Powder attack on anti-abortionists

Powder attack on anti-abortionists

A police officer in Portland, Oregon, is reportedly being investigated for failing to protect a bunch of anti-abortionists who were targeted by a man carrying a canister of a cleansing product called Comet.

The Comet attack, according to this report, was was carried out earlier this month against a chanting group of Christians outside of the Portland Planned Parenthood premises by a man who is believed to have brought a woman to the facility.


The person who’s been making the biggest song and dance about officer Gene Gillock’s alleged inaction is deranged Bible pest Tony Miano, above, a former Los Angeles county deputy sheriff who was arrested in Scotland last year for his anti-gay street rants. (This Christian Post report of his arrest incorrectly names him as Milano.)

Miano said he began calling to the officer to arrest the man.

As I’m shouting to him, ‘We want this man arrested,’ he’s telling us to stay back and not to disrupt what he’s doing, while he’s letting the assailant [be] who just assaulted six Christians with a white powder. He’s treating the guy who assaulted six of our friends as if they had been doing something wrong.

The evangelist stated that instead of handcuffing the attacker Gillock pulled up slowly and told the man to keep walking down the street. Moments later, he had the man sit in the back of his car as they talked. The officer then drove away with the passenger door still open as the man sat inside.

Miano said that Gillock never checked on the condition of the Christians.

The incident took place on August 12 when 20 Christians participated in a “pro-life outreach” that was a part of the Biblical Church Evangelism Conference hosted by Beaverton Grace Bible Church and organised by its pastor, Chuck O’Neal.

As they stood on the public sidewalk to “”proclaim the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ” through preaching and the holding of signs, the young man began yelling at the Christians, blanketed half of dozen of them with the scouring powder and called them “scum”.

O’Neal said:

Somewhere he got ahold of a very large canister of Comet and then he came around the building and went to one of our ladies and pronounced her ‘scum’ and doused her with this can of Comet head to toe.

He continued down the line … and he said, ‘And you, and you, and you ,’ pronouncing them all scum and shaking out Comet on each one.

I approached the man, and he proceeded to douse me with the Comet as well, getting it in my eyes and on my clothes. I was warning him that this was assault … and calling upon him to stop and to repent and turn to Christ.

O’Neal says he does not wish any harm to Gillock – only that errors will be recognised and that matters will be handled properly in the future as the Portland Police Department has otherwise been supportive of the free speech rights of Christians.

I don’t want Officer Gillock disciplined in any way that harms or ends his career, but I want him to see how grievously he has erred and to take corrective action both personally and in the police department, to say, ‘This was mishandled.’

10 responses to “Powder attack on anti-abortionists”

  1. L.Long says:

    Well SCUM if you would go away and mind your own business, especially since you don’t have a vagina, then no one would need a cleanser to clean up the scum off the street!!!!! Personally I would have used unscented baby powder and told everyone it was anthrax so you had best get to a hospital!

  2. 1859 says:

    This being the US, I would have expected the Comet man to have used a gun. He probably would have had he been angrier. And O those pious self-sacrificing christians, don’t they just love martyrdom! I can just see them standing there letting themselves be joyfully sprayed, hoping their god was watching their self-righteous sanctity. If you’re going to thrust guilt, shame and accusations of murder into people’s faces you can expect some sort of hostile ‘feedback’.

  3. Marky Mark says:

    So where do I stand….Here is proof I’m the artiest I say i am

    But…I did the Mohammad drawings and tagged this slanderous bastards name to them…
    the Christians who let the Shanda Sharer murders out of prison and what my videos @ youtube are about

    but…we have hate here as well, it is not exclusive to religion…so i leave you with this….

    Spirituality has nothing to do with religion…what have I done?

  4. Angela_K says:

    The difference in this attack is that “comet man” used a harmless powder whereas the anti-abortionists tend to use guns and bombs.

  5. Stephen Mynett says:

    I will never condone violence but will highlight hypocrisy.

    How many theists said the Charlie Hebdo people had it coming to them?
    How many theists have used violence against women seeking an abortion?

  6. jay says:

    Angela K “The difference in this attack is that “comet man” used a harmless powder whereas the anti-abortionists tend to use guns and bombs.”

    It’s not harmless, it’s a strong chlorine bleach based product with warnings about getting in eyes, nose etc.Not as deadly as a bomb, but still a criminal assault if the story is true.

  7. Angela_K says:

    @jay. I mistakingly thought it was similar to the water based “Flash” liquid we have in the UK. As you say, it is still assault even if the assailant used water.

  8. Laura Roberts says:

    In this case I can only trust that the police officer assessed and handled the situation properly. We have no real evidence for either side.

  9. Rob Andrews says:

    The police officers should lose thier vjobs