JW chief targets gays in child abuse video

JW chief targets gays in child abuse video

Jehovah’s Witness leader Tony Morris III, above, who recently became an international laughing stock for blaming homosexuals for popularising skinny jeans, has again gone on the offensive against gays in a video that sets out to show how ‘proactive’ the cult has been in its efforts protect children from abuse.

“Tight Pants Tony” used the July 2015 episode of JW Broadcasting to address the issue of abuse, seemingly in response to the onslaught of negative publicity Watchtower has faced in recent years.

According to John Cedars, who runs the JWSurvey site, the Watchtower bigwig:

Unleashes an astonishing swipe at gay people in an apparent attempt to scapegoat homosexuals as being the main perpetrators of child abuse.

To prove his point that Jehovah’s Witnesses have always been ahead of the game in combating abuse, Morris refers to a 1982 edition of the cult’s Awake! rag, saying that an article it contained:

Warned about homosexual men who prey on and advocate the right to use boys for sex. Shame on them!

Said Cedars:

The ‘Chickens and Hawks’ article to which Morris alludes is a shameless piece of propaganda blaming homosexuals in general for child prostitution rings …

Morris’ exploitation of this isolated controversy to make a sweeping generalization about gay people represents only the latest example of what appears to be a pattern of homophobic bigotry above and beyond even the scathing condemnation of gays and lesbians found in Watchtower publications.

Cedars added:

Homophobic scapegoating aside, Morris’ comments are a fascinating example of the organization’s ‘head in the sand’ approach in the face of mounting media scrutiny of Watchtower’s child abuse track record.

Watchtower has been found legally responsible for its mishandling of child abuse in courts of law on several occasions in two different countries (the latest being a landmark High Court judgment in the UK) and  in some cases being ordered to pay multimillion dollar damages for their negligence


These cases weren’t even alluded to in Morris’ 9-minute statement. Instead he heaps praise on the organization for taking “a decisive stand,” for being “pro-active,” and for making the safeguarding of children a “top priority.”

Cedars concluded:

For all his bluster, boasting and outrageous gay-bashing, the frustration and desperation of Tony Morris and his fellow Governing Body members is becoming painfully obvious.

Putting their hands over their ears and saying ‘la, la, la’ in the face of serious accusations of child safeguarding negligence may work for them personally, but this juvenile charade only adds to their culpability as court after court finds Watchtower negligent. And growing numbers of Jehovah’s Witnesses are seeing straight through it.

Hat tip: Laura Charon

21 responses to “JW chief targets gays in child abuse video”

  1. Broga says:

    Ah well, I suppose we can conjecture about the direction of Tony 111’s predilections from so many who have gone before. I wonder what the 111 is all about. Apart from overweening pretention.

  2. barriejohn says:

    Others beside John Cedars are intrigued by Tony the Third (or Tony the Turd as they are calling him):

  3. Cali Ron says:

    Ahh, excuse me Tony, is that a mote in your eye?

  4. AgentCormac says:

    According to the BBC Panorama report linked to below, there are 23,720 JW abusers who are protected by the cult. And according to the cult’s interpretation of their book of fiction: ‘Allegations of child abuse must first be reported to the organisation’s legal desk. And action can only be taken within the congregation if there are two witnesses to a crime or a confession from the accused.’ And guess what – if a member of the congregation is suspected or even convicted of child abuse, this fact is kept secret.

    Pardon the biblical reference, but every single religion stinks to high heaven!

  5. Secular Humanist says:

    if you’re looking for child abuse look no further than religious institutions. It doesn’t even matter which one. The main ones have all had their fair share of it.

  6. Robert Orwell says:

    I’m willing to believe, and, in fact, I’ve already started to believe that Anthony Morris III (what’s that? A prince’s name…?) has having difficulties to hide his crush on guys, especially on young and handsome guys, and he’s getting worried about it.

  7. jay says:

    I was raised in that cult, though I dumped it 40+ years ago. My mother still believes.

    I have always noted that the people most upset and censorious seem to have the dirtiest minds. How else could they come up with this craziness? I remember one ‘elder’ decided that ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’ was a song about homosexuality.

  8. Robster says:

    Even the name of their nasty little cult is an overt lie, none of them have ever or will ever ‘witness’ Jehovah, why? Coz it doesn’t exist.

  9. Melvin Polatnick says:

    Jailhouse clerics are known for giving BJs to inmates. That is the only reason they applied for that position.

  10. Laura Roberts says:

    If you’re looking for child abuse, look no further than institutions that feel it necessary to say that they “make safeguarding of children a top priority”. The [clergy] protest too much, methinks.

  11. Istvan says:

    “Warned about homosexual men who prey on and advocate the right to use boys for sex”……and Who are they? Where they live? Maybe this reactionary man meets them each day at the JW’s headquarter…

  12. Istvan says:

    Anyhow….the movement for the legalization of same-sex marriage is to destroy such right-wing cults.
    That’s why their leaders are so keen on the matter. They feel the ground vanishes…But what if a huge action of lawsuits by same-sex couples starts to target them? What of these cults’ huge and tax-exempt real estate would remain?

  13. Trevor Blake says:

    Denying medicall treatment to children isn’t abuse in their eyes. That us their moral character.

  14. Cali Ron says:

    My assembly of god church considered the JW’s a cult when I was member in the 70’s and we were arguably a cult ourselves. My church was deluded, but never advocated prayer as a substitute for medical treatment for children. It has taken many years and many sick minds to take the JW’s to such a low and despicable place, that even other christian cults think they are cult that’s gone to far . It’s way past time that the legal authorities investigate these child abusers. They should subpoena all their records and go after the sexual and medical abusers.

  15. barriejohn says:

    Cali Ron: Your comments always make me smile. Remember this?

    It was a little booklet with a chart inside that could be unfolded to show the difference between “truth and error”. It was published in the UK as well.

  16. Cali Ron says:

    I loved those pamphlets as a kid. Not for what was in them, but to make paper airplanes and fly them off the 2nd story sunday school building. Most of them were pretty sophomoric and cheesy, but eye catching like the one you referenced. Seems like every traveling preacher and missionary that visited the church handed out pamphlets.

    Just for grins I googled christian pamphlets and clearly the church hasn’t lost it’s love for them. Pamphlets for all occasions, denominations, fears and vices. Young and old, drugs and sex pamphlets, even free pamphlets (I suspect there was a catch on that one). However, the most amusing have to be chick christian pamphlets. They are hilarious and there are some great parody pamphlets of them online. See link and laugh!

  17. barriejohn says:

    Cali Ron: We ‘ve mentioned Chick tracts and their parodies here many times. I knew Christians who used to pass them out, but they were just too ridiculous for my liking. Actually, how can you parody something like this:

    Our dear friend, and parish lunatic, Bob Hutton, leaves them in toilets in Kent – best place for them!

  18. Cali Ron says:

    Cut a hole in the middle and they make great “ass gaskets” (my dad’s pet name for toilet seat covers).

  19. Patsy O'Leary says:

    This insane man warns about homosexual men who prey on and advocate the right to use boys for sex.
    Well, we should think he’s all right with heterosexual men/women using young girls/boys (under age) for having sex. Maybe there lays the cause of so many cases of child abuses within the JWs ranks.Pure and simple: heterosexual pedophilia is allowed according to the JWs’ Governing Body (the voice of Jehovah!). If not that, why they need to repeatedely stress the issue? Will you take your pick Mr. Tony the Thurd?

  20. Istvan says:

    Hey, I had missed it out. This JW boss is preaching with the image of the USA behind him! Watchtower Society is linked with US imperialist propaganda: it’s no accident Jehovah chose this country to set up its own human organisation…. For the ones who doubted it…well, JW.ORG TV broadcast is always the evidence: bring the minds of 7 million people living abroad into line with the US way of living as it were the way to be.
    And the US Government awards Jehovah with tax-exempt status and protection of the assets abroad and fundings (through the USAID as in the “Violence Prevention Program”where WBTS cooperates with Canadian jesuite CECI in Guatemala).