, breath, or depth of human stupidity!!!
    The craving of the sheeple to STAY STUPID!!!
    and ‘God created only two genders,….’
    proves the above statements. As even granting their ahole gawd, there are many examples of various genders, but the sheeple’s incredible urge to remain stupid, stops them from learning simple facts.
    And the more the gays and atheists succeed, the greater the push back.
    And the sheeple took their kids out of school?!?! again demonstrating their wish to remain stupid!!!

  2. PJH says:

    Tongue in cheek here, but the t-shirt that guy is wearing with a black man, woman and child with “this is a family…”Does the woman next to him also have a t-shirt with a black man, white woman and grey child with “this is not a family” and a red cross? I mean, it’d be hypocritical of her not to have one, surely?

    After all (I’m assuming they’re each other’s spouses) their union would have been illegal before 1967 in the States ( with the Bible being used as the stick with which to beat those who wanted an interracial marriage (Deut 7:3–4 among others:

  3. Broga says:

    Brains disengaged and replaced by misplaced sense of righteousness.

  4. barriejohn says:

    They’re beyond belief. Is this also not a family:

    Sadly, it was for my four nieces when “God” decided that they no longer needed a mother. Twats!

  5. Stuart H. says:

    Is ‘family values’ the latest religious PC for incest?

    Seriously, how do any of these buffoons find anyone other than a powerless, naive relative to breed with? The idea that any of them could find a consenting adult to ensure their lunacy continues for another generation is just too ridiculous for words.

  6. L.Long says:

    The guy with the ‘this is family’ Tshirt , my 1st thought…
    Right a male slapping his wife around and beating the kid…great family!
    And the other Tshirt says to me ….Ya we are not a family cuz we aren’t slapping others around!

  7. AgentCormac says:

    Some if not all of the kids in the photo at the top of this page are too young to even understand what a sex education curriculum is or what they are protesting about. Yet there they are – angry, offended, on the streets and filled with acrimony. Religion really does thrive on getting them indoctrinated from day one.

  8. Brummie says:

    For ANY cause, to use kids as placard holders/crowd swellers is wrong. They have no balanced concept of the cause, or are in total ignorance and are being misused as pawns. It has a lot in common with religious indoctrination in schools.

  9. zombiehunter says:

    religious nuts are against all sex education unless it’s bombarding young kids with scare stories about infections and diseases.

    Though to be honest I’m against sex education in any way shape or form for primary school kids, sex ed should be for secondary school age kids when they need to know this stuff but let the primary school kids be kids ffs.

  10. asquith says:

    Quite so, zombiehunter, but letting kids be kids is something the Catholic church and the religion of peace struggle with though.

  11. Brummie says:

    The Dutch have sex education in schools from the age of six, which includes the gay scene. Perhaps this is why they have the lowest unplanned-pregnancy rate in Europe, and the UK the highest.

  12. Laura Roberts says:

    Brummie: well said! I find that picture utterly revolting.

    zombiehunter: I’m not sure I agree that sex education is a bad idea in primary school. I’m child-free myself, but a friend of mine raised her daughters to know the correct names for their body parts before they even started school. The girls are about the most well-adjusted we’ve ever known. Of course, that was the extent of their discussion (nothing about intercourse) and this is anecdotal; I’d really be interested to know where the research points.

  13. JohnMWhite says:

    “The family will save the world”

    Yeah, like that time the family stopped two world wars and the building of nuclear weapons and climate change and ebola and AIDS and thousands of children being sexually and psychologically abused by clerics and… why do I even bother with people who are so stupid?

    It’s telling that every objection is basically the same point, repeated like a steady drumbeat, that “teaching this goes against our traditions and beliefs”. So fucking what? Archaeologists believed that humans first entered the Americas via the Bering land bridge until recently finding earlier remains. Then… dun dun dun… their beliefs changed. Education and knowledge do not care about your random beliefs and you have no right to hold onto them or enforce them on others, including your children. If reality differs from what you believe, too fucking bad. What kind of adult just sticks their fingers in their ears and demands that what is taught only meet what they already believe? Why bother with a school in the first place if you don’t want new ideas or knowledge?

    @zombiehunter – primary school kids are allowed to be kids. Sex education in primary school is not just teaching them sexual stuff they don’t need to know for the hell of it. It is an introduction to basic concepts about relationships and biology, which is entirely appropriate for growing bodies, especially given the trend toward an earlier onset of puberty today. It’s rather cruel to deliberately not tell young girls about menstruation, for example, when it might be happening for some already, just because some adults are squeamish about the phrase “sex education”. It is very important, especially given how many are raised in unhealthy environments, that young people know and understand their bodies and the changes they go through are not in any way ‘bad’.

  14. asquith says:

    Fuck off and live somewhere Islamic then, Iftikhar. You won’t be missed.

  15. AgentCormac says:

    @Iftikhar Ahmad
    While I’d already realised you were a moron for the beliefs you seem to hold so dear, I hadn’t realised just what an utterly lazy wanker you actually are. ‘Under the Lib Dem plans, which will be included in the party’s manifesto for next year’s general election…’ Really? Try engaging your brain before you post, you dickhead. You’ve just copied and pasted from yet another of your pointless, irritating, unfounded rants without even realising that it’s months if not a year past its sell-by date. But then, you don’t want to think, do you Iftikhar? You just want to be told what to think. Duuuuuuuuuuh!

    And as for ‘There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.’ guess what, you’ve also copied and pasted that particularly inane and offensive line here so many times now I reckon your Command C keys must be fucked. Speaking of fucked, you are. In the head. And while I know you won’t have the balls to come back and read any of this, I feel so, so much better for having had the opportunity to get my loathing for you and my aversion to your pre-historic views off my chest.

  16. asquith says:

    Besides which, all children are non-Muslim, since they aren’t old enough to form worldviews of their own. And that’s why they shouldn’t receive government-sponsored brainwashing at the hands of cunts like Iftikhar.

  17. Broga says:

    @@Iftikhar Ahmad: I have not read your post as I stopped after the opening. I wonder why you think this lengthy screed is worth reading. Religious bores so often need ten times as much space as the rest of us to produce what is usually drivel. Do you think sheer length will persuade us that your effusions contain something worth reading?

    Oscar Wilde (a brilliant writer but you won’t like him because he was gay) once wrote to a friend apologising for a long letter because he didn’t have time to write a short one. Do you understand what he meant?

    Ernest Hemingway, another brilliant writer but now rather unfashionable, was keen on short sentences and short paragraphs and he didn’t like adjectives.

    You need to improve before you will be read and taken seriously.

  18. barriejohn says:

    So Shiftykhar copies and pastes. Who’da thought it?

  19. asquith says:

    Actually I’m pretty sure I remember Iftikhar coming out with this shite in 2009, when he “contributed” briefly to a blog I read before being banned. So it could be even more out of date than previously thought 🙂

  20. Alan C. says:

    Iftikhar Ahmad, To paraphrase London mayor BJ, just fuck off and die. 🙂

  21. barriejohn says:

    Asquith: I think you’re right. He was talking about the 2010 election, and he’s been posting that self-same bullshit about Muslim schools all over the internet, verbatim, for the past few years as you say. I never read any of it now – older and wiser!

  22. Angela_K says:

    Shouldn’t you be with Isis in Syria Iftikhar, or don’t you want to give up the freedom of UK – and your jihad seekers allowance?

  23. AgentCormac says:

    Nice one!

  24. 1859 says:

    The nuclear family as the cornerstone of social stability has been spray-painted over people’s eyeballs for fucking years – and it’s a load of crap. Growing up in the north of England in the 50’s I witnesses dysfunctional families in every street – beating wives and children, sexually abusing wives and children, psychological intimidation of kids etc., etc. Sure there were happyish families here and there but they certainly were NOT the norm. Religious people ignore the facts for the very simple reason the facts do not support their religion – well what’s new !?

  25. JohnMWhite says:

    @Iftikhar Ahmad – this is a genuine question: is copypasta halal?

    @1859 – I always thought it a bit weird when people would tell me the nuclear family has been the cornerstone of social stability for thousands of years when ‘nuclear’ is a pretty new concept. And you’re right, it’s no guarantee of happiness or stability, and is certainly not the norm for humanity, which has had much larger and more fluid family structures for almost its entire history. A family of one man, one woman and two young children living in their own cave, trying to kill their own Mastadon, are dead.

  26. Maggie says:

    If you don’t want sex education for your children, will you please stop having sex?

  27. .Korgu says:

    And what do muslim men do to girls and women? Here are some clues…
    Gang rape
    And what does a good muslim man look forward to. Paradise where he apparently will get a miserable cowering crowd of pubescent virgins upon which he can unleash all the perversions that have been fermenting in his constipated narrow mind.

  28. .Korgu says:

    And I can be quite sure that iftikhar considers the girls in the photo at the head of this article as fair game for his dirty perversions. I wonder what he would do to them if he was left alone with them …. …. My mind reels and my stomach turns.

  29. .Korgu says:

    Note that one of the girls in the front row has an injured arm….now I wonder how she got that…..
    “You will fucking go and protest, and you will shout and scream at the top of your voice otherwise I will beat the shit out of you. Oh and allah will take note and punish you with hell fire when you die which might be much sooner than you think. And remember that creepy nose pick mahmoud the onanistic halfwit who lives around the corner needs a wifey and I need the money @&£@/?£&@!!!!!!”

  30. barriejohn says:

    Korgu: Don’t forget that these are perpetual virgins, whose hymens will magically repair themselves, “non-menstruating / non-urinating/ non-defecating and childfree”, with “appetizing vaginas”. Personally, I’m looking forward to the “young boys of perpetual freshness”, though the prospect of an eternally erect penis is somewhat worrying!

    There has to be something wrong with someone who has this obvious obsession with sex.

  31. barriejohn says:

    Maggie: As I have pointed out a great many times, in bygone days, when people lived in close proximity to their livestock, children witnessed sexual activity from their earliest years, and in other societies than ours (“non-Christian”, of course, so not following the God-given model) they were probably quite aware of human sexual activity as well. Our attitude to sex is really quite unhealthy.

  32. Angela_K says:

    Breaking News: Muslim savage on rampage in France:

  33. AgentCormac says:


    That’ll be Iftikhar Ahmad’s beloved religion of peace in action again.

  34. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: I grew up on a farm. Sexual activity was on view and also the birth process. I remember well, and without shock at the time, a calf being extracted with difficulty from its mother. Working dogs, I’m afraid, were often treated with the same indifference as a machine. Brutality and slaughter daily on view. The bladders of slaughtered pigs used as balloons; hens having their necks wrung etc.

    Today we live in blissful ignorance in the cosmetic world of the food supplied in the supermarket. We no longer know the reality and we prefer not to know. I certainly didn’t see much evidence of a loving God.

  35. barriejohn says:

    Broga: So right. I spent my early years in Southampton, but many people in those days kept chickens, and a few still had a pig in their back garden, as it wasn’t long after the war. No one complained about the smell or noise then, either! My uncle and aunt had a lot of chickens in what seemed a very small garden, and, though kept primarily for their eggs, one always had its neck wrung at Christmas, as chicken was a luxury in those days. There were family jokes about headless chickens running around after being despatched and my uncle trying desperately to catch them, and a standing joke about the one occasion when he donated one to us and it proved inedible (my uncle was not well liked in the family). Others – like my friends at Bishop’s Waltham, who were not well off, kept rabbits as pets, and they ended up as rabbit stew on occasions – lovely! Later on, when we lived in a small village in Wiltshire, I worked on the local farm at weekends and during school holidays, and there was no sentimentality or prudishness whatsoever, as you say.

  36. dennis says:

    @Korgu and your list is applicable to xtians as we all understand the power trip of male domination. poor iftikhar he wants to teach his kids sex; some how that scares me for the children. assimilation assimilation the corner stone of a healthy democracy, iftikhar. I remember at 12 being exposed to sex education (called health class in my day) and was given by a coach with a red face of embarrassment. all I learned was my “wewe” was a penis. my “wewe” how stupid were the 1950’s

  37. barriejohn says:

    Dennis: That was more than we got at our rather pretentious Grammar School in the early 60s. The Divinity teacher gave us a book to pass around amongst ourselves and that was it!

  38. AgentCormac says:

    @ Broga
    I have long maitained that one of the best arguments against a creator or intelligent design is the existence of carnivores. What sick, sadistic monster would deliberately create a world where the vast majority of living creatures spend their entire lives in constant fear of being torn to shreds by some faster, bigger, more powerful animal? Surely, surely, if there was a god he would have made us all herbivores. If, however, he knowingly and willingly created carnivores, then he really is wicked in the extreme.

    However, I think I remember barriejohn once posting something here about his former sect believing that god wasn’t responsibe for meat eaters, and that man had somehow done something terrible that caused the Earth’s creatures (presumably including dinosaurs which predated the arrival of mankind by millions of years) to start eating each one another. Am I on the right lines there, barriejohn?

  39. barriejohn says:

    AgentCormac: Until the Flood, God had provided only “herbs” for food. Then he said to Noah:

    “The fear of you and the terror of you will be on every beast of the earth and on every bird of the sky; with everything that creeps on the ground, and all the fish of the sea, into your hand they are given. Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I gave the green plant.” (Gen. 9:2-3)

    Glad to see that SOMEONE was paying attention; go to the top of the class!

  40. AgentCormac says:

    So it was god that created carnivores! What a bastard!!

  41. barriejohn says:

    AgentCormac: No, he didn’t. The following may answer your questions, or, on the other hand, may raise a whole host of new ones!

  42. AgentCormac says:

    Thanks for that link, barriejohn – my head now feels horribly and strangely polluted!

    How they can extrapolate from ‘there appears to be one species of spider that can survive on eating pollen'(no links to a reference source, of course) to claiming that all living creatures were once herbivores is utterly breathtaking in its arrogance and stupidity. Similarly, no evidence offered up for claims such as: ‘Preserved stomach contents of many fossilized animals in the rock layers deposited by the Flood verify this fact (that all living creatures were once heribivores) .’ So quite how they can use the word ‘fact’ is beyond me. Wankers.

  43. 1859 says:

    No, No, No – God did not create dinosaurs! Spielberg did in Jurassic Park! I know because the raptors gave me the shits!

    You guys have forgotten one very simple fact: religious people do not believe in Darwinian evolution because they do not understand it. So they actively choose to be ignorant.

  44. 1859 says:

    As I said – they choose to be ignorant.