Will homophobic idiot Davis go, or stay and do her job?

Will homophobic idiot Davis go, or stay and do her job?

The US Supreme Court on yesterday ruled against Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, above, who has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

Today she will have to choose whether to issue marriage licenses, defying her Christian convictions, or continue to refuse them, defying a federal judge who could pummel her with fines or order that she be hauled off to jail.

Her attorney, Mat Staver, said on Monday:

She’s going to have to think and pray about her decision overnight. She certainly understands the consequences either way. She’ll report to work tomorrow, and face whatever she has to face.

The appropriately named Jonathan D Christman, of the Christian law firm Liberty Counsel, informed that court  that forcing her to abandon her Christian principles and issue licenses could never be undone.

He compared it to forcing a person who objects to war into the battlefield, or forcing a person who opposes capital punishment to carry out an execution.

That searing act of personal validation would forever, and irreversibly, echo in her conscience – and, if it happened, there is no absolution or correction that any earthly court can provide to rectify it.

A line of couples, turned away by her office again and again in the two months since the US Supreme Court legalised gay marriage across the nation, were planning to meet her at the courthouse door today.

Davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses in the days after the landmark decision. Two gay couples and two straight couples sued her, arguing that she must fulfill her duties as an elected official despite her personal religious faith.

First, a federal judge ordered her to issue the licenses, and an appeals court upheld that decision. Her lawyers with the Liberty Counsel filed a last-ditch appeal to the Supreme Court on Friday, asking that they grant her:

Asylum for her conscience.

Justice Elena Kagan, who oversees the 6th district, referred Davis’ request to the full court, which denied the stay without comment.

Meanwhile, a couple that had been turned away went to Rowan County Attorney Cecil Watkins to ask that Davis be charged with official misconduct, a misdemeanor defined by state law as a public official who:

Refrains from performing a duty imposed upon him by law or clearly inherent in the nature of his office.

The crime is punishable by up to a year in jail.

Watkins cited a conflict of interest and forwarded the complaint to Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, whose office will decide whether to appoint a special prosecutor, generally a county attorney from a surrounding jurisdiction, who would decide whether to file charges.

As the clock wound down for Davis on Monday, the tension intensified between dueling groups of protesters outside her office window on the courthouse lawn.

Hexie Mefford has stood on the lawn waving a flag nearly every day for more than two months. The flag is fashioned after Old Glory, but with a rainbow instead of the red and white bars.

Mike Reynolds, a Christian protesting in Davis’ defense, shouted at her that he found the flag offensive: He is an Army veteran, he complained, and they had desecrated the American flag. The two groups roared at each other. The Christians called on the activists to repent; the activists countered that their God loves all.

On Monday, the Christians stood on the grass and sang “I am a Child of God”.

The marriage equality activists chimed in after each refrain: “So are we”.

Meanwhile, it has just emerged that last year Davis “unknowingly” signed the marriage of “a transgender man and a pansexual woman.”

27 responses to “Will homophobic idiot Davis go, or stay and do her job?”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    ‘He compared it to forcing a person who objects to war into the battlefield, or forcing a person who opposes capital punishment to carry out an execution.’

    But only if that person had willingly joined the army in the first place, or been successful in applying for the position of executioner. Kim Davis sought the position of County Clerk and is now refusing to carry out the work which that entails. You can’t have it both ways!

  2. barriejohn says:

    What a disgrace that these people are not free to practise their Christian faith in 21st Century America! Never mind, Donald Trump will soon rectify the situation:

  3. L.Long says:

    When she arrives at work, hopefully, there is a line of gay couples there to push her bigotry into her face, and she and others are taught a lesson…YOUR FIRED!!! and then hires someone almost instantly as there are many people looking for work and willing to do the job!!

  4. Trevor Blake says:

    “A line of couples, turned away by her office again and again in the two months since the US Supreme Court legalised gay marriage across the nation, were planning to meet her at the courthouse door today.” (Emphases added)

    Couples wishing to be married? Happiness to them all. Couples getting married to meet her, getting married as a political statement? They really are making a mockery of marriage. As she made a mockery of law.

    I favor legal access to same sex marriage.

  5. Broga says:

    My guess is that she will abandon her Christian principles and marry gays. When principles conflict with cash then in the Christian religion cash usually wins.

  6. lucy1 says:

    @Broga Naa, she will make more by being fired and going on the circuit of TV and radio and books, weeping and playing the victim card. I wish someone would just ask her about her policy on
    divorced couples.

  7. David Anderson says:

    She doesn’t have to marry anybody, just issue the license to marry which is part of her elected job,

  8. David Anderson says:

    …and with her Christian principles she should know all about the sanctity of marriage, as she is now on her fourth one.

  9. AgentCormac says:

    @David Anderson

    Makes you wonder what Davis’s reaction would have been if a Catholic County Clerk had refused to issue her with a marriage licence for husbands two, three and four. I’m sure she’d have happily played the persecution card then as well.

  10. Erp says:

    Given this is Kentucky I suspect both groups of protesters are Christian so to characterize one side as

    “On Monday, _the Christians_ stood on the grass and sang “I am a Child of God”.”

    and the other by implication as not

    “The marriage equality activists chimed in after each refrain: “So are we”.”

    is misleading (I’m pretty certain atheists won’t be claiming to be children of god). Perhaps on one side stood “the anti-marriage equality protesters claiming Christianity as their defense”

  11. TrickyDicky says:

    Well she stood by her guidance from God and has refused to issue licences today.

    Maybe she will be joining her prison bible study group as an inmate in the near future.

  12. Michael Glass says:

    Either the woman will be induced to resign from her job or her supervisors will assign her other duties. Either way, the kerfuffle will come to an end.

  13. Barry Duke says:

    Yep, TrickyDicky, she’s still holding out against the forces of depravity. And hubby numero cuatro is standing by her, saying that his wife was “standing for God.” Hilariously, he added “I’m an old redneck hillbilly, that’s all I’ve got to say”.

  14. sailor1031 says:

    Unfortunately county clerks in Kentucky are elected (go figger). So she can’t be fired unless someone mounts a successful recall election campaign. Easier to just throw her ass in jail for a few weeks for contempt of court.

  15. Cali Ron says:

    She should be prosecuted for official misconduct and jailed. Then she should be recalled. If a sufficient number of people sign a petition a recall election can be called to vote her out of office. Of course, this is Kentucky so she might not lose. Her husband is a good example of why, the self proclaimed “old redneck hillbilly” is not alone in backwards Kentucky.

    I suspect the twit is enjoying her 20 minutes of fame, or rather, infamy. She’ll probably quit the position and start a Go Fund It campaign. I’m sure there’s plenty of evangelical old redneck hillbillies that will gladly cough up some cash in the name of hate.

  16. TrickyDicky says:

    @Barry Duke
    Tue 1 Sep at 4:43 pm

    Just image when she gets to jail, an orange poly-cotton jump suit, MIXED FIBRES!!!

  17. L.Long says:

    She is defending her fine xtian beliefs! Show me where jesus said -screw the gays! I can show her where jesus said NO DIVORCES ALLOWED!!!!
    Hypocrite bigoted hate filled xtian…ya know a normal one.

  18. Cali Ron says:

    She has conveniently forgotten all those verses like “love one another”, “Judge not, lest ye be judged”, “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”

    L.Long: Like you said, “Hypocrite bigoted hate filled….”

  19. dennis says:

    this woman and women like her, was the reason I went looking for another answer for my life. freedom from a stupid illogical view of existence and self indulgence.

  20. AgentCormac says:

    Looks like the only place good ol’ Kim’s going is to jail.

  21. 1859 says:

    Four husbands……hummmm one can see why.

  22. 1859 says:

    Sorry…..that was most ungracious of me….

  23. Cali Ron says:

    Well the hate filled bigot has doubled down and is still refusing to issue certificates. She should be arrested for contempt of court, but it being Kentucky I’m sure the local law enforcement share her twisted beliefs and will do everything in their power to not enforce the law. So who’s being persecuted here? The clerk who refuses to do her job or the people who can’t get married because of her bigoted views? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Can christians defy even the supreme court and get away with it? If so, it’s a sad day for the rule of law and logic in America.

  24. John the Drunkard says:

    An elected official. She can only be impeached by the state government. She can’t be fired. And this is Kentucky we’re talking about. The whole state grovels at the same altar that she does.

  25. Cali Ron says:

    She can be recalled with a special election, but odds are pretty small that that would happen in Kentucky. I think jail is appropriate anyhow.

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