School cancels trip to creation museum

School cancels trip to creation museum

Meet Otis Kline, above. He is President of the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (FACT) that operates Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum in Montana – and right now he’s probably spitting tacks over the fact that Americans United for Separation of Church and State sabotaged a school trip to his cock-eyed venture.

Until recently Lincoln Elementary School in Glendive had taken all of its third-grade students to the museum. According to Americans United, although the name would suggest the museum teaches sound science:

In reality the attraction is run by a fundamentalist ministry that seeks to undermine evolution.

On its website, the foundation is clear about its mission.

The mission of the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (FACT) and its related ministries is to glorify God as Creator and Sustainer, emphasize man’s accountability to Him, to affirm God’s revealed and inspired Word as the preeminent source of truth and authority, and to challenge mankind to think through the assumptions and consequences of the humanistic concept of evolution and its underlying premise that the earth is billions of years old.

The school had planned to take about 100 students to the museum, during school hours, in May. But the trip was called off in response to a May 6 letter from Americans United. In its letter, AU expressed concern about the obvious problems associated with taking public school students to see exhibits run by:

A religious organization dedicated to teaching creationism – a religious view – in the guise of science …

The facility advances the creationist idea that dinosaurs and humans once coexisted, a concept soundly debunked by mainstream science. It even has displays that show humans and dinosaurs fighting, in addition to “a biblical history room” and a model of Noah’s ark.

An official at the museum admitted that he presents creationist teachings, such as the idea that all animal species appeared at once, and dives directly into the religious foundations for those teachings in response to student questions.

Americans United Associate Legal Director Alex J Luchenitser said:

I don’t think there’s any way that children can enter that building without receiving the creationist message.

The school’s principal, John Larsen, admitted that the museum offers:

A different point of view than kids are exposed to in school.

Responding to criticism for scuppering the trip, Americans United said:

Public bodies are prohibited not only from using their own employees to impart religious doctrines to students, but also from allowing private individuals to do so at school activities or events.

12 responses to “School cancels trip to creation museum”

  1. lucy1 says:

    Bit of a duff school. They might have made the mistake the first time, because they were too slack to do any research, but surely the staff would have come back and said `WTF?? Can’t go there again.’

  2. L.Long says:

    The problem is that there are too many in schools that ‘teach’ science that agree with the creatards. The problem as most of you know is total lack of real thought. The creatards can become main stream very easily, evilution has shown the interactions of critters with each other and thru time and how they change, thus biology has given us the vaccines. Now take ‘gawd did it’ and do something useful and repeatable by anyone and can make a prediction about something that will HELP humans, then come see us. Til then you are dimwitted IDiots worth only to laugh at.

  3. Laura Roberts says:

    And, there is an issue in that a significant proportion of those hired to teach biology in primary and secondary schools either don’t (afraid for their jobs) or won’t (creationist ignoramuses) teach evolution. A teacher or administrator who feels the public school curriculum conflicts with his/her strongly held beliefs should find another line of work.

    I put my money where my mouth is on this kind of thing. Given what I believe to be true about the way the U.S. conducts foreign policy, I have refused to work for the defense industry or the military even though the kinds of jobs I would get would be extremely lucrative.

  4. Broga says:

    Creationists have had a part of their brain numbed by religious indoctrination. To ignore the evidence provided by the “theory” of evolution indicates serious mental damage.

  5. barriejohn says:

    Broga: You’re on dangerous ground there, in my opinion, as we were saying recently. Many of them don’t actually IGNORE contrary evidence; they have ways of explaining it away. The real problem is that they are ALREADY committed to their world-view without evidence having been even considered. As Cali Ron has said in a previous post today, once you accept what authority figures have told you (especially as a child) you are trapped!

  6. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: I guess so. All roads must lead to biblical truth. I am still surprised how people with brains can do it. There is potential here for serious psychological research.

  7. Stephen Mynett says:

    The mindset of these people was shown at the start of the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. Both were asked what would make them change their opinion, Nye answered “Evidence”, Ham answered “Nothing”.

  8. tonye says:

    The foundation uses far too many capital letters in it’s ‘mission;’ statement.

  9. L.Long says:

    Stupid does not mean ignorant which is a lack of knowledge or information.
    Stupid is the WILLFUL rejection of knowledge….usually to support some form of BS. So the sheeple are stupid but Hambone is NOT stupid, he knows exactly what he is saying and doing. He is a con-man! Making money and fame from the sheeple.
    And never accept words from authority!! If the preacher, pope,politician says anything, it is automatically a LIE!!! Until I verify the statement in other ways. And so far They mostly are liars. A ‘firmly held belief’ is just a LIE seen thru rose colored glasses, or most likely thru beer glasses.

  10. Brummie says:

    Those brainwashed into dogma, from a very young age, as I was into Catholicism, are the only ones to know how entrenched are their unshakeable views. No logic can shake it. They are mentally imprisoned. Outsiders have no understanding of this.

  11. dennis says:

    these dogmatic individuals despise education. they have this overlay of gods day is millions of years. god believing scientist live in this overlay world and help the dogmatic individuals sustain control over the sheeple. just how horrible a continuum they shovel at non believers.