‘Elect me mayor and I’ll eradicate gays’

‘Elect me mayor and I’ll eradicate gays’

Christian crackpot Eugene Holmes, 77, above, is running for mayor of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, because he believes that the post will empower him to put homosexuals behind bars.

According to this report, Holmes, “who views Kentucky clerk Kim Davis as something of a role model”, declared:

In my administration I would do just like Mrs Davis did in Kentucky. If you elect me, I’ll uphold the law of the state of North Carolina. I would get the DA to swear out a warrant on any man who says he’s gay. Sodomy is a crime, a felony in the state of North Carolina.

Holmes, who calls himself “Sherlock” on the ballot list, then asked:

What’s wrong with eradicating homosexuals? We should jail them, throw them all in jail!

Holmes said he’s a member of the Church of God and also the Promise Keepers, a men’s religious organisation.

Holmes was arrested in March for disorderly conduct and trespassing after he went to the Family Worship Center church in Kings Mountain and shouted derogatory and inflammatory things about the LGBT community, then refused to leave.

He has apparently spent time in prison for felony theft and larceny convictions aside from his March arrest.

Holmes apparently doesn’t have any other plans for what he’d do as mayor, other than to targeting the LGBT community. Oh, and ban alcohol, divorce and all immigration to the US.

He wasn’t worried about the economy because he believed “Wall Street is going to blow up” anyway. He expected the destruction to come as part of a “blood moon” omen on Sunday.

Holmes was once placed in a psychiatric ward for treatment after a judge found he needed evaluation following charges of unauthorised use of a motor vehicle. He says he was diagnosed as suffering from “religious hallucinations”.

This isn’t Holmes’ first foray into politics. He’s tried to run for the North Carolina House last year, but was rejected because of his felony convictions.

In his spare time, Holmes likes to pray and convert strangers. If he’s elected he’ll still have plenty of time for that, according to his own assessment.

The mayor doesn’t do much, in my eyes. He just collects a paycheck. But (incumbent mayor Rick Murphrey) hasn’t had any competition in the other elections and I wanted to see what I could do. If I’m elected, it will be we the people who run the show.

Holmes is quoted here as saying:

You would probably classify me as someone needing help. I’m not a rocket scientist. But I do believe in holiness, in the Bible.

30 responses to “‘Elect me mayor and I’ll eradicate gays’”

  1. Stephen Mynett says:

    He is completely barking mad, probably has a good chance of getting elected.

  2. L.Long says:

    Luckily most people regardless of their religious BS are not stupid enough to elect this dimwit. Or maybe I’m expecting too much from people.

  3. barriejohn says:

    Stephen Mynett: I couldn’t agree more. I was watching a news report the other evening where 20,000 people were shouting their heads off in support of Donald Trump, whose flagship policy appears to be to build a “wall” around the USA to stop immigration. And this “blood moon” business, I assume, is not unconnected to the “Year of Jubilee” nonsense to which I have referred before:

    Yom Kippur falls on 22/23 September this year.

  4. barriejohn says:

    North Carolina still has a sodomy law (no – it doesn’t mean that all residents are forced to practise the act), but it is unconstitutional and unenforceable. When will these dimwits wake up to the fact that they can pass whatever laws they like, but if they are unconstitutional then they are not worth the paper that they are printed on?

  5. Stephen Mynett says:

    Barriejohn, he may also have been advised by this “expert” in the past:

    It is as if many theists want to be ridiculed, coming up with crazy calculations and predictions that never happen.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Similar shenanigans in Tennessee (featuring Kim Davis’s husband and Ted Cruz’s father campaigning against “the religious persecution of Christians”!):

  7. Trevor Blake says:

    I imagine moderate progressive modern Christians must flock to his campaign. The bible says homosexuals should be killed, while he says they should be jailed. What a gentle soul!

  8. dennis says:

    I will fight for your right to say what you believe, religious hallucinations and all but you have an obligation to be subject to the law. you and cruz’ dad can not put gays or atheists in jail. you have an obligation to fight for gays and atheist under this secular government.
    there is that word holiness again.

  9. AgentCormac says:

    On a recent thread here (can’t remember which one now), some troll dropped by to say that in their experience most atheists have mental health and addiction issues. Well, people like good old Eugene (and there are plenty of them) consistently prove just what an attraction religion, with its ‘no-need-to-think-for-yourself’ philosophy, really is for people who are certifiably bonkers.

  10. Stephen Mynett says:

    AC, here it is:

    We also had the “erudite” Sarah on that thread, anyone who actually managed to read her whole post and survive deserves credit, or sedation.

  11. Broga says:

    @Stephen Mynette: I thought, as an exercise in self discipline, I would try to read the whole post of Sarah the Erudite. I failed and decided a few lines into the mess of words that I could not cope with the rest.

    I note that Sarah’s erudition has not extended to her learning to use paragraphs. Her nonsense would be hard going anyway but in solid blocks of unrelieved drivel few would emerge undefeated at the end of the final sentence.

  12. Stephen Mynett says:

    Broga, I got as far as “atheism is a faith” and did the sensible thing instead, went for my bottle of Bowmore.

  13. AgentCormac says:

    @Stephen Mynett

    Well remembered! I still haven’t found it in myself to read all of Sarah’s piffle. And quite frankly, I doubt I ever will.

  14. barriejohn says:

    And she didn’t come back – quelle surprise!

  15. N I Cetits says:

    This guy picked the wrong God. He would be an excellent muslim.

  16. Stephen Mynett says:

    @N I Cetits, check out the Bible, full of genocide, misogyny and pointless arbitrary rules etc. He is an excellent Christian.

  17. AgentCormac says:


    Quelle surprise indeed!

  18. 1859 says:

    I’m going to say something uncomfortable and I know I may be shot down, but….but I don’t think it is a good use of the Freethinker site to parade people like Eugene Holmes online. He is someone who is clearly a deranged lunatic which we, of course, can see as an easy target to ridicule and laugh at. It’s smacks a little like the Victorian pastime of paying to see insane freaks or people with grotesque deformities. Does this pathetic guy really merit the publicity?

  19. N I Cetits says:

    @mynett…yes but christians don’t do genocide or stone adulterers or decapitate people because they are not muslim or throw gays from tall buildings or immolate people for no other reason than they can do just that or do any of the above for entertainment. That’s the point.

  20. Lensman says:

    @1859. I think you’re right.

  21. Stephen Mynett says:

    @Cetis, check out the history of Christianity, it is jut as bloody, just different tools, plus there are still many Christians who advocate the death penalty for gays, not only in Africa but people like Shinners have travelled from the UK to support draconian anti-gay legislation. All religion is disgusting, we should oppose all of them.

  22. N I Cetits says:

    @mynett I oppose all of them too but one is patently more hell bent on smashing up everything … I know about all about that nasty bastard Shinners and his bigotted ilk … but he does not fly planes into buildings … there is no christain suicide cult. Islam is a real threat to civilisation and its in clear view right now and getting closer to your door. So please don’t tell me to check up on history. Open your eyes to the biggest threat to world peace that there as been for decades … and then worry. Right?

  23. Angela_K says:

    1859. I understand the point you have made and agree in part. Holmes should seek medical treatment for his own and others safety as he appears unstable. There are many who will agree with him and his distorted views and may be inspired to commit violent acts; history is strewn with such “mad” people. However, the best way to disarm these religious types is by mocking their repellent beliefs.

  24. Stephen Mynett says:

    @ Cetis, JWs letting children bleed to death, other cults refusing all medical treatment for their children, anti-vaccination theists, the list goes on. It is not a question of which is the biggest threat, Islam obviously is and must be countered, but it is still ridiculous to single out only one religion.
    He would be a perfect member of any religion.

  25. nogodrod says:

    Why give this unbalanced individual the oxygen of publicity ?
    There are loads of odd people out there…..don’t ‘prod’ them….or wake them up….
    I used to be amused by religious USA…but now I am weary…
    I am encouraged by the spread of a more secular progression of views…a lot very ordinary americans are realising that atheists/thinkers etc are not in league with the devil !
    While travelling from UK in late 70s /early 80s to USA I thought chat about the ‘rapture’ was a joke !I never realised that some people took the old testament seriously !

  26. 1859 says:

    @Angela_K: I’m all for mocking repellent beliefs etc., and to exercising my right to be as ironic and satirical as possible in order to debunk religion, but is it really the ‘best’ way? My own experience of confronting ‘devout’ believers is that the more I mock and laugh at them the more my actions drive them deeper into belief system. Not that I try to make ‘converts’ to atheism, but I don’t think I have ever made a religious believer think twice about their beliefs. What sometimes makes me uncomfortable on this site is when we pillory an obviously deranged fool who more deserves our pity than our mockery. I would rather attack giants than drooling idiots.

  27. 1859 says:

    Sorry missed out ‘their’ in ‘deeper into ‘their’ belief system’ – even though I read it and re-read it before submitting!

  28. barriejohn says:

    I’m all for mocking repellent beliefs etc., and to exercising my right to be as ironic and satirical as possible in order to debunk religion, but is it really the ‘best’ way?

    YES – and a thousand times, YES! The one thing that really got to me as a young Christian was being ridiculed for beliefs which, secretly, I knew to be…well, ridiculous. Of course believers will dig their heels in and tell you that your “attacks” on their faith simply reinforce it, but in their heart of hearts intelligent Christians are desperate to give their beliefs credence and “respectability” – whatever they may keep saying with regard to “God” having “chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and…the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty”. Believe me, they HATE having their beliefs made to look primitive and stupid, but unless we do that, and prevent such deranged people from having influence in society, they will continue to strangle our human rights, persecute those whom they consider “abnormal”, brainwash our children, and give encouragement to those proposing the most brutal attacks upon “others” throughout the world. I’m not sure about this geezer’s mental state, but he is putting himself up for election, and I bet there are many who consider his views just what the doctor ordered to keep ‘Merica on the straight and narrow. Only today I read that that other promoter of godliness and Christian common sense, Sarah Palin (R – as if that’s necessary!), has declared that the (Asian) boy who was arrested for taking a home-made clock into school got what he was asking for. “Mechanical things” are so obviously of the devil, and he was just an “obstinate-answering student”. (I’ve never come across that particular expression before, but it sounds awfully like “an uppity you-know-what”.) These people are dangerous, and we should use all the weapons at our disposal to keep them clear of the levers of public office, because it frightens me (especially as a bit of a student of pre-war German history) that it is so easy for them to attract followers, stir up people’s feelings, and get their own way in society.

  29. Cali Ron says:

    SAs for Sarah, the long winded, I plowed through the whole post, although there was a point where my eyes were glazing over and the words had become meaningless. It wasn’t worth it. Those minutes are lost for ever, wasted on a religious fruitcake. My response: “@Sarah; Your long winded, meandering tome of a comment was all based on a god that cannot be proven to exist and the bible which is filled with contradictions, inaccuracies and can’t be traced to any of the supposed original authors. If you spent as much time researching god and the bible from a scientific and logic viewpoint as you did writing your comments you might see the complete lack of reason in your statements.”

    Barriejohn: Agreed, those people are dangerous. Sarah “crazy as a rabid moose” Palin was close to becoming the VP of USA and could of wound up with her finger on the nuclear button (or is it just a clock, they look so much alike). Sorry if the guy is insane, but many leaders throughout history have been insane.