Jail for two brutal Muslim teachers

Jail for two brutal Muslim teachers

Two Muslim school teachers who beat a 10-year-old boy with a stick for reciting the Koran incorrectly have been jailed for a year.

According to the BBC, Mohammed Siddique, 60, and his son Mohammed Waqar, 24, pictured above, admitted wilful cruelty to a child.

The four attacks took place at the Jamia Mosque in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, between May and June 2014, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

The pair, from the Tyseley area of the city, also face a teaching ban.

Sam Forsyth, prosecuting, said the victim was beaten with a plastic stick and given back-of-the-hand slaps by each of his tutors for “talking in the classroom” at a Birmingham Islamic centre.

The boy was hit during four separate incidents, with photographs of his injuries showing “extensive” bruising to the back of his legs.

Miss Forsyth said the boy had been left distressed by the experience.

He told police that “Waqar would call him names like ‘paedo’,” in the classroom, Miss Forsyth added.

He describes how this has had a great effect on him, causing him to lose hair as he was getting very stressed. When he was bruised he would try and hide them with clothing even in very hot weather and make excuses not to go to the centre, such as having tummy ache.

Charanjit Jutla, defending, said both defendants were men of previous good character and deeply regretted their conduct.

Judge Mark Wall QC told them:

These were not assaults committed in ignorance of how inappropriate it was to use corporal punishment such as this. Acts of brutality of this sort which you each indulged in, with a stick, will not be tolerated.

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23 responses to “Jail for two brutal Muslim teachers”

  1. Broga says:

    We should be surprised. Their religion provides them with a feeling of confidence that cruelty directed at others, including children, is justified. The cruelty leaves the perpetrators free from hurt themselves.

    I hope some parents in prison decide to have “conversations” with them.

  2. Lensman says:

    But i’m sure that they were beaten with love!

  3. L.Long says:

    So who turned these two psychotic aholes into the law?? I hope it was the parents? If not then what were they doing? Holding the kids down while they were beaten? If my kid came home after being beaten by a teacher, the teacher would not have to worry about the law, but something far worse.

  4. Brummie says:

    Faith schools should not exist in this country.

  5. 1859 says:

    Faith schools should not exist in any country.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Faith shouldn’t exist in any country.

  7. What is wrong with the the world? says:

    Faith school = Incubator for bigots, fundamentalists and terrorists.

    I say stop allowing new ones and abolish the existing ones.

    Get religion out of schools … I mean 100% out … Even RE.

    No accomodation for religious observances either.

    Faith schools are a certain way to deepen cultural differences and intolerance.

    Vet teachers, governors, and administrators to weed out fundamentalist, evangelist, jihadist, creationist elements.

  8. Newspaniard says:

    When the defence said “… both defendants were men of previous good character and deeply regretted their conduct…”. Did he really mean that no-one had previously complained about sadism against their children and that they deeply regretted having been punished for their crimes. Which would make more sense. The UK has to take the French route and make all tax payer funded education secular. No crosses no burkas or any of the other paraphernalia of their stone age practices.

  9. AgentCormac says:

    Faith shouldn’t exist.

  10. andym says:

    @L.Long -according to the radio report, he confided in another teacher, so it was brave of him(at a place like that,I assume it would be a him) to turn them in. I wonder how many death threats he’s had.

    Once again, plain rank stupidity competes with the religious sort.The absurdity of calling a 10 year old a “paedo”never seems to have occurred to the fuckwit.

  11. Brian Jordan says:

    “He told police that “Waqar would call him names like ‘paedo’,” in the classroom, Miss Forsyth added.”
    Oh, the irony!

  12. AgentCormac says:

    An independent muslim girls’ school with a ‘strong emphasis’ on Islamic studies has also been branded ‘utterly cruel’ by a former student.

  13. I am evolved from a microbe says:

    Takes one to know one,

  14. andym says:

    OT, I suppose. Saudi Arabia has at last responded to the refugee crisis- by offering to build mosques in Germany. It sums something up. I’m just not sure what.–one-for-every-100-refugees-who-arrived-last-weekend-10495082.html

  15. I am evolved from a microbe says:

    I have a more serious contribution.

    What teaching qualifications do these two execrable nasties have?

    Proper Teacher Training?
    Degree from a proper university?

    Have they been CRB tested and found to be suitable to be left alone with kids?

    Or are they ‘muslim scholars’.

    I hate that term ‘muslim scholar’ … usually means someone who has just read one book over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over … … … … …

  16. I am evolved from a microbe says:

    It is time to face up to the facts … that we are in the midst of an all out determined, well financed and coordinated conspiracy to swamp Europe in an irresitable burden of islamic pollution. The danger is in plain view … why can’t this be acknowledeged by our leaders. Look at the news and just see at what is going on … all over the world wherever muslims are located there is trouble … I mean REAL TROUBLE. Show me muslim country where there is harmony and tolerance. There isn’t one.And yet we in Europe are letting the muslims in en masse without any vetting and we know they will not integrate but they will cause mayhem havoc division and scream and demand that we accomodate all their dubious culture, laws and prohibitions at the expense of our own. Its time to stop this suicide. Today the House of Commons is voting on Assisted Dying … well they need to take a look at the bigger picture of islamic ambition and stop the Assisted Dying of Civilised Europe.

  17. Brummie says:

    Well said!

  18. I am evolved from a microbe says:

    Our prisons will soon need to have minarets. Maybe Saudi Arabia should sponsor the building of Prisons to hold the muslim criminals that are an ever increasing burden on our prison system.

  19. I am evolved from a microbe says:

    Put this in your browser … not for the sensitive though.

  20. Trevor Blake says:

    Everybody knows the Quran forbids beating children… On their face, with your hand. You beat children elsewhere with a stick to please Allah just as these men did.

  21. dennis says:

    Georgia and South and North Carolina back in the colonial times were populated by prisoners from British jails. Brits that seems to have worked for you for a few centuries. something about prisons, slaves indentured servants and religion. see who lives in the southern states now fundamentalist xtians. got a place I can send these xtians. again muslims kill you some what quickly if you will not convert but a crazy xtian will hound you to death over years of torment about that fairy.

  22. Vanity Unfair says:

    Just for information, in England neither Ofsted nor the Schools Inspection Service has any authority over part-time teaching establishments so places such as this are not independently overseen for the legality, quality or humanity of their conduct. There has to be a complaint to one of the civil authorities before any independent action can be taken against them.

    I have not checked the situation in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland all of which have their own regulatory authorities. Note for foreign readers: the UK’s proper name should be United(?) Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.