Monk targeted lesbian witches

Monk targeted lesbian witches

Catholic monk Damon Kelly, 53, above, has been convicted in Leicester of harassing a pair of pagan lesbians.

According to this report, he told them:

You know, we used to burn people like you. I’m doing God’s work.

A member of a Catholic group calling themselves the Black Hermits, Kelly – described at his trial at Leicester Magistrates’ Court  as “aggressive and fanatical” – delivers leaflets campaigning against homosexuality and other things he regards as sinful.

Kelly pleaded guilty to harassment after getting into a war of words with the pair.

The court heard that when the lesbians living in Clarendon Park, Leicester, received his leaflet one of them stopped Kelly further down the street, confronted him and tried to hand the leaflet back to him.

Describing the confrontation at Leicester Magistrates’ Court this week, prosecutor Nigel Chapman said Kelly, who was dressed in black monk’s robes, told the woman:

Keep it, urinate on it, defecate on it.

The woman’s partner joined her outside and defended the couple’s sexuality and pagan beliefs. The court heard both parties began quoting scripture at other.

The court heard that 15 days later, on October 29 last year, Kelly returned to their home and posted a letter addressed “To the witches from the monk” which described “witches, gays, lesbians and sex-changers” as being part of the “devil’s madness”.

Chapman said one of the women suffered heart palpitations while reading the letter.

She felt she was being targeted by the defendant.

Kevin Sayce, defending Kelly, said his client had never aimed to confront the women.

He picks areas and delivers leaflets. It was one of the females that approached Damon Kelly and he defended his opinion as he’s had to on numerous occasions.

Following their disclosures of their practice as witches, Damon Kelly returned – not to seek out a confrontation but to post the letter that put forward his beliefs on pursuing such desires and such acts.

His motive, his calling, is to target the sin and not the sinner.

Kelly, of St Patrick’s Church in Millais Road, Corby, had taken vows of poverty and chastity.

District Judge Tim Daber said a fine would not be suitable and ordered the case be adjourned for three weeks to assess whether Kelly was fit for unpaid work.

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25 responses to “Monk targeted lesbian witches”

  1. Stephen Mynett says:

    If he can delivery leaflets he can do unpaid work, why the delay?

  2. Angela_K says:

    That is a very gay umbrella. Closet case or Monk with a dirty habit?

  3. Stephen Mynett says:

    Has the Freethinker ever run a story about an umbrella being exorcised?

  4. Alan says:

    Sanctimonious looking dick.

  5. Trevor Blake says:

    Judges 11:29-39 has more information on human sacrifice and how pleasing it is to this man’s deity.

  6. Broga says:

    Kelly, and many like him, affect to have a special relationship with the ruler of the cosmos. (Has he any idea about he billions of galaxies?) And yet in the context of this mind boggling grandeur they obsess themselves with trivialities such as the sexual practises of humans.

  7. Barry Duke says:

    “Has the Freethinker ever run a story about an umbrella being exorcised?”

    Nope, Stephen Mynett. But I recently read that the Japanese believe that an unbrella can turn distinctly queer and may need the services of an exorcist:

    “After months or years of service, an old umbrella might transform into kasa-obake, a self-aware umbrella with one eye, one leg, and a long tongue. However, don’t confuse kasa-obake with yureigasa, a one-eyed, one-legged umbrella that hurls people into the sky on windy days.”

  8. (&$%^&&%$% says:

    Why do the godly like to wear skull caps … is it because there is so little activity inside their skulls that they have to retain with insulation what little heat is generated by brain activity.

  9. L.Long says:

    They turn and tell them of coarse you older brothers where a bunch of murders, your book o’BS tells you to. But you don’t have to the balls to try! And walk away.

  10. Stephen Mynett says:

    Some quality stuff on that Japanese site, thanks Barry.
    I remember seeing a documentary on Sumo and they showed video of a traditional match, between a man and a spirit, they are always the best of three falls and the spirit wins 2-1, very entertaining to watch with more than a touch of Python about it.

  11. bazzles says:

    The most uplifting part of this article is Kelly’s celibacy, thankfully he won’t be passing his affliction on.

  12. Ex Patriot says:

    While I don’t believe in any superstition I have read about the Wiccan’s and what they believe makes a hell of a lot more sense than the crap the RCC preaches. This ass hat has to much time on his hands and he needs to do a lot of community service like picking up dog leavings from a local park and else where

  13. AgentCormac says:

    The Black Hermits. Didn’t they have a hit in the ’60s with that song ‘There’s a Kind of Tush All Over the World’?

  14. (&$%^&&%$% says:

    OT … but celebrate that these 3, with that surname, were not wearing the muslim female subjugation body bag and were more than happy to cycle along with breasts unfettered without fear of molestation and rape by uncivilised fanatics with no self control.Celebrate too that their Canadian sisters are out in support.

  15. Broga says:

    Ever since I read Dennis Wheatley in my teens I have fancied the satanic game. Mix with the top people; lots of booze and sex; massive power; live in classy houses, get to sort out those you don’t like; scare the hell out of the “people of faith.” What’s not to like? The Christian religion doesn’t get close as a career choice.

  16. kenstor says:

    should take a vow of mindin his ane fuckin business

  17. joe says:

    his vows don’t include “don’t be a hateful dickhead”, so he’s apparently still “in good graces” with his Church.

    why the hell anyone still listens to the Catholic Church anymore is absolutely beyond me.

  18. gedediah says:

    Can anone explain to me what exactly this guy did that merits a conviction? Since when are delivering odious leaflets and arguing bigoted opinions crimes? Were the leaflets inciting crime? Did he actually threaten the women? Is this the balance we want between freedom to and freedom from?

  19. barriejohn says:

    Gedediah: On the face of it I agree with you. He did plead guilty to harassment, however, although we know that people are often advised to plead guilty by their briefs, even though they wouldn’t agree that they had broken any law. I didn’t comment on this as I wonder whether we have the full facts here. It is often dangerous to say too much if one is reliant on snippets of information from a case.

  20. Stephen Mynett says:

    Barriejohn, Gedediah, if the report is true (there is no guarantee of that) then the guy probably is guilty. I have no problem with idiots having idiot views, it is their right, and one set of leaflets, however repugnant, should not be prosecuted but to deliberately return with another letter is a form of harassment and I would argue the same if it was the lesbian couple turning up at the Monks dwelling.

  21. Robster says:

    Wouldn’t the catholics sell the “monk” one of their even sillier hats? That model he’s wearing must have come from the Least silly section of the catholic silly hat shop. Surely if he wanted to be noticed, there must be better ways than threatening a couple of women, wearing an even sillier hat, perhaps one that teams with the colourful umbrella would get him noticed as he spreads the words of his favourite fairy. The catholic church is famed for its impressive silly hat selection, recently seen on that pope Frank as he pranced around South America recently, self declared monks deserve more silly hats, not down market models as exampled here. The monk must be feeling a failure.

  22. Inominatus says:

    Maybe his name is Demon Kelly rather than Damon Kelly and he is confused about which side he is on?

  23. Mike Orton says:

    Come on folks,show a little pity for the guy.He is obviously unworldly to the point of retardation if he can’t see the irony of sheltering under a “rainbow”(gay pride?) umbrella,or is this protective camouflage,as in hail mary,penance,and other such mumbo-jumbo?