End of the world date amended to ‘soon’

End of the world date amended to ‘soon’

Chris McCann, above, a Christian doomsday buffoon who predicted that Planet Earth would be totally destroyed by fire on October 7, has expressed ‘surprise’ that nothing happened on Destruction Wednesday.

The Guardian reports that McCann, head of the E Bible Fellowship based in Philadelphia, says that more Bible study is needed before a fresh date can be set for Armageddon, but that he’s convinced that we don’t have long to wait before it really happens.


McCann originally told the Guardian that by Thursday the world would be “gone forever: annihilated”. He based his claim on an earlier prediction by Christian radio host Harold Camping, above, who said the world would end on 21 May 2011.

When that turned out to be incorrect, Camping revised his prediction to October 2011. That also turned out to be incorrect, and the old nutbag retired from public life soon after. He died in 2013, at the age of 93.

The E Bible Fellowship believed that Camping’s 21 May 2011 was actually “judgment day”. The fellowship thus claimed the world would end 1,600 days from that date: hence 7 October 2015.

McCann said “one of the big pieces of evidence” in his prediction was that October 7, 2015 was the last day of the Feast of the Tabernacles, or Sukkot. (Most online sources say Sukkot ended on 5 October.)

Once the last day of the feast passed it soon became apparent that we were incorrect about the world’s conclusion.

He now says that God only knows when the world will end but is certain that it will happen “soon”.

So we’ll keep studying the Bible to see what we can learn.

E Bible Fellowship yesterday denied any lying or deceit, discussed a “Plan B” and issued this warning:

The world today is populated by a generation of people that has outdone all past generations for wickedness. It tends to view a ‘passed date’ for its end as some sort of victory and celebrates it as though it means it will now never end.

And yet, the truth is that the world is in its death throes. A date of destruction given to the world (like October 7th, 2015) is like a man with a terminal disease that was given a short time to live his Dr (sic).

The man passes the 6 months (or year) he was told. Yet the prognosis hasn’t changed. He’s still terminally ill. It’s still certain he will die from his disease. It’s just a matter of when that remains in question.

19 responses to “End of the world date amended to ‘soon’”

  1. Stephen Mynett says:

    “It’s just a matter of when.”

    The loon is quite right, we all now the Sun will burn out eventually. Perhaps he should get rid of his bible and start worshipping Ra, the sun god.

  2. AgentCormac says:

    Okay, call me crazy, but I’m not changing my holiday plans for next year. And BTW, no reference to Harold Camping is ever complete without a link to this:

  3. Broga says:

    @Stephen Mynett : I think the sun has a few billions of years to go. However, the prediction might happen much sooner – anytime, in fact – as the North Korean megalomaniac seems keen to launch a missile strike on the USA.

    There are also some religious crazies running countries and developing nuclear weapons and ready to press the nuclear button as a fast track means of sending their enemies to hell and themselves into paradise where either 72 virgins or 72 raisins await. Religion could be the death of us all.

  4. Stephen Mynett says:

    Very true Broga. I remember when the Large Hadron Collider was being set up all the profits of doom about that, one religious twerp was arguing that we should not mess with things like that as we have no idea what will happen. I pointed out to him that the LHC had been designed by some of the finest scientific minds we have and that (as it was then) we were one dodgy election vote and an old man having a heart attack away to leave Sarah Palin in charge of a massive nuclear arsenal, some thing far more worrying.

    I have heard it argued and tend to agree that we were a lot safer at the height of the cold war than we are now. As despotic as the Soviet regime was, they were atheists and knew there was not a second life, so unlikely to start anything. Religionists, of all sorts, do believe in a second life and that their particular god is on their side, that is a lot more worrying.

  5. Alan says:

    You should always predict the end of the world safely enough in the future so you’re not around to have to explain what went wrong (although it doesn’t stop these buffoons coming up with crackpot reasons). Embarrassment seems no impediment to these loons.

  6. Broga says:

    Armageddon is rushing towards us and new ways keep appearing. An article in this week’s “New Scientist” gave a bleak picture of the vast areas of surface soil on the planet which is already so chemically treated that it is “extinct.”

    In passing, same magazine, there is a letter which is as succinct and devastating a refutation of the “atheism is as irrational as theism ” claim as you are likely to come across.

  7. Saden says:

    This is a ton of bullshit.

  8. AgentCormac says:

    If anyone is about to bring an end to the planet we all call home, I agree that it will be ourselves. (It certainly be some imaginary deity.)

    The insane ability of the world’s so-called most intelligent species to turn a convenient blind eye to the ravages of pollution, over population and resource exploitation is matched only by the criminal role of religious institutions which actively discourage billions of followers to use birth control, as well as deluded individuals like Chris McCann who absolve their god’s faithful of all responsibility because judgement day is apparently just around the corner and Jesus will make it all okay.

    I truly fear that a toxic mix of personal apathy, corporate greed, political inertia and religious meddling will be the end of us all. I love my life. I am constantly in awe of this incredible world of ours. But in all honesty, I doubt I would want to be here in 100 years’ time. And just how sad is that?

  9. tonye says:

    I remember this coverage from the last time that Camping got it wrong

    Whilst I hate to see people exploited, (if they are this gullible) then they deserve to be ripped off.

  10. Brummie says:

    @Broga, I agree. Neither of us will be around to see the end result, but I care as much as you about future generations. It is almost entirely in our hands to reverse this impending disaster. It doesn’t require money, or deaths, just a change in thinking. We need to use all the VOLUNTARY devices available (bribery, indoctrination, politics, media, abstinence, demonstrations, espionage, infiltration etc.- like others do) to convince the world of our present suicidal path.
    The biggest threat is overpopulation. The second is religion.

  11. Broga says:

    @AgentCormac and Brummie: I have young grandchildren and I love them and enjoy their company. They are both under five and I wish I could be optimistic about the world they will have to live in.

    Years ago I asked a neighbour if he was worried bout some particular environmental destruction. He said, “As long as the cooker is working and I get Sunday lunch with all the trimmings I don’t care.”

    I fear this is a popular mindset and those who hold it will not influence restraint in politicians or industrialists.

  12. Lensman says:

    @AgentCormac. My sentiments entirely. To quote the the late, and much missed Bill Hicks, “We’re a virus with shoes”. Just about sums us up. Sadly.

  13. jay says:

    It’s amazing that these guys, when the predictions fail, go BACK to the Bible to see what they did wrong. Instead of recognizing that their source is the problem.

  14. Robster says:

    Sound of religious “academics”studying the Bible: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz etc.

  15. Laura Roberts says:

    “The world today is populated by a generation of people that has outdone all past generations for wickedness.”

    W… T… F… ???

    Talk about someone with a farcically deficient grasp of history — up to and including the last month!

  16. 1859 says:

    Hummm from all of the above postings, atheists fear the end is nigh AND the religious fruitcakes fear the end is nigh – both of course for very different reasons. If the world does end for the reasons atheists claim, then the religious fruitcakes will claim its because of the vengeance of their god. If , on the other hand, the world ends for the reasons the religious fruitcakes believe in, then atheists will claim they got it wrong and have a much better time dancing and fornicating in hell. Either way we reach oblivion. This pessimistic prophet-of-doom stuff doesn’t appeal to me. Yes, we humans have a surprising talent for self-destruction, but we also have an amazing talent to surprise ourselves and come together – given enough time and the will to survive. So, repeat after me, ‘Always look on the bright side of life….’

  17. Cali Ron says:

    If the deluded loons actually read the book of BS they would know it says no man knows when it will happen. So unless they are not men, the very book they’re searching for the answer in says they can’t know. Even most Christians think they are crazy and I can’t argue with that.

  18. lucy1 says:

    What I love, is that Jesus said that there was one person listening to him who would see the end time. Obviously there wasn’t, since here we are 2000 years later. However to mop up that inconsistency, medieval people invented the story of the Wandering Jew, a man who could never die till the end of the world. Poor bastard.

  19. dennis says:

    I am looking for the asteroid in 1/1/2100 but then the catholic pope changed the calendar by twelve days. I am up to 1/13/2011 ups, is that date 1/13/2100 a Friday. Friday the 13th oh! help me I am in a black hole and can not get out.
    Yes I enjoy life every day, as an atheist even if I run into the diluted which is easy to do in TEXAS my wonderfully state has the virus.