You need God on your side in this contest

You need God on your side in this contest

Judges on a South American version of Britain’s Got Talent have been slammed after castigating a contestant who told them she did not believe in God.

According to the Independent, Carolina Peña, above, a contestant on Ecuador’s Got Talent, was asked after her audition if she believed in God.

When she replied, “No”, Maria Fernanda Rios, a singer, actress and model who has been a judge on the talent show for three years, said the 16-year-old would never be successful unless unless she believed in a deity. She said:

God can help you. God helps you be better.

Fellow adjudicator Paolo Farias, who began her career as a model, joined the discussion by asking the teenager:

Why don’t you believe in God? I’m curious.

Peña said she had no reason to, to which Ms Farias replied:

Then where do we come from?

A third judge, the singer Wendy Vera, told Peña:

I believe that you are 16 years old and I think that you have had a pretty good life so far, but there will come a time when you will suffer and the only thing that will help you get through is the amazing love of God.

Peña’s father, who watched his daughter’s audition backstage, also said he hoped the teenager would change her beliefs.

Only the director, producer and comedian Fernando Villarroel, who joined the programme’s panel this year, refused to question Miss Peña saying:

I believe that religion or belief is one thing and artistic talent is another thing.

The judges clarified they were not discriminating against Miss Peña but giving her advice, although The Association of Ecuadorian Atheists have called for a “careful review” of the show’s content.

Disgruntled YouTube commenters have also expressed anger at how Peña was spoken to during the programme. One said:

This is truly an attack that should be reported and publicly punished. Freedom of religion and the absence of religion should be respected.

Another argued:

It’s very disappointing that you are judging her for irrelevant stuff in this competition, like her religion …

Despite the judge’s qualms regarding Peña’s atheism, she was still voted through to the next round of the competition with three ‘yes’ votes from the judges.

Now here’s a thing. Carolina Peña is an extraordinarily attractive young woman. But her non-belief makes her either an “easy lay” or a “lumberjack dyke”.


I’ll leave US pastor Douglas Wilson to explain in a piece he wrote this week entitled “On Why Christian women are prettier“.

I travel a good bit, spending time in airports and the like, and I have also done hard time at Christian conferences. Having been in this place, I am in a good position to state that there is a marked difference between Christian women and women in the general population. Christian women are a lot prettier …

Unbelieving women either compete for the attention of men through outlandish messages that communicate some variation of  ‘easy lay’, or in the grip of resentment they give up the endeavor entirely, which is how we get lumberjack dykes.

The former is an avid reader of Cosmopolitan and thinks she knows 15K ways to please a man in bed. The latter is just plain surly about the fact that there even are any men.

Oh, and I should point out that the Dalai Lama is reported here as saying that his successor could be a woman … but only if she’s pretty.

The Tibetan spiritual leader, a self-declared feminist, stunned a BBC interviewer by saying that were a woman to eventually take over his position, she would be unsuitable if she was ugly.

That female must be attractive, otherwise it is not much use.

15 responses to “You need God on your side in this contest”

  1. barriejohn says:

    Jerry Coyne raised again only yesterday the question of people praying for their sports teams to do well. (My father – who served in the RN throughout the War, including Arctic Convoy duty – ridiculed the clergy who led prayers for their country’s troops while the clerics of the opposing nation prayed to the same god for similar success!) The following comment makes some good points:

    During the last Iraq War (or was it the first?), one of my family members was praying aloud for the safety of the troops and I muttered “…and make sure we kill a lot of Iraqis”, for which I got a few titters. I thought my comment highlighted the hypocrisy of praying for success in war.

    What’s interesting is the sort of thing that isn’t prayed for. Why didn’t my family member just pray for the war to instantly stop, the troops be teleported home, all the dead raised back to life, and the Iraq government to be replaced with a Democratically elected one? I presume because the failure of that prayer would have been instantly recognizable, whereas the one praying for the safety of the troops asked for an outcome that was poorly defined, enabling one to convince oneself that it worked.

    A girl in a wheelchair, suffering from spina bifida and dreaming of becoming an actress, was interviewed on TV the other day after having been “blessed” by Popeye Francis in New York. Naturally, she was in tears, and exclaimed to the interviewer that she “believed”; but was she doing cartwheels down the street now? No – she was still stuck in her wheelchair and “hoping” for a miracle! What of that promise that if his followers had “faith as a grain of mustard seed” they would be able to command mountains to move into the sea? Why do we never see that? How come every contestant who prayed earnestly didn’t win that contest ? 0h, of course, they couldn’t ALL win, could they? Silly me! None of it makes the least bit of sense, and you have to feel desperately sorry for those, like the girl, who are strung along, and groomed for photo opportunities, just to keep the prelates in power.

  2. Broga says:

    She should have asked, “What do you mean by God?” This description of gratuitous persecution of an honest young woman made painful reading.

  3. Angela_K says:

    Oh dear, a dangerous woman who can think for herself and relies on her own ability, rather than ask an imaginary friend.

    One would have expected the religious to realise prayer doesn’t work given how much it fails to deliver; god isn’t listening because he isn’t there?

  4. Trevor Blake says:

    I claim atheists am is a lack of belief there is or could be an all knowing, all powerful, creator diety who is involved in human affairs. As much of a mouthful as that sentence is, that is all I claim about atheism. Ayn Rand linked atheism to capitalism, Karl Marx linked atheism to communism, I say they are both wrong. Atheism does not mean pro or anti choice, does not mean vegetarian or omnivore, does not mean feminist or anti feminist, does not mean for or against same sex marriage. Secular Humanism, yes, touches on those things. I don’t call myself a secular humanist.

  5. dennis says:

    @Trevor Blake, Yes, I often wonder what the world would be like once the fairy’s are evolved out of our human species. I fear we will still discuss the same problems but in different terms. will we be able to keep war and human depravity at bay, as communism and capitalism can not do. I call myself a secular humanist.

  6. Real Truth says:

    US pastor Douglas Wilson – “I travel a good bit, spending time in airports and the like, and I have also done hard time at Christian conferences. Having been in this place, I am in a good position to state that there is a marked difference between Christian women and women in the general population. Christian women are a lot prettier …”

    Well Mr Wilson … you are a fool. Did you learn nothing from debating Christopher Hitchens? And you sound like a bit of a sinner doing all that coveting. My view is that you are a lecherous fool. And if you think the whingey whiney Kim Davis is pretty then don’t drive a car or cross the road until you have been to your optometrist / optician to get some spectacles.

  7. AgentCormac says:

    @Real Truth

    Kind of makes you wonder what the creep does while he’s stting there ‘in airports and the like’. Ogling young girls and fantasising about how he might persuade them to get down on their knees and worship his own personal god would be top of my list of suggestions.

  8. barriejohn says:

    Christian women are a lot prettier …

    And it’s not only Kim Davis who provides such a stunning example of that fact:

  9. So What! says:

    Wouldn’t let her put her face anywhere near my groin less she bit it off.

  10. So What! says:

    Bet she howls Onward Christian Soldiers as she drops her knickers … Poor husband must be terrified.

  11. lucy1 says:

    Gentlemen, gentlemen…

  12. Cali Ron says:

    @lulcy1: You must be admonishing the commenters on this post and not the subject of the article, since he is definitely not a gentleman. His comments amused me quite a bit. I recall as a young christian that the PK’s (preacher’s daughter) were always the wildest and most promiscuous young ladies in the church, but not always the best looking. I’d be willing to bet my next pay check his “little god” rose up in praise more for the “easy lay” looking non christians (as if christians never dress provocatively) than the good, uptight righteous women. Hypocrite.

  13. barriejohn says:

    I recall as a young christian that the PK’s (preacher’s daughter) were always the wildest and most promiscuous young ladies in the church.

    Cali Ron: “Rebellious” was a much overused word – hahaha!!!