Rape victim told ‘this is what God wants’

Rape victim told ‘this is what God wants’

A former New Jersey priest accused of raping a teenage boy said this week that his victim – Max Rojas Ramirez, above – had ‘evil’ thoughts and ‘wanted’ to have sex.

According to this report, Ramirez, 28, has filed a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Newark alleging that he had been raped by Rev Manuel Gallo Espinoza in a rectory bedroom at St Mary’s Church in Plainfield when he was 15.

Ramirez said that he did not know that he was speaking to Father Espinoza when he admitted in confessional that he was confused about his sexuality, which he thought resulted from being molested by a male cousin at the age of 8.

I was looking for guidance and trying to figure out all these things, and eventually I came to tell him about the attraction I had toward guys.

Not long after that, the priest contacted Ramirez and requested to see him in person, and then refused to take him home, insisting that he spend the night in the rectory.

That night, Ramirez said that he woke up and:

Felt something very heavy on top of me. It hurt. I was in pain. My eyes popped open, and he had his whole body on top of me. He started touching me and kissing me. I was shaking. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t talk.

Espinoza reportedly told him:

Don’t worry. This is what God wants.

Ramirez recalled being stripped naked by the priest and being raped before he blacked out.

Espinoza, who fled to Ecuador in 2003, said in an email this week that he regretted the encounter, but that Ramirez “wanted” it.

One thing that I am conscious (of) is he was at that time a teenager, and it is a big mistake for me. But I didn’t force him to do anything he didn’t want. He was older (sic) enough to walk away, but I think that I was attracted to him, that is the only explanation that I can think right now.

He added:

He had something evil in his mind. He approached me many times.

When asked if he knew that raping a 15-year-old child was a crime, Espinoza suggested that it was legal in his home country of Ecuador because a person of that age “is not consider (sic) so innocent.” The age of consent in Ecuador is 14 years old.

Espinoza said that he fled to Ecuador in 2003 after the church’s youth group leader, Antonino Salazar, and the boy’s godfather, Jeive Hercules, warned him that he was “going to get in big trouble.”
“You better leave,” the men advised, according to Espinoza.

God prays for you. Go back to your country.

Although Ecuador has an extradition treaty with the United States, a 2012 study found that the country declined to extradite anyone between 2003 and 2011. In contrast, Colombia turned over 1,201 people during that same period.

4 responses to “Rape victim told ‘this is what God wants’”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    Hardly surprising, but apparently catholic priests aren’t the only religious leaders who find it impossible to control their god-given lust. Farooq Siddique, described as a ‘leading figure in Bristol’s Muslim community’, has appeared in court charged with three counts of rape.

  2. Trevor Blake says:

    Id like to think Rev. Espinoza is it still clergy and is not still around ‘evil’ children. But that is not the patten of rapist clergy. They rape, hide and are hidden, move, and rape again. Religion is many things and cover for rapist clergy is among them.

  3. Robster says:

    Perhaps the afflicted should rename their ‘rectory’ as ‘rectum’.