Catholics speak out against the Church

Catholics speak out against the Church

The Roman Catholic Church is bigoted, misogynistic, controlling, judgmental, outdated and pharisaical, according to feedback received in a recently consultation exercise conducted among Catholics in England and Wales.

The Telegraph reports that the “frank and at times blistering assessment” of opinion among the faithful is disclosed in a report published by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, above, ahead of what is expected to be a historic gathering of bishops in Rome next month that will discuss issues including divorce and homosexuality.

Bishops in England and Wales asked Catholics to send in their own responses to a series of broad questions about the struggles of family life, marriage, and parenthood.

While many spoke of family life as a “blessing”, others told of feeling trapped in failed marriages and deep sadness, a situation some argued was compounded by the teaching of the Church.

Wrote one:

I believe it is important for our bishops to know that marriage is not always a ‘gift’ and that Church teaching on marriage has led to untold misery for many couples and has had lifelong, detrimental impact on the mental, physical and spiritual health of their children.

When asked if they had passed on their faith to their children, another wrote:

We are ashamed of our faith – so misogynistic, controlling, self-opinionated.

Another added:

As children grow into young adults they do not identify with an organisation that holds outdated and misogynist views. They live their lives according to what they think is right … How can it be right for people living with HIV/Aids not to use condoms?

How can it be right for divorced and remarried people to be refused Communion? How can the Catholic Church’s view on the evil of homosexual, cohabitation be right?

Thank God for the secular world which has blown in to the murky corridors of the Vatican.

Yet Another remarked:

Children and young people … see a Church which discriminates against those who are divorced, gay, against women, and yet hides internal corruption and displays huge riches in the face of international poverty.

One diocese summed up responses from its area, remarking:

There was a general consensus of the Church being pharisaical in its response to who can and cannot receive the blessed sacrament.

Nichols said:

A Synod like this and consultations like this are not PR exercises – it’s not about wanting to put in front of you something that says how good we all are – this is a church of sinners, we make a mess of things, it is messy.

What we’ve got is a lively, passionate family and we have our arguments and we have our different points of view and that’s fine because we have a shared Lord and we have the places where we meet. And it’s very important that we learn more about how to make everybody welcome in those places.

On the question of receiving remarried divorcees back into Holy Communion he argued he Church should approach the issue on a case-by-case basis rather than a sweeping change in teaching.

Hat tip: Ivan Bailey

24 responses to “Catholics speak out against the Church”

  1. L.Long says:

    HEY!! catlicks if you don’t like the way the RCC is run then GET OUT!!!!
    There are many other cults looking to brainwash you into their BS. But the other problem is that the other religious cults are not much better!
    So why not continue thinking on a higher level and quit completely and start being human instead of sheep.

  2. Trevor Blake says:

    More confused people who think their religion is run by consensus and their feelings are significant. Stop donating time and money, tax church property, send rapist clergy to person, then changes might be seen. Or try walking away.

  3. Broga says:

    I note there was even a kindly nod in the direction of the benefits of secularism. It’s still the same old, sleazy, pharisaical , corrupt, paedophile protecting, lying, begging, narcisstic bunch of bigots ripping off the suckers.

    Frankie’s PR exercise in the USA seems to be paying off.

  4. Angela_K says:

    L.Long. A good point the religious just seem unable to comprehend. I’ve had many arguments with so called “Gay Christians” who foolishly maintain that they can change the religion that hates them from within.

  5. dennis says:

    “thank god for the secular world which has blown into the murky corridors of the vatican.”
    I was so looking for a hurricane. god people just walk away and be free and responsible to your self and your human brothers and sisters.

  6. barriejohn says:

    I can’t believe the fuss that the Americans are making over the Pope’s visit, nor the amount of sheer tat that is being marketed. You can even buy little plastic “Popemobile” toys and a toaster that burns his image into your bread (thus saving the Holy Spirit the job in future). I think I have mentioned before that the word “tawdry” comes from the rubbish that was flogged to pilgrims attending St Audrey’s Fair at Ely – ’nuff said!

  7. Angela_K says:

    Barriejohn, I remember, as I expect many here do, the Pope’s visit in 2010 to the UK and the vomit inducing obsequiousness from the revolting sycophants in the media, especially the BBC. Shame Michael Mansfield QC couldn’t get Popey arrested.

  8. Stephen Mynett says:

    And all the questions about how much the visit would cost the UK taxpayer were sidestepped or ignored.
    The authorities must have been worried though, they had to announce that anyone trying to use a Citizen’s arrest on the pope would be arrested. Nothing like living in a free country and . . .

  9. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: Frankie’s humility comes after careful thought by his PR machine. He even decided to drive in a small car which is really pushing the boundaries of nonsense. But they still lap it up.

    Obama “honours” him by meeting him at the airport. What was he honouring? They seem so easily to forget the paedophile scandal and the exposes of corruption in the Vatican. Quite apart from his hard line on abortions, contraception (the planet is collapsing under human numbers), attitude to gays, etc.

  10. barriejohn says:

    Broga: The pope is going big on saving the environment whilst attacking birth control and abortion rights. You couldn’t make it up!

  11. barriejohn says:

    Broga: I hadn’t heard about the “little car” (I was reminded of Lt Gruber and his “little tank”), so I just had to look it up. It gets more bizarre by the second (this from his visit to Korea):

    After his arrival on Thursday, the pope left the airport in a compact black Kia that many South Koreans would consider too humble a vehicle for a globally powerful figure…

    Francis’s frugality and humble demeanour have received wide coverage in South Korea…

    The images of the smiling pope in his little car struck a chord online, with many playing on the car’s name. One South Korean user tweeted: “The pope rode the Soul because he is full of soul.”


  12. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: I heard comments on the BBC (where else?) from a commentator with an ultra reverential tone about the Pope’s “humility.” The man lives in a palace, has a separate summer palace, is surrounded by servants i.e. worshipping nuns, dresses is golden splendour, has daily meetings with people who bow to him and he is “humble.”

  13. Real Truth says:

    There was a general consensus of the Church being pharisaical in its response to who can and cannot receive the blessed sacrament.

    I would have used a different word … pharisaical-> farsical.

    If the rcc is as bad as its adherents report why do they still remain as members?

  14. Real Truth says:

    To save you the trouble of looking it up…

    pharisaical ?(comparative more pharisaical, superlative most pharisaical)

    Emphasizing the observance of ritual or practice over the meaning; self-righteous, hypocritical.

  15. Broga says:

    @Real Truth: Thanks. I repeated the word because I thought summed up the RC priesthood.

  16. barriejohn says:

    I heard comments on the BBC (where else?) from a commentator with an ultra reverential tone about the Pope’s “humility.”

    That,Broga, would be the BBC’s new “religious affairs correspondent”, Caroline Wyatt!

    Caroline Wyatt is to replace Robert Pigott as religious affairs correspondent for BBC News.

    Currently defence correspondent – a role she took up in 2007 – the convent-educated Wyatt has been tasked with being ‘ambitious’ for the scope of her new brief, ‘covering religion, faith and ethics at home and abroad’.

    She has that reverential, obsequious tone of voice that really drives me mad. These people are not superhuman. She perfectly complements the “ghastly” arselicken Nick Witchell over in the royal camp!

  17. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: ” the convent-educated Wyatt has been tasked with being ‘ambitious’ for the scope of her new brief, ‘covering religion, faith and ethics at home and abroad’.”

    Convent educated does not cause optimism. The C. of E. is the official religion but on the BBC Justin Welby is almost invisible and inaudible. On the other hand they invite RC bishops to revere the Pope who gets what can only be described as propaganda. All paid for the licence payers .

    Nicholas Witchell is strong on “royal duties” as in “returning to royal duties” or the witless Charles “increasingly taking over the Queen’s royal duties”. The phrase “royal duties” attempts to impart something necessary.

    In fact, much of the “royal duties” seems to be watching tennis and rugby and the increasingly care worn Kate forcing a Brenda like smile at some non event. I think Kate must now be realising what she has got into. You really wouldn’t want the Windsors as in-laws.

  18. barriejohn says:

    Broga: I wonder whether Kate will survive life in the glasshouse, or whether we have another Diana in the making there.

    I have only just had time to look at the comments on that Guardian article regarding the Pope’s “Little Car”:

    #Was it an electric car with solar panels too?

    # They were all out of Donkeys. Fair play to old Popey though, he should be setting these kind of examples where he doesn’t need expensive crap. Now, how to best distribute all of the church’s significant wealth to the poor?

    #Which clergy were living it up at your expense? Evidence and names please.

    All the German ones because the government taxes citizens according to religious denomination and give money to church.

    And someone linked to this:

    What a wicked lot!

  19. Robster says:

    I’ve often heard those afflicted with Catholicism speak of the “blessed sacrament” without ever knowing what this sacrament is? Is it the baked Jesus cracker with the wine on the Sunday menu they seem to serve at all their (remaining) outlets or some other thing? Is it a special blessing from a dodgy priestly type, the telling of said priestly type all the secrets of the week or what. Can you perhaps avoid doing the churchy thing and the clergy and pick up the ol’ blessed sacrament at the supermarket?

  20. Laura Roberts says:

    Any educated Catholic who has not left the church in the last 20 years is complicit in the child abuse that has continued during that time. These people have heard the evidence and sided with the church rather than the children.

    This visit to the U.S. is Pope Photo-Op doing what he does best: pandering to the sycophant media. Anytime a religious figure — the Pope, the Dalai Lama, Billy Graham — gets such fawning admiration from American politicians and press, it is an affront to democracy.

  21. barriejohn says:

    Laura: Well said, and now they’ve managed to find an American saint to “honour”, FFS!

    Pope Francis has named 18th-Century missionary Junipero Serra a saint, in a move cheered by Hispanic Catholics but criticised by some Native Americans.

    “The miracle of the Junipero bastard.”

    Cynical doesn’t even come close!

  22. Cali Ron says:

    The local native American Indians are pissed off. The good father was complicit in the brutal treatment and enslavement of their people. One man’s saint is another man’s enslaver.