Mosque ‘twins’ with prison in trial scheme

Mosque ‘twins’ with prison in trial scheme

Scotland’s largest jail, HM Prison Barlinnie, has partnered with Glasgow Central Mosque to allow prisoners to receive ‘spiritual input’ before they are released. Inmates will also be allowed carry out work placements at the mosque.

According to this reportNabeel Shaikh, general secretary at Glasgow Central Mosque, said:

As Muslims we are keen to help the community and to reduce re-offending. We will do everything we can, with our partners in the Scottish Prison Service, to make that happen.

The decision to join forces was made at a summit at the mosque this month. Prison governor Ian Whitehead said there were only benefits to the initiative.

Working to reduce the risk of re-offending is a win-win situation for everyone and there are only positives to be gained.

If it works well and we can get positive results then there is absolutely no reason it could not work in other prisons.

There are also plans to introduce a formal policy allowing Muslims to share a cell with fellow believers Whitehead revealed.

It makes sense because it means you won’t get people being disturbed or woken up when they have to pray five times a day.

The scheme is a pilot and Whitehead hopes to roll it out across prisons throughout the UK if successful.

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21 responses to “Mosque ‘twins’ with prison in trial scheme”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    ‘As Muslims we are keen to help the community and to reduce re-offending. We will do everything we can, with our partners in the Scottish Prison Service, to make that happen.’

    I’m assuming that the usual muslim ways of discouraging offending – you know, beheadings, amputations, crucifixions, stonings, burning alive and being thrown off tall buildings – won’t be on the agenda here. (Then again we all know what assumption is.)

  2. RussellW says:

    Islamophobes, like me, would think that ‘spiritual input’ was most likely the cause of their criminal behavior, not the remedy, a mosque seems the least likely place for Muslims to learn respect for Kuffar law.

    What’s the next stage in the Dhimmi agenda, Islamic prisons, run by Muslims for Muslims.

  3. Robster says:

    Given the extreme rate of offending amongst the clergy, is it a good idea to put prisoners and clergy in the same room? I know these particular ones are Muslim but I’m sure once the other mob(s) hear of this they’ll want their part of the potential victims and money on offer. They’d really be better off getting the inmates together with Ronald McDonald, at least they’ll learn a work ethic.

  4. John the Drunkard says:

    So this mosque is getting carte blanche to proselytize in a Scottish jail? What happens when some well-connected Xian thug decides to whine about it?

    And if this ‘support’ is for Muslim prisoners only, doesn’t this scheme give enormous leverage to this one mosque? Follow the money and I’ll bet it comes from Ryadh. We’ve had some inklings of scandal in the US over Muslim prison ‘ministries’ that spread anti-Semitic and pro-terror material provided by the Saudi government.

  5. So What! says:

    Why not take this stupidity to its ultimate absurd conclusion and build muslim prisons complete with minarets and adjoining mosques? After all it’s the it is the muslim prison population that is growing at a scary rate. Perhaps the Saudis will pay… you know as they pay for mosque building right now.

    A better idea would be to stop building mosques because this is where the indoctrination, which leads to criminality, actually takes place.

    Better still deport convicted Muslims back to their country of origin even if they were born in the UK of immigrant parents. A kind of reverse immigration and a good deterant. Do I hear WIN WIN?

  6. Laura Roberts says:

    @JohnTheDrunkard: Agreed that this can only mean trouble, but in America the bigger scandals are (a) privitization of prisons and (b) byzantine programs such as “three strikes and you’re out” that land nonviolent repeat offenders (e.g., shoplifters) in prison for life. Both schemes speak of a society drunk on religious-style retribution.

  7. So What! says:

    Sorry for OT but here is an example of how primitive belief systems make people do unspeakable things.

  8. Great Satan says:

    Just deport muslim prisoners and islamists back to their country of origin !

  9. So What! says:

    This one though is bang on topic. Here is what islam does …

    We are importing battalions of like minded muslims into Europe who will beggar us into economic and social ruin just like the countries they have abandoned. Show me a successful islamic country. You cannot because there are none. Soon Germany,Scandinavia, France, Italy, the UK, and every other decent secular inclusive successful country in Europe will overwhelmed by floods of screaming demanding parasitic burdensome muslims. This is part of the islamification plan. These people are equivalents of the Ebola virus. They infect and multiply from within until the host succumbs to a horrible squalid death.

  10. So What! says:

    But before the host dies the infection is spread to the next victim. Don’t worry about the end of humanity caused by AI, or nuclear war, giant meteorites, pandemic disease. Worry about islam. Stop islamification of Europe now or you can kiss the civilised world goodbye.

  11. So What! says:

    @Great satan. Why not. First rule of Health and Safety … remove the hazard.

  12. Newspaniard says:

    More privileges for those of the religion of peace. Even in prison they get their demands met and we kaffirs have to pay for it, of course.

  13. barriejohn says:

    Those of us with experience of evangelical Christian churches will be well acquainted with so-called “prison ministries”, which exist for no other reason than the conversion of the, quite literally, captive audience. This sort of thing was romanticized beyond belief (as was “the mission field”, of course). In my view, whatever crimes these people have committed, such schemes amount to an abuse of human rights, and the results in America, we know, have been appalling, with blatant discrimination against those who were not prepared to go along with “the programme”. I remember visits by such revered speakers as Geoffrey T Bull, who built a career upon his claims that he had been “brainwashed” by the communists when taken prisoner in Tibet in the 1950s ( how long can you spin out one yarn?). Well – what’s the difference? How can something be wrong when “atheists” do it, but right when carried out by the religious? Rank hypocrisy yet again.

  14. Stephen Mynett says:

    The evangelicals look at hospitals in a similar way, a captive audience that cannot escape from them. Luckily things have improved and they are not suppose to annoy patients but there are still a lot who ignore this and it only take one over-theistic ward manager and they get a free pass to annoy people not in the best position to stop them.

  15. Bob says:

    I had to go to A and E with my wife one evening. Fortunately her injury was slight and easily put right. However, it did give me an excellent opportunity to put a tract in the loo -“Is there life after death?”

    (Any swear words in this post have been put there by Barry, not by me – Bob)

  16. barriejohn says:

    A great many tracts have been put in the loo – best place for such noxious material!

  17. Stuart H. says:

    I’d be curious to know who is funding the pilot study.
    When Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship outfit tried it in Dartmoor a few years back the Home Office was wise enough to get them to fund the study as part of the agreement, with results determining if it was allowed to continue. As Prison Fellowship technically owned the study, it’s not surprising that the results weren’t publicised (I found them tucked well away on a government website), but in a nutshell they showed that prisoners who’d been through the scheme stayed out of crime no longer than not only those who’d been through secular rehabilitation schemes but those who’d attended no studies or programs at all. Not surprisingly, the scheme was ditched, but knowing the results it’s a mystery to me that any religious outfit is allowed to repeat this waste of time.

  18. dennis says:

    bringing the mosque into prison good idea, the xtians need some competition. where is Mr Harris with his spiritual approach for these incarcerated individuals. Ms Kim Davis your cell is ready again and you will be attending class at our new spiritual classes. Please Please

  19. barriejohn says:

    Dennis: You had me there for a moment, but I assume that you refer to Sir Rolf (Can you see where I am now?). “Two little boys had two little toys”. Hmmm…very appropriate for those serving time maybe.

  20. Trevor Blake says:

    Soheil Arabi in Saudi Arabia or these men in Scotland – every Muslim nation wants prisoners to be forced to read the Quran. I’m pretty sure Scotland (like England) used to follow some other religion but right now the evidence is plain – killing hundreds of people people for Allah will make thousands of people bow to Allah.

    I am an atheist and would rather have no religion in the world. But some are surely more vile than others.