US Christians angry over new sitcom

US Christians angry over new sitcom

Impastor, which premiered this summer on the TV Land channel,  follows Buddy Dobbs (Michael Rosenbaum), above, a fugitive and hard-core gambling addict who, in order to hide from a pair of loan sharks, ends up stealing the identity of a recently deceased gay pastor who was relocating to Ladner, a local small-town community.

According to one reviewer:

This show is actually targeting a very niche audience, which dislikes political correctness. Impastor has thrown all that out. It’s got jokes about religion, homosexuality, sex, drugs, suicide, death, sickness and even … Scooby Doo!

Well, Jennifer LeClaire of Charisma News was not in the least bit amused and wrote:

Admittedly, some pastors are phony and some prophets are false. But a new TV Land show Impastor crosses the line into anti-Christian bigotry.

She reported that One Million Moms aren’t amused either, and that they issued a statement saying:

This show not only depicts pastors in a negative light, but the entire program will also be based on lies about Christianity. TV Land has crossed the line by belittling the Christian religion with foul jokes.

One Million Moms wants Christians to send a loud and clear message to TV Land, its owner Viacom, and all potential advertisers that this kind of programming is insulting and completely unacceptable.

TV Land is not ridiculing any other religion currently and wouldn’t dream of mocking Muhammed or Muslims. If we speak with one voice now, we can keep this program from ever seeing the light of day.

OMM added:

Christians should no longer sit idly by and allow this blasphemy to continue without speaking up in protest, Impastor is another attempt to distort the truth about Christianity. There is power in numbers! Forward this to everyone you know in a fight to keep this show off the air.

Said LeClair:

I agree with One Million Moms. Christians need to stand up and speak out. TV Land and other networks can’t be allowed to mock Christianity – and even Christ Himself. People can’t even draw cartoons of Mohammad without fearing for their life, but Jesus and Christians who turn the other cheek are open game.

I believe we should turn the other cheek and pray for our enemies, but that doesn’t mean we should lie down and allow Christianity to be mocked without correcting the misconceptions. There’s a difference.

The Christian site Movieguide® is also furious, saying in a barely literate letter to TV Land:

Movieguide®, who helps represent the 141 million Americans who attend church regularly and share our values of faith and who reach 24 million directly with our reviews, are deeply concerned your network, TV Land. Specifically the show “Impastor” which misrepresents God and the Christian faith while simultaneously offending viewers with lewd, vulgar content. You are losing your target audience and loyal viewers of TV Land with this bigoted offensive series.

TV Land’s response? Stop with the whining already!

According to Wiki, on August 31 TV Land confirmed that Impastor was renewed for a second season.

22 responses to “US Christians angry over new sitcom”

  1. Secular Humanist says:

    “141 million Americans who attend church regularly .” Yeah, right. 141 million Americans attend church, and the moon’s made of cheese.
    Don’t you just love how Christians overstate their own group size, unless it’s beneficial to say that very few Americans are “true Christians”, which is what they’ll usually say to explain why the prison population is overwhelmingly Christian.
    141 million.. That’s about half the population, out of a country that’s 70% Christian. of that less than half of who, regularly attend church.
    At maximum maybe 75 million Americans attend church regularly.

  2. barriejohn says:

    Secular Humanist: The figure remains stubbornly at around 40% according to Gallup. Quite amazing to those of us living in what might be termed “nominally Christian” countries nowadays!

  3. jay says:

    The one thing I’d agree with in that tirade is to skewer Mohammed a bit as well.

  4. TreeOfLifeCO says:

    Let the claims of persecution resume! This only further illustrates how the (mostly phony) xtians can’t tell the difference between real-life and make-believe (the bible). I bet if it was about a Muslim Imam they would be rolling in the aisles & laughing hysterically.

  5. sailor1031 says:

    @Barriejohn: studies (i’ll try to find some) AFAIR based on attendance figures recorded by churches themselves indicate that the actual number attending church regularly is maybe 50% of that 40% = ~20% in real life (not in the deluded world of the religious). Which would amount to around 60megachristians.

  6. @bobpulgino says:

    Did they miss the part where the “pastor” isn’t actually a pastor?

  7. Laura Roberts says:

    Never heard of this show, but now I’m interested. Thanks to these right-wing wackos, I predict a sizable boost in the show’s ratings.

  8. TrickyDicky says:

    @sailor1031 says:

    I don’t know of what I am more afraid, a megachristian or a megaton, both are highly destructive.

  9. tonye says:

    So what do they want then?

    A sitcom where the pastor is depicted as non bigoted, caring about all his flock (not just those who fit his ideology), stays faithful to their partner and not at all interested in money?

    Now, that would be fantasy………….

  10. Broga says:

    The show must have real talent. Christians, especially the evangelicals and the RCs with their strange beliefs, do a great job in ridiculing themselves. Difficult to see how this show could improve on it.

  11. Barry Duke says:

    Yes, andym, but on the other hand right-wing Christians are convinced that the tragedy was God’s revenge for 9/11.

  12. Barry Duke says:

    Take a look at this YouTube clip, Broga. It’s so close to the truth that Christian conservatives were bound to take offence. In an earlier scene the boy’s mum tells the “pastor” that her son was “demonic” for smoking weed and inserting his dick in a melon. I’ve imbedded it into the report.

  13. andym says:

    Condemnation from the US right is a recommendation to watch. Unfortunately the last time I went down that route, I was sold a pup.A right-wing republican declared Glee, ” the most subversive TV programme ever made.” With a recommendation like that, I just had to watch it. Wasn’t , I’m afraid up my street.

  14. Laura Roberts says:

    Yeah, Glee was mostly fast-forwarding through cloying plot to get to the next song-and-dance routine (we really wanted to see more from Harry Shum). And the show should have ended about two seasons before it did. However, I do recall at least two speeches from Kurt Hummel’s father that I thought were well written.

  15. L.Long says:

    …be based on lies about Christianity……
    Christianity is based totally on lies and ideas stolen from other cultures!
    ….. TV Land has crossed the line by belittling the Christian religion with foul jokes…… Xtianity is a foul joke! So making foul jokes about them is called …truth!
    Draw Mo and be afraid? Only where they have been given power by religious aholes and scared people. Xtians were no different then isLame back in the day, and when we slapped them down things improved. Every place in the US that has problems has a deep xtian presences, why is that?

  16. andym says:

    ‘@ Laura. I think that Episodes is far dirtier, and more subversive.

  17. Broga says:

    @Barry Duke: Thanks Barry. As the man said, “you couldn’t make it up.”

  18. Newspaniard says:

    I’ve added it to my DVD box set list for when it becomes available. Did anyone mention to these 7 kazillion “christians” who were offended that the remote control was there to change channels?

  19. Cali Ron says:

    According to Dr Ramzy of the Oxford Islamic information center, “This is great honour from God that every one wishes for but not many will be granted.” REALLY!!! I know a lot of people who would be glad to grant them their wish. So if someone drops a bomb on mecca during the Hajj it would actually be a good thing for them and a good thing for secularists. It’s a win, win!

    I doubt the show could possibly show christians in a worse light than they are already shown in everyday life. This is just dripping with irony, like the sweat off of a hellfire and brimstone preacher just before the alter call. Repent or parish in TV Land!