Feminists disrupt Muslim conference

Feminists disrupt Muslim conference

Two topless feminists stormed the stage at a Muslim conference in France.

The activists, from hard-line feminist outfit Femen jumped on the stage, with “Nobody makes me submit” scrawled across their bare breasts. Before being dragged and kicked off the stage by angry Muslims, one shouted:

Nobody makes me submit, me nobody owns me, I’m my own prophet!

A video in this report shows the incident that took place at the Muslim Salon in Pontoise, France, a town just outside of Paris. It ended “violently” according to one eyewitness.

The activists stormed the stage, “leading to two embarrassed looking Muslim men shuffling off stage smirking while clearly trying to get an eyeful”. Then a posse of delegates kicked the women off the side of the stage.

The Telegraph reports that Inna Shevchenko, a spokeswoman for the feminist protest group, said that two fundamentalist preachers were discussing the question of “whether wives should be beaten or not” when the activists, aged 25 and 31, ripped off their Arab-style cloaks and jumped on to the stage on Saturday evening.

The protesters grabbed microphones and shouted feminist slogans in French and Arabic before being roughly bundled off the stage by about 15 men and handed over to police. Video footage of the incident shows a man apparently kicking one of the women.

Femen protesters are best known for their targeting of Christian iconography and representatives, such as the desecration of crucifixes in St. Peter’s Square, or baring their chests in churches.

The group was founded in Ukraine in 2008, but has since become a Europe-wide phenomenon.
In 2013 the group burned the ISIS flag in front of the Great Mosque in Paris.

Hat tip: Trevor Blake

24 responses to “Feminists disrupt Muslim conference”

  1. Albert Yome says:

    Surely there’s a better source for this article than Vladimir Putin’s Russia Today propaganda organ?

  2. sailor1031 says:

    You’d prefer the Daily Mail? Or Bild? Or the always objective, never propagandistic New York Times?

  3. AgentCormac says:

    To advocate that wives should be beaten is surely inciting violence against women. So how they are allowed to ‘debate’ the subject in a 21st-century European country is beyond me.

  4. gedediah says:

    Sounds like that conference needed disrupting. Why do they need to debate whether it’s ok to break the law?

  5. Rob Andrews says:

    This artricle fills my heart with joy. Many articles on this website are depressing. Fair is fair–if they can get in our face by killing us that we can get in their face with funky humor.

    @Agent Cormac:
    I totally agree this should even need protesting in 2015. We are going to Pluto, but having cultural regression. These women have heart.

    Islam ,the style of the mad
    Wages on all, much Jihad
    Death and destruction
    The only way Islam can function
    Shari’a is seriously bad.

  6. Newspaniard says:

    I note that in the video, one brave woman is walking around without a headscarf. Why wasn’t she arrested? it would be interesting to know if the police took any action against these brave girls.

  7. Newspaniard says:

    Where did the edit function go?

  8. dennis says:

    I know some republican presidential candidates that need their moment of undress in the 21 century also @AgentCormac.

  9. Rob Andrews says:


    Yeah .the spell check is also gone. I’ve mentioned it in several posts!

  10. frank says:

    i hope the men kicking the ladies get charged and dealt with.

  11. Barry Duke says:

    @ Rob Andrews and others who have complained about comment editing: we are aware of the problem and are working to correct this and a number of other glitches that have popped up in recent weeks.

  12. Laura Roberts says:

    Great response to such abject stupidity and cowardice. The most appropriate response would be for one of the women to use a huge dildo to beat the s**t out of the speaker while the other woman takes the microphone and starts a monolog on the virtues of beating Muslim men. However, given how badly outnumbered they would have been, this seems a more prudent approach.

  13. jay says:

    A little off topic but humorous: A few of our fellow nudists had gone a chartered nude cruise, but because a good portion of the crew were Muslim, the chartering company had to be willing to provide hotel accommodations to any crew members who conscientously could not do the job.

    Out of hundreds of crew members, something like 6 abstained!

  14. N I Cetits says:

    I bet most of the “offended victims” have tossed themselves into onanistic rapture after that experience. Bucket loads of islamic semen flooding down the foul waste pipes is far better than the reproductive end product of the fluid too.

    Bit of a contrast … Muslims use Kalashnikovs and Semtex to protest.

    These remarkable girls just flashed their tits and spiced up the event somewhat.

    Pity a few million muslim women don’t protest in this way against islamic mysogeny.

  15. N I Cetits says:

    And Muslim women the world over need to thank their FEMEN sisters for putting themselves in harms way and doing their work for them.

  16. N I Cetits says:

    Just watched the video and I have three observations:-
    1. It took rather a lot of men to evict the girls from the stage … Looks like there was a bit of a mad frantic rush to grab a few handfuls of boob.
    2. Why were the tits in the stills pixelated out. Don’t Muslims know what tits look like?
    3. Was the explicit content the boobs or was the explicit content the spectacle of the scrum of groping sex starved muslim men trying to grab the tits of kuffar girls?

  17. asquith says:

    Excellent work. Unfortunately we in Britain will soon be facing similar struggles after a major political party was taken over by that mentalist Jeremy Corbyn, who wants to turn this country into Venezuela and whose “friends” include people like that rancid pair.

    It is in all honesty open season on women and most white, middle-class “feminists” couldn’t give a fuck, they’d rather support Jezbollah than the victims of his “friends”.

  18. asquith says:

    This is finally it. You can no longer assume that left-wing people will think that a woman should be given equal treatment to a man, that LGBT people are full human beings, and that people should have free speech including criticising the religion of peace. And if you get bombed you were asking for it by being “provocative”, according to the New Left and their “friends”.

  19. 1859 says:

    These women are heroins! Good on them for what they did! If I had breasts I would have done the same. The more open-minded people confront the bullshit of religion – of whatever stripe – the better. Men should also have the courage to do what these brave women have done – expose their arses, expose their bodies, dicks, nipples, the works – to ridicule the suffocating madness of religion!

  20. Great Satan says:

    I have the utmost admiration for those bold ladies at Femen ! – maybe they could plan a special forces type raid on the Kaabaa in Mecca (that is the black meteorite that apparantly looks like a vagina that they all circumnambulate ), that consists of them flying in by helicopter, doing a striptease and a few poon-moons and then being wisked away to safety whilst showering the baying muslims below with sex-education manuals and dildoes !
    Any other suggestions for direct action for brave ladies who have more guts and integrity than all the British feminists put together can be posted here and/or sent to Femen !

  21. Brian Jordan says:

    Thanks Barry for finding an uncensored picture. Most sources were treating the boobs as though they had pictures of Mohammed on them.
    Now there’s a thought… but it would be far too much to ask these brave women to risks life as well as limb.

  22. Peter Sykes says:

    I tried to join Femen but, understandably, they want people who are going to be active. Cider drinking old bloke – not what they’re after! Still, I’d like to know how to support them.

  23. Brian Jordan says:

    Maybe you should offer to sponsor a Femen Cider Brigade for women not wanting to strip off. I imagine that in some circumstances, appearing quaffing pints of cider would cause almost as much fuss as stripping off!