US priest groped airline passenger

US priest groped airline passenger

Catholic priest Marcelo De Jesumaria, 46, above, has been jailed for six months for groping a woman during a flight from Philadelpia to Los Angeles last August.

De Jesumaria, of the Congregation of the Resurrection, was sentenced yesterday by United States District Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell in Los Angeles for the crime of abusive sexual contact. An additional six months of home detention was imposed on him.

The victim, who had been sleeping, told authorities that she awoke to find De Jesumaria touching the top of her leg. He  then wrapped his arm around her body to grab her breast.

The woman, a model, says that after she was woken by the priest’s advances, she reported the abuse to flight attendants and later to a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent.

The priest testified that his touching was consensual because she did not reject him, and he interpreted her silence – because she was asleep – as “coyness”.

De Jesumaria’s future in the priesthood will be determined by the Congregation of the Resurrection, the diocese said.

He acknowledged that his behavior was wrong.

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13 responses to “US priest groped airline passenger”

  1. Laura Roberts says:

    These guys are used to fondling children, so I guess he figured “age of consent” was the same thing as giving consent.

  2. Broga says:

    What must be going on in the brains of these priests? What overheated fantasies must plague them every day? And what meagre, frustrating and risky sexual satisfaction can possible be had by the fleeting touch of the top of a sleeping woman’s leg and a grope of her breasts?

    I wonder if the RC Church tries to give them some guidance on how to cope with their clearly desperate sexual needs. They seem sentenced to a hell of endless sexual repression and frustration.

  3. Newspaniard says:

    I blame the woman. By not wearing a burka she tormented him beyond reason, poor bloke. A good looking 46, should have a wonderful time in prison where he will learn what “real” sex is all about.

  4. dennis says:

    the devil made him do it! he did not use this get out of jail free card?

  5. Peterat says:

    He’d likely never been that close to an adult female for that long!

  6. Cali Ron says:

    Can a priest get a break? I mean, it’s so hard to tell coyness from sleeping. Said, no doubt, with righteous indignation.

    He’d better “gird his loins” because some of his fellow inmates may have been alter boys and wish to give back unto the church that which it hath given unto them. Like the good book says, we are all vessels, waiting to be filled…

  7. Trevor Blake says:

    Jews, Christians and Muslims all venerate Lot. Lot shows us that sex with people who are asleep or drunk – including incestual sex – is pleasing to God. God loves Lot and saves him from troubles. So Brother De Jesumaria is well within his religious morals to molest a woman.

    For those who follow secular morals, he is a predator who must be isolated from further potential prey.

    Which moral system do you follow?

  8. AgentCormac says:

    OT, but I’ve just been reading about TV ghost hunter and spirtualist, the Reverend Colin Fry who has just passed away. Apparently Fry ‘brought a lot of comfort to his audiences’. No he didn’t, he messed with their emotions and showed disdain for their memories.

    For lots of great debunking on this kind of thing, search for Derren Brown videos on YouTube (apologies, can only leave one link per post).

  9. David Anderson says:

    Prison rape jokes. How classy.

    Broga; Seems like the only guidance he, like others in the RC church, will get is the directions to his next posting. After all, “He acknowledged that his behaviour was wrong.”

  10. Cali Ron says:

    “Prison rape jokes. How classy” Seems to be about the same level of class as groping a sleeping passenger and saying you thought she was being coy.

  11. David Anderson says:

    Prison rape = groping. Why not make a joke about the groping? However, nice of you to acknowledge that neither has class.

    What’s more amazing about this is that a Roman Catholic priest was actually convicted of this in the USA. 6 months in prison and 6 months in home detention for “abusive sexual contact”. I wonder what sort of punishment would have been handed down in the UK.

  12. Robster says:

    The only resurrection this predator is seeking is that of his ‘career’. I wonder what percentage of religious clergy are in the big house as a percentage of the total ’employed’ in this vocation?